WWPT: Update

by Ann Owen on April 20, 2018

Hi everyone! We have been busy in school. If you haven’t yet, please do sign up for your child’s Student-Led Learning Review. The school should have sent you the link this week. If you are unable to make it on April 30, please do send me an email.

We are in the thick of our current unit, Where We Are in Place and Time. We have invited speakers from the community to share about how they have made a difference in the world OR share about people who are important to them and why they are important to them.

We are learning about humanitarians like Helen Keller and Jane Addams, civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr and Malala, inventors like Henry Ford and Steve jobs, influential leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela.

The students, in groups, have done their mini-presentations on a person they are interested in and explained the person’s personal qualities and actions and contributions to the world.

At present, they are writing biographies of people they are interested in– dissecting different sources for information on the person’s early life, adult/middle life and later life. They are learning to rewrite information to avoid plagiarism, and deciding on which information is treasure or trash.

In Maths, we have been playing probability games– practicing the words certain, likely, unlikely, impossible and equal chance. They have also been solving numberless word problems and creating symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes and patterns.

They are also creating portraits of significant people using recycled materials. They are truly enjoying this unit!

Can you guess who these important people are?

Star of the Week

Congratulations, Aaryan!

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Important Dates to Remember

23: Wear Green Day!
30: Student-Led Learning Review

4: Dress Down Day and FFF
1: No School (Labor day)
22: No School (Buddha’s birthday)
25: DDD

8: Last day of school




WWPT: Update

by Ann Owen on March 29, 2018

We dedicated most of last week to preparations for our assembly. Thank you to all of you who came and cheered us on!

We have started our inquiry on our new unit, Where We Are in Place and Time. This is one of my all time favourites and soon you’ll know!

In class, we have started talking about what makes people important/significant- what characteristics or attributes they demonstrate, and what makes them stand out from others.

I have given the class a set of photos to sort out, according to the following categories: Important, Significant, Celebrity, Famous. I gave them no background about each person, but some that I have chosen are quite well known.

When they shared why they sorted them a certain way, we all realised that there is no wrong or right answer– as long as they can explain, justify or give evidence to their choices.

We have also been reading a lot of biographies and non-fiction books. Kids have been bringing books from home that connect with our inquiry. I also read to them the story of  The Dot by Peter H Reynolds. If you haven’t read this book yet, it is a beautiful story about a student who was inspired by her art teacher. Her art teacher believed in her, and that made her believe in her self too. We talked about the way Vashti’s life changed because of what her teacher had done. “Sign in.”

Thank you for your help in getting information for their personal timelines. After exploring different kinds of timelines, they made their own using the information they have. The students were all engaged because they shared their personal histories with each other. Nothing gets them more excited than talking about themselves!

As a whole class, they also had to solve a timeline problem for me! I was impressed by how they have shared the responsibilities with each other to work on a common goal.

We also started our focus on recount writing. The students chose to write about lunch OR recess time. We read a sample recount and compared their writing style to our mentor text. The students discovered that recounts have identifiable features such as:

  • signal and time words
  • it’s in past tense
  • there are descriptive details
  • there are different events

They have experimented  using dialogue in their recounts. They found out that this feature makes their writing more interesting.

In Maths, besides timelines, we have been working on a lot of different things — addition and subtraction word problems and probability (certain, likely, unlikely, impossible, equal chance).

For more information, please read the parent overview and Maths Memo. G2 WWPT Parent Overview 2017-18 Maths Memo 5

Art inspired by Picasso, Kandinsky and Matisse

Circles of Significance (Kandinsky)

Abstract Cubism Self Portraits (Picasso)

Beasts of the Sea Collage (Matisse)

Stars of the Week

Congratulations, Lawrence!

Congratulations, Jamie!

Important Dates to Remember


9: Back to school!
11: Swimming starts!



Word Problems for Today (only for students to solve in school)

March 27, 2018

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Student Showcases!

March 22, 2018

Calling all performers! We are looking for talented Prep-Grade 6 students to perform in the Student Showcases on May 23-25. Auditions will be held after school in the Forum on Thursday, April 19 and Friday, April 20. If your child is interested, sign them up to audition here. The last day to sign up is Friday, April 13. If you have any questions please email Ashley Benusa.

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March 21, 2018

Optional “Dress as your favourite Seuss Character” on Friday March 23 To support and promote the upcoming Lower School musical, we will have an optional ‘Dress as your favourite Suess Character’ day on Friday, March 23. Please note this is not a DDD, so it is regular uniform for students unless they choose to come as a […]

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March 16, 2018

As we are wrapping up our Sharing the Planet unit, students have discovered that there are issues and problems that affect the cycles, and ultimately affect the planet earth. We have been talking about hot topics such as carbon footprint, deforestation, pollution and global climate change. If you haven’t used Newsela at home yet, I […]

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Seussical Jr! Tickets on sale!

March 14, 2018

CDNIS proudly presents the LS production of Seussical Jr. on Tuesday, March 27 and Wednesday, March 28 in the LLAC theatre at 6:30pm.  Tickets cost $100 each, andare for sale in the LLAC Lobby, and online starting March 14.  This colorful and zany production will win the hearts of kids and kids at heart – […]

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STP: Week 5 Update

March 2, 2018

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Year of the Dog! It was lovely to see everyone well rested and happy to be back in school. The students continued their research on the different natural cycles and presented their information in different ways. During the break, I have transplanted some of their beans into pots with soil as some […]

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Chinese New Year Celebrations

March 1, 2018

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Home Learning

February 8, 2018

With the abrupt beginning to our Chinese New Year break, we have put together a variety of resources and learning engagements for students to do over the next 5 days. We’ve put together a range of online as well as offline suggestions for you to consider.  These engagements have been organised under unit of inquiry, […]

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