HWOO: Week 1 Update

by Ann Owen on November 21, 2017

We started the week by sharing and discussing the objects/things that they brought that has value to them.  We concluded that we all have different perspectives when it comes to things that we value. People value different things. What might be valuable to me, might not be important to another person, and that many factors contribute to what and why a person values something. We also discussed the two kinds of value: sentimental and monetary. Sometimes an object/thing has sentimental value to us because it reminds us of special memories, and sometimes it has monetary value because not only is it special, but because it is also expensive.
We started our class economy which means each student will get an allowance of $50/week (using fake money, of course!) to help pay for their weekly rent.  The students are recording every ‘deposit(+)/withdrawal(-)’ transaction they make in their bank book. They can visit Bank of CDNIS  when the bank opens (banking hours). The bank books are a great way to integrate our addition and subtraction skills, and also helps with the understanding of some new vocabulary – transaction, budget, opening/closing balance, loss, gain, earn, etc. It has really been great to incorporate Math so effortlessly in this unit! One student even said, “Wow, this is like Math!”
Their weekly allowance: $50.00/week

Weekly rent they must pay:

Cubby: $10.00

Desk: $10.00

Chair: $5.00

Shared supplies: $5.00

In the coming weeks, we will also introduce fines and bonuses and special sales to help stimulate the economy.We have also been focusing on our local HK currency (dollars and cents) so whenever there is a chance, please let the kids take part in your shopping and have them use real money. Students are working on showing more responsibility in making sure that they keep their wallet and bank books in a safe place. If you ever start your own ‘home economy’ (ex: chores=$) please do share these stories to me. It’s a great way to get the kids to help at home!

Parent Helpers Needed!

We are in need of 6 parent helpers to assist small groups at the Grade 2 Resource Market on December 7th, Thursday from 7:50–9:05 in the 12th floor cafeteria.  This learning engagement is part of our How We Organise Ourselves unit that has a focus on Money/Economy. Please let me know if you are able to make it through email. Thank you!

Mindfulness Parent Morning
“Let’s Talk About Mindfulness” on 28 Nov,8am-9:30 am at LLAC with Cathy Ziengs, MBSR Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator.
What? How? Why? are mindfulness concepts and practices being introduced into school communities to enhance well-being for the students, the teachers and how can parents engage in this learning space too?Please wear something comfortable, Cathy will have you do some practices  – lots of fun, lots of access to the learning.



HWOO Update

by Ann Owen on November 17, 2017

This morning was a huge surprise to all the Grade 2 students as they arrived on the 13th floor to find their cubbies, desks, chairs and carpets taped off. They were told that they have been evicted since they haven’t paid their rent since August. 🙂 The students spent the whole morning working on the floor with very limited resources they could use. This generated a discussion on the things and objects in class (ex: erasers, tables, sharpeners) that are valuable to them as learners but they take for granted.

We have started inquiring into the word value. They shared what they think value means:

minus   amount   how much   heavy or light    numbers    measurement    price tag    precious

Today, the students learned that it’s also connected to Art! Value is the lightness or the darkness of a colour. We practiced shading using a value scale and they incorporated this new skill into their artwork.

Planning for Next Week…

We will start our HWOO unit on Monday that would require them to be responsible for their own pretend 2B money. There are two things that I have asked them to bring on Monday:

1. Something (anything!) that has value to them. They must be prepared to share why they picked this object.

2. A wallet that they will use and keep in the classroom throughout this unit. This wallet should be labeled with their name and class. They are aware that they will be getting an allowance every week and that they will use this wallet for that.

This new unit is just as jam packed as the previous one, and I’m excited for what we’ve got planned for them!

Congratulations to Conor for being our Star Student this week!

Important Dates to Remember

20: Bring a wallet school and something that has value to you
26: CDNIS Family Fun Fair


HTWW: Week 6 Update

November 16, 2017

In class we’ve been working on having strategies for different things- playground issues, reading, writing and of course, math. We have been talking about the different tools mathematicians use that help their mathematical thinking. For the unit Who We Are, they used measuring scales and weights when they cooked different dishes. I asked the students to […]

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HTWW: Week 6 Update

November 14, 2017

Students are revising and editing their Toys from Trash recount writing. They have learned to use special revision and editing marks to make their writing better. Some are using the dictionary to check the spelling of some words. Some students are also reflecting with a peer to get constructive feedback. They are learning to listen […]

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HTWW: Week 6 Update

November 13, 2017

Students have been working on completing their recount text. Today they added their own personal reflection on how they felt during the toys from trash process/experience. “I felt excited when we started making the toy.” “I felt frustrated because I couldn’t poke holes with scissors.” “It felt good to have someone help me cut the […]

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HTWW: Week 5

November 10, 2017

Happy Friday! Ms. Benusa, Ms. Sandra and I would like to thank you for watching the 2B and 2C Spotlight on Tuesday. The students did a fabulous job!   This week in 2B, we continued our inquiry into How the World Works. The students: analysed 3D shapes in their environment (properties, features) recounted and reflected […]

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HTWW: Week 4

November 3, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! A huge thank you to all the parents who organised our Halloween activities and yummy food spread on Tuesday. It was lovely to see all of you engaged with the different children in class. It was indeed a spooktacular day! This week in 2B: We started the week with a survey on different […]

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Halloween Tomorrow!

October 30, 2017

Good morning! Tomorrow is Halloween! The kids are so excited to dress up and have fun with their family and friends. I would like to personally thank our room moms and parent helpers who volunteered to run the centers tomorrow. They have planned great activities that integrate with our current unit of inquiry. May I […]

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HTWW: Week 3

October 27, 2017

Happy Friday dear parents! A huge thank you to our parent helpers on Monday’s field trip to the Science Museum and Tuesday’s Sports Day. On Tuesday, the 31st is the school-wide Halloween celebration and I look forward to seeing you at our class party. A special thank you to our room moms for organising this […]

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Important Reminders for Monday and Tuesday

October 22, 2017

Dear Parents, A gentle reminder about the following: Field trip to the Science Museum tomorrow (Monday): Wear PE uniform Home lunch and water bottle packed in a small bag/shopping bag for students to carry independently School lunch will be delivered to the classroom in the morning No octopus cards for purchasing items please Sports Day […]

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