No goodbyes, just see you again later!

by Ann Owen on June 8, 2017

Dear Parents,

WOW! Can you believe it, we have made it to the last day of school! We have had an AMAZING time together and I must say that it has been one fine year! THANK YOU so much for all your support and vote of confidence. I am so lucky to have had the privilege of teaching your children. Most importantly, thank you for your trust.

Thank you all for coming out to help us at Ryze and preparing lunch for us. It was a great day on the trampoline and the kids had a blast. Lunch was a great way to end the day after our morning of exercise.

A special THANK YOU to our class moms, Libby and Cindy, and to each and everyone of you who organised and helped with all of the class parties for the year. Your generous help and support are very much appreciated. THANK YOU for always stepping in when we needed you.

I would also like to thank Ms. Yvonne and Ms. Mildred for taking over the past 7 school days. We have kept in touch all  day and they only reminded me of how much I am missing out on all the fun!

Moving On

We would like to send our best wishes to both Dana and Jeroen as they move on to new schools. I have known Dana’s family since my first year in CDNIS and I have seen the Cheong siblings blossom into who they are now. I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to teach and get to know  Jeroen and his family. No goodbyes, only see you later! =)

On Digital Citizenship: Summer is when children have more access to their iPad and computer. These are some videos on staying safe online:

Child Focus: E-Safety 

Keeping Safe Online

Moving On to Grade Three!

As your child moves on to third grade, there are some very important things you can do to help them succeed.

  1. LET THEM BE. Give the kids the option to plan their day. When was the last time you gave them this choice?
  2. If they do nothing else (and I find this hard to believe!!) have them read 5 books this summer. Research has proven that if students read 5 books they will help prevent the summer slide.
  3. Engage in meaningful conversations with your child everyday. Take time (if only a few minutes a day) to really listen to what they have to say. I always use CNN or BBC for morning message topic inspiration!
  4. Read to and listen to your child read. Ask questions, make predictions, make text to world, text to self and text to text connections as you read.
  5. Practice addition, subtraction and multiplication facts for third grade math.
  6. Help your child develop a sense of solving problems independently.
  7. Talk about ways to be organised and start practicing them!
  8. Encourage your child to write often! Writing stories, letters, journal entries, etc are great ways to get thoughts organised and put onto paper. These little things will lead to big successes next year.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer! Please send me emails and updates whenever you can.




STP: Week 4 & 5

by Ann Owen on June 2, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy Friday! What a busy two weeks we’ve had in 2B! We are down to our last week of school…where did the time go? We had Thursday as our transition day and it was amazing what experiences the class wanted us to share with the incoming Grade 2 students!


The students continued their plant observation and decided that they should transfer their plants to the Green Roof. This was perfect as most plants need space and are already way too big for the plastic cups! Some plants are measuring as tall as 28.5c! Some are noticing that their plants are quite fragile and needed stability so they carefully wrapped them around chopsticks.  We have also continued our inquiry into how plants sustain life on Earth from a human being’s perspective. This will also be our final focus for next week.


The past two weeks, students have been working on writing effective comparing words (similes) and adjectives. While in the green roof, the students sketched plants they saw that fit some similes and descriptive adjectives I gave them. It was like a plant hunt which they, of course, enjoyed! It was also just an enjoyable experience to be in the green roof! The students picked some mint leaves to take back to our classroom and the students used their 5 senses to describe them, which also  became our descriptive writing topic for the week. It was amazing how some of them had not tasted mint leaves before– their reactions were priceless! They also noticed how mint changed how our classroom smelled. Some of them described it as “like when you brush your teeth!!!”


We have completed our inquiry into CM and MM and have now been learning more about Data and Chance: Probability. This is a short inquiry which really focuses on analysing the likelihood for an event to really happen. We have shared some events (ex: A fire happening in school today at 2PM, No school on Tuesday) and spent time discussing what makes an event fall under these categories: impossible, unlikely, equal chance, likely or certain. We will continue our inquiry into probability next week.

 Message from Mrs. Lovegrove in The Library

This week I have introduced Overdrive (CDNIS library E-Books) to the Grade 2 students. The students will be able to read ebooks from our library on devices on or off line. This is great for holiday reading!

Please check out the  Primary Library blog post . It helps parents and students get sorted with their Overdrive account.

Happy Birthday, Hayden!


Parent Bus Riders for Class Party on June 6

Thank you to Ina Chang and Dilek Incoglu for being our parent helpers on the bus. Please plan to meet us outside the classroom at 10:00AM. ALSO, a very special thank you to Libby Sleigh and Cindy Hetherington for your help in organising our class party!


11-12: Jump Time

12-1: Lunch

Important Dates to Remember


1: LS Transition day (Grade 2 will visit Grade 3 classrooms), Gr2 iPad Collection (parents can start collecting them)
2: Progress Report Cards released
6: Last swimming class and Ryze class party
8: Last Day of School (normal dismissal time and free DDD), Last day of iPad collection (parents/guardian only)



STP: Week 3

May 20, 2017

Happy weekend dear parents! I cannot believe that we have 3 week of school left! I’m sure that everyone has got their summer plans in mind. As you know, I am due in the summer so my plans are pretty straightforward and simple—to have a healthy baby and maybe get some sleep before she arrives! […]

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STP: Week 2

May 12, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was our first full week back since spring break and it’s been a blast! We have a countdown to the end of the school year and officially, we have 19 school days left! How time flies! UOI This week the students started their seed observation. They chose a few seeds […]

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Sharing the Planet: Week 1

May 5, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by, but I’m not complaining with the 2 days off! I hope you had a great time with your family. Students shared lots of stories–play date experiences, beach time with family and junk trips! It is getting to be that time of the year indeed! UOI, Literacy and Math This […]

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SLLR Reflection Week

April 28, 2017

Happy Friday, Parents! As I sit here and watch 4 students take lead, I can’t help but be even prouder of them. This week was mostly spent for our SLLR. The format is very different this year as we want the students to talk more about themselves as learners– and not share ‘worksheets’ or pre-planned […]

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WWPT: Week 6

April 21, 2017

Welcome back to everyone! I hope you all had a great break. It was really nice to see the students refreshed and pumped for the next eight weeks (or less!) of school. UOI and Literacy This week the students continued their interest-based significant person research. It’s amazing how much they remembered, which tells me there […]

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WWPT: Week 5

April 7, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the start of spring weather in Hong Kong! Today is the last day of school and then we get to have our spring break! I hope you enjoy your time off wherever you go. UOI This week we continued our inquiry into what makes a person significant. […]

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WWPT: Week 4

March 31, 2017

Happy Friday, Parents! UOI We have had a full week of learning in 2B. We focused on the question What makes a person significant? A few teachers have volunteered to share people who are significant to them and/or how they have contributed to our local community. Ms. Cooper in Prep talked about her niece, Sophia, […]

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WWPT: Week 3

March 24, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! 2B’s Concentric Circle of Significance inspired by Kandinsky UOI We had a great week of learning in 2B. We are on our third week of Where We Are in Place and Time, and our discussions about what makes a person significant gets deeper. We challenged their definition last week, and decided that […]

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