An update from Ms. Owen

by Ann Owen on September 25, 2017

It was lovely to see all of you on Curriculum Night. I assure you, I don’t remember some of your faces or who you are at all…but I will, eventually.

This week is the end of Ms. Donaldson’s maternity coverage for 2B. I would like to thank her for her hard work in making sure that the students transition successfully from first to second grade. The beginning of a school year is always challenging for teachers and I would like to thank her for everything.

When I take over the class after the October holiday, it will be another change for the kids. New teacher, kind-of-new expectations…after all, as much as Ms. Donaldson and I are similar in our teaching, we are still different people.  It will be like starting another school year- but not really as the students are now used to the routines of Grade 2. One important thing that we have to remember about children is they are always resilient. We just have to trust them. At the same time, I ask for your patience and understanding. I do assure you, dear parents, that I will try my best to ensure that they have another smooth transition.

At the end of the week will be 3WLCs. This is an important time for parents and teachers. I hope that you find value in this.

Please start sending important emails to me, and make sure to end it with your child’s name too. Many thanks in advance.

Have a wonderful October break, and thank you for trusting me to be your child’s teacher this school year.




Week 6: September 18- 22

by racheldonaldson on September 23, 2017

Important dates to remember:
Wednesday, September 27: PJ’s and Pancake Day
Thursday & Friday, September 28 & 29:  3WLC at homeroom 1321
Monday, October 2: Mid-Term Break starts
Dear Parents,
Time truly flies. I cannot believe it’s nearly the end of my assignment covering Ms Owen’s class. Take a look at what has happened this week:
Literacy / Inquiry
2B students continued to finetune their procedural writing skills after learning how to make some origami bookmarks and trying out different vegetables with Mrs Donaldson’s Hummus Dip. (I was so amazed by their veracious appetites and risk-taking, trying out a whole box of vegetables with this delicious dip. The class consumed an entire BIG tub of vegetables in less than 10 minutes!)
Next week, they will be documenting their journey in this genre of writing to show what they have learned so far.
In reading, the class learned how to use the strategy “I PICK” in order to select the right level books for individual independent reading.
P-PURPOSE: Why do I want to read?
I-Interest: Does it interest me?
C-Comprehension: Do I understand?
K-Know: Do I know most of the words?
We also helped the students consolidate their comprehension  and accuracy skills, by utilizing the following strategies:

Back-up, and re-read

Check for understanding by looking for picture cues

Use prior knowledge to make connection

and for Accuracy:

-Look for “Abundant easy reading” materials in the class and at home

Look carefully at letters and words when trying to make sense of the text

Flip the words (to check if it’s short or long vowels)



Math & Inquiry

There were LOTS of hands-on measurement activities this week. Students learned how to weigh things in both grams and kilograms.
We investigated ways to resolve problems related to weights in our “problem solving” station and looked at backpack safety tips which are so relevant to their health and well-being at this age. The class had to weigh themselves and their bags in order to find out if their bags fall into safety range of no more than 10-15% of their body weight. Thankfully, almost all the students passed this test.
We also looked at other backpack safety tips such as distributing weights evenly in their bags, how to pick a safe backpack which will promote healthy posture, and discussed ways to carry less each day.
To address with our emotional well-being, Ms Chutke helped us look at how positive and negative feelings may affect our mental health. She read us a story on ways to deal with negative thoughts and worries. The students then all wrote down their concerns on a piece of paper which were then taken away by Ms C. We learnt how these negative thoughts can be replaced by positive affirmation of something the students are great at. Check out a green heart somewhere at home and ask your child to share their feelings with you!
As a follow-up from our Hummus Dip activity, we discussed the importance of having enough fibre in our system, its health benefits and of course a note of caution regarding having too much of it too.
Big thanks to Annika for being 2B’s first Star Of The Week. We have so enjoyed listening to your sharing and are glad to have learned more about you!
Finally, a big round of applause to Carlos and Daisy for being amazing risk-takers in performing at the grade 2 assembly!
To view more photos from this week, please click here.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Best regards,
Rachel Donaldson 🙂


Parenting for the Digital Native – workshop for parents

September 22, 2017

CDNIS welcomes Dr Mark Gandolfi from the St.John’s Cathedral Counseling Team Wednesday, September 27 at 7pm-8:30 pm in the LLAC Lobby. This parent workshop will focus on how to parent children in a digital world. The Internet is a vital part of our world and an important tool in education and research shows young people are spending an average 44.5 hours per […]

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PJ’s and Pancakes!

September 22, 2017

Coming up next week, on Wednesday 27th September is our annual Pancake and Pjama day at CDNIS. On this special day, students and teachers can wear their pyjamas to school, with no dress down fee. At lunchtime, pancakes will be served in the cafeteria, with a sausage, a drink and dessert. If your child would like […]

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Week 5: Sept 11 – 15

September 16, 2017

Important Dates to Remember: Mon-Fri, September 18-22: Book Fair Friday, September 22: DDD (Theme: Favourite Book Character) : Grade 2 Assembly : FFF Friday Fun in the Forum Thursday & Friday, September 28 & 29:  3 Way Learning Conversations   Curriculum Night Dear Parents, It was wonderful to see so many of you on Wednesday’s […]

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Week 4 Sept 4-8

September 9, 2017

Important dates to remember: Monday-Wednesday, Sept 11-20 Sign up for 3WLR Monday-Friday, September 11-29 Lit Blitz Wednesday, Sept 13 Curriculum Night ( 6:00-8:30 pm), Wednesday, Sept 13 Scholastic order form due Friday, Sept 15 No school, PD day for teachers Friday, Sept 22 Grade 2 assembly & DDD Dear Parents, It’s been another busy week with […]

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Week 3- Aug 28- Sept 1

September 1, 2017

Essential Agreements The 2B class has spent the past two weeks discussing what they would like their class to be for this school year. We looked at how a great class should feel, sound and look like; and together, we consolidated our agreements. I know it’s going to be a wonderful year ahead as the students […]

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Mindfulness for wellbeing with Paws b

September 1, 2017

MINDFULNESS FOR WELLBEING In the coming weeks, as part of our unit of inquiry on well-being, your child will be learning about mindfulness through a classroom-based curriculum called Paws b.  The lessons will be led by our certified mindfulness teacher, Ms. Jackie Rendina.  Mindfulness involves training our attention to experience the present moment with greater curiosity […]

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Week 2: Aug 21-25

August 25, 2017

Dear Parents, Week two was unexpectedly interrupted by Typhoon Hato but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of 2B students as shown in the class graph below! 🙂 This week we continued to dive deeper into graphing and reviewing numbers up to 100. -We looked at the functions of a graph (why we make and use graphs) […]

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Fun Fruit & Veggie-nic this Friday

August 23, 2017

This Friday, August 25th, 2B will go on a class picnic. Hopefully, the weather will clear up after Typhoon Hato blows over. (This event will take place at school if the weather is bad) We will be walking to a park across the street to enjoy some fruit and vegetables together. Each child should bring […]

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