STP: Week 3

by Ann Owen on May 20, 2017

Happy weekend dear parents! I cannot believe that we have 3 week of school left! I’m sure that everyone has got their summer plans in mind. As you know, I am due in the summer so my plans are pretty straightforward and simple—to have a healthy baby and maybe get some sleep before she arrives!

This week we have done lots of inquiry into growing  and caring for plants. The students learned about the scientific method (Observe, Hypothesise, Experiment, Analyse, and Report) and conducted a celery and food colouring experiment. They dipped the celery in coloured water, asked questions such as, “Will the celery explode?” “Will the celery melt?” and “Will the celery grow mold?”As a class, we wanted to find out how water travels from the bottom (soil) to the leaves and if it really does! It was fascinating for the class to see what happened the next day! The celery leaves changed colour so we cut it open and saw lines of blue. We learned about how plants, like people, have thin-like capillaries that help the water and nutrients from the soil travel from the roots to the leaves.


They also learned about Photosynthesis, how plants make food. They learned that leaves are usually green in colour and the pigment is called chlorophyll. Since the interest was on leaves, we went to the park across the school and collected green leaves to use for our chlorophyll rubbing artwork!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.43.21 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.43.31 PM

They also enjoyed creating their lined leaves artwork using warm and cool colours.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.28.04 PM

Their seeds have also grown into tiny plants, which they have since transferred to a container with soil. Twice a week they observe and monitor the growth of their seedlings, making sure that they give them the care they need.


In writing and reading, we have been reading lots of descriptive text. Students are using their imagination to visualize what the author’s message is. They have learned about how specific nouns and adjectives paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Students have also been inquiring into similes, which are comparing words. This has been fun for the kids as they tend to exaggerate their comparisons.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.27.03 PM


After more practice on non-standard units, we have moved on to standardized units of measurement. Students have been practicing using centimetres to measure smaller objects. They are also learning to measure accurately, although it can be tricky to measure small objects sometimes, so they use their knowledge of rounding when measuring. Next week, we will dive into inches and millimetres.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.27.12 PM

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Class Party

To ensure a smooth entry to Ryze, please make sure to send a signed waiver to me before the party date.

Sports Day on May 24, Wednesday

Grade 2 Sports Day is on Wednesday next week, from 12:30- onwards in the large gym. Students must wear their PE uniform. Parents are all welcome to watch and participate! As I am heavily pregnant, may I ask for one parent volunteer to perform my station for me please? I promise I picked an easy station!


 All checked out library books should be returned next week. Students can no longer check out library books for the remainder of the school year BUT are still free to visit the library!

iPad Letter for Parents

 Please ensure that you return the iPad letter with your signature and date of pick up. It is important that we collect everyone’s letters by next week.

Happy 8th Birthday to Lila!

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 Important Dates to Remember

24: Grade 2 Sports Day (12:15-onwards)

1: LS Transition day (Grade 2 will visit Grade 3 classrooms), Gr2 iPad Collection (parents/guardians can start collecting them)
2: Progress Report Cards released
6: Ryze class party
8: Last Day of School, Last day of iPad collection (parents/guardians only)




STP: Week 2

by Ann Owen on May 12, 2017

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was our first full week back since spring break and it’s been a blast! We have a countdown to the end of the school year and officially, we have 19 school days left! How time flies!


This week the students started their seed observation. They chose a few seeds to grow and every few days, they observe the changes that happen. They record the changes in their observation book and draw what they see. They have also picked a seed to dissect and discovered what were inside and outside the seed: cotyledon (food storage), embryo (tiny plant) and the seed coat (skin). They used magnifying glasses and compared the similarities and differences between dry and wet seed.


We also inquired into how plants are used in CDNIS. We walked around different areas in the school and investigated how plants and plant products are used: food, furniture, decoration, medicine, etc. Next week, we plan to share the data we collected.


We also began our unit on writing to describe. Individually and in groups, they received different types of descriptive text and highlighted the unique features they read:  adjectives that are connected to the five senses, proper and common nouns, details that make a picture or movie in your head and adverbs. They also noticed that some have diagrams and some don’t. These are indeed the text and language features of descriptive writing!

We also played a fun Guess the Plant Product game. Each group got a fruit or vegetable and together they wrote different adjectives that described their object (using their 5 senses). The class sketched what they heard based on the descriptions and guessed what the fruit/vegetable was. It was hilarious and everyone had so much fun!



The students have also started their inquiry into non-standard and standard units of linear (length) measurement. We have experimented with the different ways they can measure length without using proper measurement tools. They measured different objects in the classroom such as the carpet, door, table, couch, whiteboard, etc. We have been learning how to measure effectively and accurately even without the proper tools. The students also explored different measuring tools such as rulers, measuring tapes etc.

Important Dates to Remember:

24: Grade 2 Sports Day (12:15-onwards)

1: LS Transition day (Grade 2 will visit Grade 3 classrooms), Gr2 iPad Collection (parents can start collecting them)
2: Progress Report Cards released
6: Tentative date for class party
8: Last Day of School, Last day of iPad collection (parents only)

Grade 2 Assembly Dates:
May 19: hosted by 2E


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