Meaningful Answers Start with Well-Formed Questions

Dear 5A Families,

The Parent Overview for our Unit of Inquiry WWAPT Parent Overview 2017-2018 can be found here and also via the UOI tab above.

Students are focusing on our class timeline of history. They are working in pairs and small groups to discover the context of that period and how this influenced scientific thinkers and their innovative contributions. In parallel, students have selected an innovation for their independent inquiry project which will illuminate their understanding of the UOI key concepts. Similar investigations are happening in Book Club, with students practicing comprehension skills of determining importance to create a timeline of key plot points and finding evidence of multiple perspectives.

In math, we are exploring patterns in shape and number. We identified multiple attributes of geometric patterns, created growing and shrinking numeric values, as well as algebraic functions that transform a string of values by applying a rule. Students are developing an ability to identify a pattern rule in order to make predictions and test their observation as a pattern extends into future terms.



Important Notes…

Friday, 16 March is a MAKE-UP SWIMMING LESSON. That means two lessons this week, plus our regular PE class! Students have noted this in their diaries and are reminded to bring their swim kit on Tuesday and Friday.

Friday is a House Day. Students are reminded to wear their PE kit on Friday.