Wishing you good health!

Dear Parents,

This early start to the Chinese New Year holiday was certainly unexpected but necessary. I wish all of you good health and I hope you will enjoy this time with your students!
Teachers are required to maintain progress towards the curriculum objectives up to next Wednesday, 14 February, whilst school is closed before the CNY break.
Attached here, 5A HomeLearning-CNY, and posted to the Home Learning page, is a revised home learning grid. I have emailed this to students, as well.
Assignments build on the existing home learning due next week. Tasks will bring closure to our UOI, Who We Are, as well as out math and literacy objectives.
The new due date is Wednesday 14 February. All assignments should be submitted via Google or Flipgrid ( a new, safe sharing website).
Please encourage your students to read and write throughout the holiday to avoid ‘holiday slide’ of skills. The original poetry and creative writing shared thus far is outstanding!  Please urge your students to keep this up or to write friends and family.
Students should continue with Mathletics and/or Khan Academy to revise their math concepts and skills. They have links to online interactives – so if you see them playing a PBS Cyberchase or Illuminations math game – it is likely to be an assigned ‘game’. Do check and monitor their time online so it is brief, focused and appropriate.
Encourage students to learn to plan and cook healthy meal options whilst at home and during the holiday. Demonstrating responsibility and taking action towards their well-being is an expectation of our UOI and builds wonderful, creative life-long well-being!
If you have any questions, please reach out to me by email. Stay well!