Robots! Coding!

Dear 5A Families,

Just a few notices for the days ahead…

Home Learning for this week has been posted. I am sending the new vocabulary list to students via email. The parent overview of our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, has been posted, as well. The vocabulary is listed there, as well. Please use the navigation tabs at the top to access these documents.

House Dress Down Day – Friday, 17 November $20

Robotics/Coding starts this week! Dates for our specialist lessons will be 15 & 17 November, 25 & 27 November, and 8 December.

Shelter In Place/Lockdown Drill

CDNIS will be holding an emergency preparation rehearsal called a Shelter In Place drill on Thursday, November 16 at 8:25am. Additional information has been sent to parents via the Flash from our Head of School and principals. The purpose of this drill is to plan ahead so we can keep students safe from any danger outside or inside the building. Whilst Hong Kong is generally safe, this type of preparation is an excellent opportunity for our community to improve its emergency response plans. It may also help our students think ahead about how to respond to an unexpected event such as civil unrest or a natural disaster. Whilst we can never predict the circumstances should an event occur, the objective is to have a coordinated plan for protecting our school community, through precautionary planning and common sense.

During our Shelter in Place  drill, staff will secure the campus and safely shelter all students, staff and visitors inside the building. All perimeter doors to the school will be locked and will remain locked until the drill is over. The Shelter Drill will last for approximately 45 minutes to one hour (8:25am to 9:25am), until the “all clear” is given over the PA system. During the drill, members of the Health and Safety Committee, along with Administrators, will check hallways and classrooms. Teachers will be responsible for locking doors and windows and helping students find a sheltered location. Our homeroom is currently preparing how we will respond, including locating ‘safe spaces’ where students can remain out of sight and sheltered. The responsibility of students is to find the nearest lockable room (which may not be their homeroom) and remain there, waiting silently until further instructions are given over the PA system or from a teacher. This means if they are in the toilets, library or transitioning in a hallway, student must immediately enter the nearest lockable room where a teacher can look after them.

If you have any questions, please email me.