Moving On…

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Again, have a wonderful and safe summer.


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A Final Post

Thank you 3C for a phenomenal year! What a great thrill it has been. I have loved every minute of learning and fun with 3C. From learning about who we are, to building structures, to exploring explorers, to field trips to varied places in and around Hong Kong, it has been an amazing ride.

Each and every one of you has made 3C what it is: a fun place to snack, research, write, present, read, solve problems, and play.

As we draw this year to a close, I wish all students a phenomenal year ahead in Grade 4. I am sure that your teacher next year will appreciate the unique qualities that you bring to class.

Rest up. Stay safe and have an amazing summer of fun and friends. See you in August.

A final shout out to Mia: All the best in New York. I am sure you will make many new friends. Do come and visit us in Hong Kong, and send us an email, telling us how you’re doing. Missing you heaps already!

Some photos from our last class party where students in 3C demonstrated their incredible talents:

And some of us on our last day:

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Epic Deal

Summer reading for Grade 3? All ready for Grade 4? Epic has a great deal $3USD for 3 months! If you’re interested, here is the SummerReading_PrintableFlyer_5.

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Math Rotations and T-shirt Bags

This morning, 3C went to 3D and 3E for some fun in math. In 3D, students were exploring time and elapsed time. It’s 2:34 right now. If it takes me 17 minutes to write this blog post, what time did I finish?  In 3E, they investigated probability, and were discussing terms such as chance, likely, more likely, impossible, and more. What are the chances that there will be a Typhoon 8 tomorrow. Pretty unlikely. What is the probability in rolling a six on a six-sided dice? 1/6! Did you get that right? Tomorrow they venture to 3A and 3B for more math fun!

In the afternoon, we made no sew t-shirt bags. Why? Well, we watched a video about a whale that died in Thailand after ingesting more that 17 pounds of plastic. 3C is trying to do their part; we are making our own T-shirt bags so that we can reduce the amount of plastic bags we use when grocery shopping. Ethan X also suggested saying no to plastic straws! Let’s all do our part to ensure that the impact we have on the planet is reduced. Let’s save the whales, too! And the turtles! And the fish!

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T-Shirt Bags

As a part of our unit and to encourage better practices that leave less of an impact on our planet and resources, 3C is planning on making T-shirt bags tomorrow afternoon. In this way, we can reduce our plastic bag consumption at stores.

So what do we need? Old T-shirts of any size. They can be small kid sized bags or big dad-sized grocery bags. Or mommy in between bags! If you have any extra lying around, send them in for someone who has forgotten.

Looking forward to making some environmentally friendly bags tomorrow.

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A Thanks from Ms Williams

Dear Parents of Grade 3,

Thank you for the City Super gift card! I had a lot of fun teaching your kids this year. It’s always amazing to see how grade 3 students change and mature from August to June!
Enjoy your summer – so much time for reading! This year kids and parents can check out library books for the summer, plus everyone can read ebooks on OverDrive all year long. (The username and password are both their student number. Email me if you need help.)
Cheers and happy reading!
Ms. Williams
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End of Year Party and Thanks for Being 3C

It’s that time again! Party planning with 3C! And yes, it’s very very late. We have been so busy with our learning that we have not had a chance to organize ourselves and our class party that is slated to be on Thursday June 7th from 12:20 to 1:10. (We have an assembly at 1:20.)

We have also lost access to our iPads as they need to be disowned by the school, and ready to be sent home on the 7th. As a result, your child will be unable to send an email to you asking for some help. So here I am, asking for you support. Your child will come home today with some idea of what he/she will be asked to do/bring in for the party. As it’s a quick one, we will have some small snacks and tidbits, a few decorations, and some entertainment – a 3C’s Got Talent Show.

Finally, a huge thank you to the parents who have made this year an incredible one. Kevin and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. The mugs are a lovely memento of the great learners in 3C. I will remember each child for their unique being:

James: Dorito Dash and his love of making comics

Aidan: his soccer prowess

Ethan: blu tac in his hair and his amazing smile

Lila: how quiet she was and how loud and confident she is

Zoe: how she showed great leadership in gaining the class’ attention better than me;)

Lauren: her kindness and compassion towards others, sharing the VR goggles

Timmy: his great engagement when listening to stories; a great predictor of what might happen next

Kasper: his love of water, and how he is constantly drinking water and for his amazing growth in writing

Miu Miu: her love of hosting Morning Meetings

Sam: her ballet dancing at our assembly and her singing at the Showcase

Olivia: her amazing reflections that show her depth of learning

Jaydon: his love of airplanes, and how there should be bigger and better seats on them; and his making with cardboard, and more cardboard…

Marcus: his broken glasses, his dislike of the small but not so tight shirt, and his comics with James

Saffy: for just being Saffy, and in saying that she’d keep me before Mr Kevin 😉

Hazel: for being Jade…but not…;) for her listening and always being ready to go after a call back, and her amazingly curly hair

Leo: for his love of snacking, and his constant connections and thinking

Eva: for being proud of the cultures she belongs to and connecting her learning to actions

Linn: for Vasco da Goata and her great cats she wants to see book

Mia: for her dramatic flair and her love of chatting with Lila

Matt: for his quick thinking in math; you’re quicker than me!

Shannon: for her quiet confidence, her kindness towards others, and her neat, neat handwriting

Jade: for her great connections and attitude towards learning

Josh: for sharing his learning on a service trip with the family, and his sensitivity towards others

Thera: for her confidence in herself in group work, standing by what she wants and believes in

Nicolas: for his great voice in his stories that show his humour

Ethan X: for his amazing Rubik’s cube skills; I still don’t know how you do it!


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How It’s Made

3C has been researching and finding out about products that are of interest to them in their group inquiries into how products are made. They are finding out about a diverse range of products from bubble gum to instant noodles, to every woman’s dream: mascara!

They are developing an increased understanding into the impact of excess packaging on the planet, the impact of consuming these products on our health, the impacts on animals when it comes to testing make-up, and of course, the impact on the individuals who work along the system.

With their research, they have created scripts about how different products are made. I was impressed at how some students have learned and have applied their learning of snazzy, jazzy introductions to these pieces of writing. They have come a far way!

Look out for their blog posts to see their videos about how it’s made.

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Beach Day

The weather was perfect for the beach! A few clouds and a lot of sunshine! We arrived just before nine and headed down the steps to South Bay Beach.

We had 3C in the water and on the sand for a lot of fun! Giant holes were being dug; castles, moats, and swimming pools were being manufactured.

Others enjoyed the cool water, splashing and cooling off from the intense heat of the sun. Some loved being tossed into the water. Mia and Lila said they saw lots of fish in the water.

Overall it was a great day and an even better way in which to end the year with all of Grade 3!

A big thank you to all the parents who came out to ensure that we were all safe, well hydrated, and sunblocked up!

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Grassroots Pantry and Live Zero by Saffy

Today we went to Grassroots Pantry and Live Zero. First we went to Grassroots Pantry and we got to try a beetroot truffle. The beetroot truffle had nuts in it and it had beetroot and dried raspberries. I think there was also sugar in it. I ate one bite first. At first I said it was really disgusting but then I took another bite and it was really yummy. I learned that Grassroots Pantry tries to have zero waste. They have lots of different things that can help the environment like the ORCA. You get all the waste and pop it in there. You blend it for four hours and then it goes into the sewage. They also have four bins that separate things such as plastic, general waste, cans, and liquid waste.

After Grassroots we went to Live Zero. That’s when it got a little crazy because it was such a little store and it was crowded. There was spillages and everyone was fighting over things. Live Zero is a store that hope to have zero waste. They ask people to bring their own containers or paper bags that are reusable. There are also different sized jars you can buy. We don’t want so much plastic because they go to landfills or the ocean. The fish may eat it and die, and then we eat the fish, and we might eat the plastic and die.

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