Diet Change Not Climate Change

3C was very fortunate to have been able to listen to Mr Bobsy Gaia, founder of MANA today as an introduction to our upcoming unit How We Organize Ourselves, looking into sustainable food choices. Not only does this connect to our future unit, but also influences this current unit where we are inquiring into sustainable energy sources for our planet.

What we learned today was that a lot of the energy that we use and consume does not make as much as an impact to climate change when compared to our food consumption. It is the livestock that we are consuming that causes the greatest impact to earth’s changing climate.

Bobsy did not suggest that we should all go vegan, but he did hope to make us aware of our food choices, recognizing where it comes from, and its impact on the earth. At dinner tonight, ask your child to finish the food on his/her plate. Ask them about where they think their food came from. Query into how it got to us. How does that impact our planet?

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A Chill Day After Camp

We’re back from camp and a little bit tired so we decided to have a chill day with some reflections, iMovie making, and a movie with popcorn.

Stay tuned to your child’s blog for a great movie all about their experiences at camp. With all the photos and videos taken by all the teachers, 3C had a plethora of choices. They have also been given the link to the shared folder in Google Drive if you’re really curious and want a peek.

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Finding Out…Group Inquiries

As we move further and further into the unit, 3C has been learning about different sources of energy, and the impacts they have on the planet and people.

Groups have chosen a particular source they are interested in, and have come up with questions that will help to drive their inquiries. These include questions linked to our key concepts:

  • FORM – What is it?
  • FUNCTION – How does this energy work?
  • CHANGE – How does the energy change and transform?
  • PERSPECTIVE – What are the different view points? What are the pros and cons?
  • RESPONSIBILITY – What is our responsibility? What can we do?

Ms Williams came in to support 3C in their inquiries by helping them find information. CDNIS has a wealth of databases, books, and other great resources to help!

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This morning, 3C was introduced to fractions without ever mentioning the word up until the very end! Instead, we were sharing. What were we sharing, you ask? Hersheys! Not Kisses, but chocolate bars.

Students were asked to share with one, two, three, four and more friends. How would they do this to get an equal share? Some were easy. Some were more challenging. They quickly noticed that sharing with an odd number was more difficult than an even number. With a total of 5 people, how would you share the bar? Hazel gave each person 2. With the leftover 2 pieces, she cut them into 5 equal pieces. With 10, Jaydon was able to give each person one piece, and then with the leftover 2 pieces, he cut each piece into 5, giving a total of 10. Ask your child how they shared the bar with eight. Ask them how they would share a bar with 24 people!

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Camp is just around the corner and we hope everyone is excited! Throughout this week 3C is having an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts about camp. For the most part, the children are showing a growth mindset and enthusiasm and mostly are just asking some logistical questions. That being said,  it would be great if you could help your child allay fears (if any) by discussing what they are worried about, and to help with strategies that might overcome this.
On Friday, the children will be informed of their Camp Team and sleeping arrangements. A few weeks back the students were asked to share with us names of children they would like to be with and we can guarantee every child has least one friend with them. We have spent a lot of time trying to ensure there is a balance between being with a friend who will make them feel comfortable and also having a chance to interact with some other peers.

If your child is taking medication please place it in a labeled ‘Ziploc’ bag with clear directions for use to be handed in upon arrival on MondayPlease also email me letting me know that your son/daughter will have this medication with them.

In case of personal or family emergency during camp, we would like to remind you to contact Mr. Rob Grantham directly at 9621 9751 or at, NOT the homeroom teacher. If necessary, you can reach him  through the reception office at 2525 7088 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a copy of the kit list to help the children with their packing. A reminder that on Monday wearing his/her school PE uniform. There is always lots of lost and found at camp, so please label all of your child’s clothing –especially PE shorts as they are all the same!It would also be helpful if the luggage was labelled with a name tag. As rain is a possibility, it would also be a good idea to have extra socks and to have rain jackets packed in day packs not in the big bags. (Zoe also noticed that the kit list is missing socks and pjs. These are both needed.)

We will depart school around 8:00 on Monday and plan to arrive back at CDNIS by 1:15 on Wednesday.  Students can take their regular school buses home or are welcome to be picked up. If you are picking up your child before 2:20, please let me know and sign them out from the 9th floor office.

I know from experience how awesome, yet exhausting, camp can be, and I fully expect that Wednesday will be a very early bedtime for everyone (including me!). If your child is really tired, please know that there is nothing wrong with allowing a little sleep in on Thursday morning 🙂

Last but not least, if you are interested, you can follow us on Twitter #CDNISG3camp . 

Is that all? I think so. If you have any further questions, please just let me know.

Looking forward to a great few days!

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Plus Minus Interesting

Welcome back to school after the break!

3C has been getting right back into learning, reading all about different energy sources: batteries, wind, solar, hydro, and pedal power.

Using a graphic organizer titled PMI, students are noticing that different sources have pluses and minuses. Battery power makes life more convenient. It’s grab and go, and makes our toys work, but the billions that are sold yearly end up in the landfill, causing environmental damage. Water wheels, moving water, is also a great source. It’s close to free and no air pollution from burning there, but building dams changes the landscape, and the water for fishes and other animals. Each energy source has an impact, so which source is best? What more do we want to learn about? In the coming week, we will be investigating and inquiring into what interests us, and developing the skills to find out what we want to know.

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Happy Spring Break!

And another term is done. We’ve just got one more to go before these beautiful humans in Grade 3 make their way to Grade 4! Oh my, how time flies.

Today 3C, learned a little bit more about how coal power stations work, explored an app called Amaziograph, tidied up the room and their cubbies, and of course, had their spring break/Easter party.

There was lots of fun with a chocolate egg hunt, and handmade baskets to carry them in. There was also an egg and spoon race, and lots of yummy food prepped by the food team. Decorations adorned the classroom. Bunnies have played a huge role in this whether they are bunny stuffies or images that make 3C go, “Awww!”

3C has become more independent, outspoken, and and self-directed learners!

Have a great spring break, and I will see all smiling faces back on April 9th bright and early.

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Literacy Centres

For our STP unit, students have been engaged in different literacy engagements where they get to practice a variety of skills, from learning about new vocabulary through word inquiries, to developing reading skills such as synthesising, building on prior knowledge, and modifying thinking to adjust for new knowledge.

Today, students used a modified thinking routine while reading, sharing three new things they have learned, two wonders or questions they might have, and one picture of their understanding. In doing so, students are able to monitor their understanding as they read, but are also able to ask questions to ensure understanding, and to develop inquiry skills.

Students are learning about nuclear energy, the benefits and drawbacks to wind energy, hybrid and electric cars, climate change, and more.


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Slides (Translations) and Turns

3C has been learning about motion geometry and how shapes can move. They have been able to share their experiences of slides and turns we see every day. We see escalators slide diagonally and people movers that slide horizontally. There are amusement park rides that slide vertically. Scary stuff, those rides! And turns? We see keys turn in door knobs. Dizzy rides at the park that turn themselves and turn on a larger circle. And of course the hands of clocks make quarter turns, 1/2 turns, and more.

To get our bodies moving, we have also been turning ourselves both counter clockwise and clockwise, helping students to see and feel turns.

To show their learning, 3c has been using the Dottable app to create pictures of slides and turns.

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Reminders and Tidbits of Info for this Week and more…

In the blink of an eye, we are at Spring Break! Time does fly when you’re having fun and learning. Just a few updates and reminders about what’s coming soon.

  1. No Home Learning Grid this week. We have a few in Seussical Jr and it’s a short week, so we are giving all learners a pass this week.
  2. Home Learning this week consists of party prepping. Do what needs to be done. Some may be making baskets; others may be printing out decorations; a few may be washing and prepping fruit and veggies. Ask you child his/her role this time round.
  3. DDD this Thursday – Under the Sea theme for Orca House’s Plastic Free Seas. Bring in $20 to support this great environmental cause.
  4. 3C’s Spring Party is on Thursday from 1pm – 2pm. Please let 3C have the final 20 minutes of the day to debrief and clean up after themselves. If you’re free, come join us. We’d love to have you celebrate with us.
  5. Swimming resumes the week of April 9th. 3C swims on Fridays so they will need to have all gear ready for April 13th.
  6. Camp is just around the corner. It would be great if you could help your child allay fears by discussing what they are worried about, and to help with strategies that might overcome this. If they have not yet slept away from home, it might be a good idea to arrange a sleepover at a friend’s or at Grandma and Grandpa’s.
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