I have been handing out assignments on Mathletics, and have noticed that many students have completed their learning, whereas others have been very busy with other pursuits. If your child has time, have them spend five or ten minutes each day for additional practice.

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Let’s Talk about Mindfulness

“Let’s Talk About Mindfulness” on November 28 ,8am-9:30 am at LLAC with Cathy Ziengs, MBSR Teacher, Mindfulness Facilitator.

What? How? Why? are mindfulness concepts and practices being introduced into school communities to enhance well-being for the students, the teachers and how can parents engage in this learning space too?Please wear something comfortable, Cathy will have you do some practices  – lots of fun, lots of access to the learning.


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Winter End of Year Party Planning

We’re off and planning our Winter end of Year Party! We have three groups: entertainment, decor, and food. Your child has signed up for one of these, and is responsible for helping to plan for this. Some ideas that they have come up with are dances to share, Santa visits, and turkey! Not to worry…these are just a few beginning ideas. We’ve looked at feasibility, and they understand that a turkey might not be the right food, but turkey sandwiches may work.

Keep an eye out for your child’s email, asking for help. Be positive and helpful, but do ensure that they bear responsibility in helping to do stuff whether they help to purchase the carrots, and wash them to helping to buy glitter or glue. Do not blindly be ordered and bossed about by your child (but you know that already!)

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Addition and Subtraction Stories

It was a fun morning making up some fantastic addition and subtraction stories. We have some very creative story writers. It is very evident what families like to do, and what the kids love about 3C: Mr Kevin! Check out some of their stories below:

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Mystery Readers, the Green Roof, and Library

A huge shout out to four risk-takers in Grade 3 for helping out Ms. Ip in Prep by being Mystery Readers. Jaydon, Sam, Mia, and Jade read Stick and Stone together. They showed collaboration, teamwork, thinking, and effort! Way to go!

Green Roof Exploration: We went up to the Green Roof today to explore a place we rarely get to visit. They tried taking detailed observations and discovered that it’s really tough. They also discovered that they’re not so great at sitting in one spot, and just watching and observing (unless it’s the TV!) I think they might need a bit of quiet mindfulness.

Then we were off to the library where we recommended books to each other. James ended up finding Leo’s shelf marker. Leo was ecstatic!

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Grade 3 to Grade 12 in One Morning

Ms Semkin, an upper school teacher of science, came in to teach Grade 3s today about explorers of light. She shared how explorers often work in teams, and use different tools. She shared also what explorers do: observe and observe carefully.

Thera was so impressive that she got an energy tube to light up. But when Sam and Timmy had a go together, it wouldn’t light up. Jaydon had a great idea – we need to hold hands and work as a team to light it up. And voila! The energy tube lit up. It passed through each one of us to create light. Explorers need teamwork.

So as explorers of light today, Grade 3 students looked at white light through a spectroscope, and discovered that it is not white at all, but instead a rainbow! They noted, as explorers do, what they saw. There was a lot of scrambling for red pencil crayons.

Then, they looked at a simple glass tube which looked pretty empty. But when it was popped into a gas discharge machine, it glowed red but when looked through a spectroscope, it was still red. What happened to the rainbow?

Ms Semkin thinks Grade 3s with their thinking and exploring brains are ready to go to Grade 12!

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3DC Game Pieces

They are here! Our pieces are here! After days and days and days of 3D printing, (Thanks, Mr Bede!) our designed game pieces that reflect who we are are here!

Jade made a very poignant reflection. She reflected, “To make an itty bitty, tiny piece, it takes a lot of work.” There is planning, designing, revising, prototyping and then back all over again!  She shared eloquently what everyone else in 3C was thinking.

Most of the game pieces went home tonight. So ask your child all about the process involved in creating this piece. Then have fun playing Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly so that your child has an opportunity to use their awesome piece of work!

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What do Explorers Look Like?

What do explorers look like? What tools do they use? Saffy asked if she could draw herself. Are you an explorer, Saffy? She thought, “Yes!” So she drew herself.

Eva asked, “Can explorers be girls?” She thought, “Yes!” So she drew a girl. Hooray for amazing forward thinking of 3C! Yes, girls can be explorers. Yes, we are explorers! Each one of us is on a quest to discover, find out, and learn new things.

What tools do they use? Maps, magnifying glasses, hats, bug nets, pickaxes, and even guns (“for protection,” explained Josh).

What characteristics do explorers have? They are curious, they are brave, and apparently they are also tall, and skinny. 🙂

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OverDrive with Ms Williams

Instead of popping down to the library, Ms Williams, our amazing librarian, came up to 3C to show us OverDrive. What is OverDrive? OverDrive is an e-library! We can check out e-books and audio books to read on our iPads! So awesome! We’ve got books everywhere! We love books!

Encourage your child to read with OverDrive . They can login with their student details. They should be able to tell you how as they had a go today.


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Tuesday Update

It was a very busy Tuesday with lots of learning. We reviewed some strategies for mental addition, discussed strategies for mental subtraction, and practiced mental subtraction with a game. I had the chance to play with Aidan. He won one game, and I won one game. There were lots of draws and some who were lucky enough to win both.

3C also ‘read to self’ today, and shared a bit of this reading on their iPads. Peers listened and gave feedback about their reading. Some glows included the following:

  • ‘You were expressive. You said, ___ with expression.’
  • ‘You stopped in the right places.”

Peer feedback is so important. It helps us become better learners.

Finally, we began our new unit, viewing ‘We are Explorers 2017.’ Students took jot notes about what they heard and saw during the video in any manner. Many showed very sequential thinking and created a list with bullets; others showed mindmaps that scatter around the page. Then they were asked to come up with a definition for exploration, and to share why they think exploration is important. I was wowed by their thinking: exploration is like discovery; exploration is finding out new things; exploration is the noun for the verb explore; exploration is a way to explore, discover, find out and learn stuff! Wow!

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