From chocolate to cotton! 3C is finding out about where their T-shirts come from, how they are produced, and distributed to us.

To begin, they shared their thinking about the system of clothing production. Most students understood that our tees come from raw materials such as cotton. Some made assumptions about silk, and others thought sheep.

Applying what they discovered about chocolate, 3C also assumed that slaves or children are employed as cotton pickers. But they soon discovered that technology now powers that harvest.

Then it’s onto the machines. Machines suck the cotton, flatten the cotton, and twist the cotton until they’re stretched into what the industry calls yarn. Then it’s knitted by giant machines that turn all those threads into fabric. Where are these machines? Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Columbia!

Here is when people actually come into the process. Up to now, very few people have been involved in a tee’s production.

Women work in factories, sewing for minimal pay. A woman in Bangladesh makes $80 USD a month. Some students thought that it was a lot! Others disagreed.

It seems that the value of a dollar is lost on 3C. Next time, you’re out and about, share with them what you buy, how much it costs, and ALL the other expenses you still need to cover!

On Wednesday, we will find out about shipping…


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End of Year Party

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Can you believe the end of the year is just around the corner? It seems like this year has just flown by with all of the exciting experiences we’ve had in Grade 3!

To celebrate a successful year, we’re organizing a day full of fun activities on Tuesday, June 6 at school for all Grade 3 students. This is a separate event from our in class celebrations. We have more than enough support for the activities, so parent volunteers will not be needed.

All students will be going to Chinese in the morning and to any specialists they have scheduled during the day. All students should wear their PE uniforms as it will be an active day and we want to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

We’d like to make this day a special event so, we’re asking that each student bring in $40 for a pizza lunch and delicious snacks. Please send the $40 to school with your child by Wednesday, May 31.

Thank you again for all of your support this year!

All the best,

The Grade 3 Team

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Breaking News…

Baby carrots are swimming in chlorine! Watermelons are exploding! Apples sit in storage for a year! Berries are contaminated with Hepatitis A!

Check out the news reports from Grade 3C CDNIS onsite reporters and news broadcasters.


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3C has been inquiring into 1/2. What does one half mean? What does one half look like? What fractions can add to one half?

Some great explanations of what one half means if there is a sale at a shop. “You only pay half the price.” “Half price is when you basically take a number and half it.” “Everything is 50% off.” They shared some great examples of what that would look like: apples that cost $100 now cost $50. Pineapples that cost $30 now cost $15. We even had some great decimal action: water originally costs $15 now costs $7.50 and a book that costs $69.00 is now only $34.50

Next, they get m&ms. One half are brown. What might the m&ms they have look like? 4 browns, 3 yellows and one green; 1 brown, one other colour; 3 brown, 3 in other random colours. Max said, “You can’t have seven altogether.” Kiss that brain, Max!

Fractions that add to one half? This was a challenge! But Nathan showed impressive thinking, and simplifying of fractions! Woot! Woot! It was interesting to note though how he always had equal fractions: 3/12 + 3/12 or 5/20 + 5/20! Could he do this another way?

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An Inquiry into Chocolate

Chocolate is so very yum. It’s sweet. It’s creamy. It’s delectable. But is chocolate in all its glory a wonderful thing?

3C first looked into sharing some chocolate. Some groups got lots of pieces and others just a fraction of a piece. This as some very clearly stated was NOT FAIR! The group with the most said it was super fair for them, but not so fair for others. Ananya in this group showed much empathy and said it just wasn’t fair for all the groups. Annabel and quite a few others shared how it was not only unfair in terms of pieces, but how some groups had fewer people as well. It was quite the uproar.

Quiz time! 12 minutes. 3C went on the hunt to find some answers about chocolate. They shared some great collaborative and reading strategies to find the answers. Divide and conquer to find answers. Skimming and scanning the best website. Amazing brains totally ready for Grade 4.

Mmmmm…then it was time to enjoy some chocolate. Nestle Crunch. Kit Kat. Twix. It tasted so good. (Interesting side note – most kids chose KitKat as it was a bigger portion.)

Onto “The Dark Side of Chocolate” documentary with jot notes and sketch notes. How will they feel once they find out how their delicious, creamy chocolate is processed and produced?

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Message from a Grade 6 Student: Stop Human Trafficking

Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,
Would you like to help human trafficking illegal in Hong Kong? During Exhibition My team and I have been working on this issue and we would like help to raise awareness for this. We interviewed a lawyer, Patricia Ho, who is working to help human trafficking victims. She has made a Petition for people to sign in order to make this issue illegal in Hong Kong, it is called ‘Hong Kong Government to make human trafficking illegal.’ Please take a minute to help make human trafficking illegal! 
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Buy Local. Eat Local.

IMG_6465Grade threes had the great opportunity to listen to two guest speakers today, one was even an alumna of CDNIS.

They learned about organic foods, buying local and supporting local farmers. They discovered the difference between traditional and modern farming as well.

Encourage your child to look at where their produce and groceries come from, the quality and freshness of it, how it has been processed and packaged, as well as the distance it takes to get to you.

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Shapes and Fractions

How are shapes connected to fractions? 3C inquired into how hexagons, trapezoids, rhombuses, and triangles connect in form. Lily and Nicole shared how all of these shapes fit into each other. Ananya went into more depth, explaining how one rhombus is 1/3 of a hexagon. Nathan added to what Ananya said, and shared that 3 rhombuses make 1 hexagon. Isaac also showed how a triangle is 1/6 of a hexagon. Summer said that 2 trapezoids make one hexagon. Ethan chimed in and explained how all these shapes make hexagons. It was great brain work by Grade 3s!

Then, 3C was asked to share all the different possibilities in creating a hexagon. Daniel and Sean went to work together, thinking up many different ways: 1/2 (trapezoid) + 1/2 = 1; 2/3 (two rhombuses) + 1/6 (triangle) + 1/6 = 1 (hexagon). Wenjun also came up with quite a few: 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/3 = 1; and  1/2 + 1/3 + 1/6 = 1. Altogether, they discovered 8 possible ways.

Finally, it was game time. Using fractions dice, 3C put their understanding to work, filling up hexagons with 2/3, 1/6, 1/2 and more. Who would win? Aubrey was a speed demon and rolled larger fractions to complete her board first.

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Apples, Watermelons, Baby Carrots, and Berries

What do we know about where these products come from, how they are produced, and how they get to us?

3C brainstormed and shared what they think happens: seeds are planted on farms, in orchards…Then they get picked and sorted. Good ones continue on and bad ones get discarded. But what makes them bad? Rotten ones, ones with bugs, ones that aren’t ripe. Then they get boxed or packaged, and shipped all around the world. Then they get trucked to markets for consumers to buy. Pretty knowledgeable, brains in 3C.

But little did they know…

After reading a few articles, they discover that diseases can be passed to berries during packaging. Baby carrots are soaked in chlorine – and they’re not even baby carrots; they’re big ones chopped and rounded into baby carrots. Apples sit in cold storage for up to a year, and watermelons are sprayed with chemicals that promote and speed up growth and size!

Stay tuned for news reports on these.

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Make. Create. Collaborate.

3C missed “Make. Create. Collaborate.” because we were having so much fun at camp. So Emmy’s mom came in to share one of the activities – sewing a big community quilt out of old uniforms. This is a great connection to our current unit, learning how products are made and distributed.

There were some challenges with sewing pieces of old uniforms together. Stitches came in an assortment of sizes, and thread was getting in tangled knots, but 3C persevered and managed to create some great additions for the community quilt.

A big thanks to Liz, who came in to donate her time and expertise. 3C can’t wait to see this great quilt on display sometime soon!

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