Important Dates to Remember

The mid-term break is coming on very quickly. Time has flown by in 3C. Here are a few important upcoming dates that you may want to put into your calendars:

September 27: PJs and Pancake Day (Wear your PJs to school and enjoy a pancake lunch for $37. Those who order school lunch will be served pancakes and sausages.)

September 28 – 29: 3WLC (I look forward to seeing everyone again, and hope to have some great discussions about where your child is and where they need to go to continue to make progress.)

October 9: Professional Learning Day (No school for students. Just school for Mr Kevin and myself.)

October 17: Picture Day for 3C (Grade 3 photos will be taken. Make sure faces are clean and hair is tidy. Or not:)

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Challenge Selfies and a Brain Break

We have been reflecting and looking at ourselves and our personal challenges that we have at school. So we have created a selfie collage, sharing what our challenges are, and how we can address these challenges using different strategies.

One of the biggest challenges many students in 3C face is Chinese. Most of us find it incredibly hard. But we are looking at learning Chinese with a growth mindset. We will persevere. We are committed to improving our Chinese. But how? We have found that asking for help is our number one tip. When we don’t understand, we have to ask for clarification. Another strategy: practice. Practice writing the characters, saying the characters, and being the character.

Another challenge that popped up was understanding as we read. Many of us read, and are super proud that we are reading chapter books. But we need to pause, slow down and check that we’re understanding. One great idea was to back up and reread so that it makes sense. Another one that I like is to find a book that we do understand. We can get back to the more challenging one later. Slow down – we’re 8. We have all the time in the world to be reading more difficult texts. One book at a time.

Well, after all that hard work, our brains deserved a break. We headed down to the ninth floor playground for a run around. Our brains exercised. So did our bodies.

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Parenting the Digital Native- a workshop for parents of students G3-10

CDNIS welcomes Dr Mark Gandolfi from the St. John’s Cathedral Counseling Team Wednesday, September 27 at 7pm-8:30 pm in the LLAC Lobby. This parent workshop will focus on how to parent children in a digital world. The Internet is a vital part of our world and an important tool in education and research shows young people are spending an average 44.5 hours per week online. Do you have the skills to parent against that type of influence? Please RSVP here.

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Grade Level Guides

Parents interested in learning more about grade level expectations, programmes of inquiry, mathematics, literacy, Chinese studies and more are encouraged to check out the Grade Level brochures, available on the main school website under “Brochures“.

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What We’ve Been Up to in Math

Place value, modeling numbers, greater numbers, expanded form, word form, patterns, counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and even 25s.

We have been busy with lots of numbers, how we can share them with others using a common language, and how we can build on them with other numbers.

Using dice, students played Greater Than/Less Than with their classmates. This required some strategic thinking as to where they would place a rolled digit to either make the greatest or the least number.

Onto Mathletics for some iPad fun. I have assigned some lessons for 3C so if they have some time at home, give them 8 minutes for some place value and patterning practice. Many have finished, but others need some time.

And of course, we just have some plain old practice: circling the largest number, counting by 2s forward, 100s back…

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Slides from Curriculum Night

If you missed curriculum night last night, or would just like to have a peek at the slides again, here they are:

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From Ms Benusa – 3C’s Creative Choreography

Our first Friday Fun in the Forum of the year is next Friday, September 22 during lunch recess. Check out this post on Ms. Benusa’s blog for more information on this performing opportunity.

Check out 3C’s Creative Choreography courtesy also of Ms Benusa:


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International Library Day and Dialogue in the Dark

What a very busy Tuesday! This morning, prior to our departure to Dialogue in the Dark, we stopped by the library to visit and learn about the many cultures that represent CDNIS. It was great to see Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, and of course, Canada being represented by eager moms and dads.

Soon after, we boarded the bus and headed to Dialogue in the Dark. Aidan and many others talked about their challenges and fears of the dark, and being completely immersed and engulfed in the dark. But he came out quite surprised, understanding that our bodies often rely very heavily on sight but with our sense of touch, hearing, and smell, we can navigate with relative ease.

What did 3C enjoy the most? The ferry ride and the cafe. They enjoyed the cool breeze and the spray from the sea and the milk tea and chocolate milk. Nicolas though was surprised at how the drink he ordered was real, and then was disappointed as he could have gotten a Coke!

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This morning, 3C learned from Ms Calanchini, a little bit more about being mindful, and practicing mindfulness strategies to help us overcome our challenges and stressors. They learned a technique called Guided Visualisation that helps to restore the mind and bring serenity and calm by transporting themselves in their mind to a worry tree.  This is where they are able to hang their worry on the tree, and let go. The worry is no longer theirs. The worry tree will take care of them. This was quite challenging for many students who had difficulty keeping their eyes closed and focused on the breath. More practice needed.

Ms C also shared a yoga pose, my favourite one, savasana. Lie down, heels spread wide, arms at the side of the body, palms up. It is a restorative pose, and one of complete relaxation. It helps to engage students in mindful awareness, benefiting the mental and physical beings in ourselves.

If you are interested in practicing mindfulness with your child, Smiling Mind is a great app. But Ms C has two great guided visualisation books as well: Relax Kid’s Aladdin’s Magic Carpet and Relax Kids The Magic Box.

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Dialogue in the Dark Preparations

Tomorrow is our field trip to Dialogue in the Dark. It is also International School Library Day!

To prepare for Dialogue in the Dark, please make sure that your child is in PE uniform (and not national dress for International School Library Day). They should be wearing sneakers that do not emit any light.

They need to bring a packed lunch (unless they have ordered school lunch) and a snack for the morning and the afternoon. Please also make sure that their water bottle is full.

Finally, they need to bring in $15 in change. It would be great if they could put this in a small change purse that fits into their pocket. At Dialogue in the Dark, they will not be permitted to bring in their big backpacks.

It will be a great experience at Dialogue in the Dark. We are hoping that students understand that all people including the visually impaired face many challenges, but these can be overcome with a variety of strategies.


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