Gong Xi Fa Cai from Grade 3

Hello Grade 3s! I hope that you are all staying healthy at home! We hope that you have a great Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Optional Learning

Hello Grade 3s! I am sorry that we will not be able to work together for the next few days because of the flu outbreak. If you have time, check out the optional learning that you can do.

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PA Home Learning

PA Home Learning for G3

1. Practice, practice, practice for the G3 Spotlight in the PA Blog.

  • Make sure each song is memorized (Tutira, E PaPa, Condor Pasa, Everday People)
  • Make sure you know your special job

2. If you haven’t decorated NZ sticks yet, go for it using this template.

3. Consider sending a “voice memo” or a written response to Ms. Benusa to our question “Why Bother?” By answering these questions:

  • How do cultures express themselves through the arts? – give a specific example
  • Have does CDNIS express itself through the arts? – give a specific example
  • How does your family express themselves through the arts? – give a specific example

4. If they have lines, memorize them!

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An Abrupt End…

What a way to end! Just sending a note to everyone to wish them a happy Chinese New Year. If you are off on travels, enjoy the break. If you are staying, I hope the weather warms up!

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Stay safe and healthy. See you back on February 27th.

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More Measurement Fun

Some thinking questions to get our brains ready for math: A big paper clip is 5cm. A small one is 3cm. How many of each would fit along a 30cm ruler? There were lots of different thinking ideas to share how we could do this. Sam used her notebook squares and skip counted by threes and fives. Some used number sentences to explain their thinking. But some number sentences used multiplication while others used division.

Then it was game time. How good were our estimates? The better the estimate, the fewer moves your opponent would make. Way off? Your opponent jumps ahead by the difference between your estimate and the actual length.

And to cap off, a question about Daniel with his broken ruler. Does the ruler still work if the numbers begin at 15 and end at 30? Ask your child what they think and why.

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Measurement – Length, Area, and Perimeter

We have begun a new unit in math. We are learning to measure, and to find out the perimeter and area of spaces. To begin, we looked at a picture of a playground. What shapes did they see? Where would they want to play? Which section was the biggest?

We then inquired into how we can measure, and what tools we can use to best measure. They decided it was a ruler.

Using estimation, we thought about the lengths of different body parts and how we could record our estimates. Some thought of graphs; others drew pictures, and some wrote just the estimate. How long is our hand? What about our foot? Our thumbs? What about around our head?

After some estimates, we used tools to measure, remembering to begin at zero. We were quite surprised at how long or short some of our body parts were!

Ask your child to measure your head, your feet, your neck…How would they record and share this data?

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Home Learning Share

It’s been a while since I have commented on student learning at home. This week, it was impressive to see many different poems being written. We had Jaydon create a concrete poem about rain using lots of onomatopoeia. Josh wrote two poems; one about soccer and another about math, two things he is passionate about. Lila also shared some great poems. My favourite two were about pooicorns and skiing! Eva also wrote a superb haiku about Saturday mornings. Kasper wrote about his personal experiences with dim sum and Chinese medicine, two traditions of Chinese culture.

Miu Miu visited the Museum of TeaWare, sharing her understanding, and Zoe wrote about what she thought art was, and then shared her colouring of a Mandala which helps her be calm and mindful. Lauren visited Graham Street to check out some street art, and then was inspired to create her own!

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Grade 3 Spotlight Performance Guide

We’re very excited for our Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves Spotlight in March. This year’s performance will have a new format which will involve the whole grade level performing at the same time! With so many bodies on stage, we want to share our learning more than once. We will give two shows, one first students on Monday, March 12 at 1pm and one for parents on Tuesday, March 13 at 1pm.

Below you can find information on how you can prepare for the Grade 3 Spotlight outside of Performing Arts class. You can also find the presentation that we use for lyrics and the form of each performance here. Each culture group has some work to do memorizing and solidifying their performance role. Each group also has a costume option for their performance. This is optional and should come from the students existing wardrobe, there is no need to purchase clothes for the Spotlight!

New Zealand

What everyone needs to do:

  • Have Tutira Mai and E Pa Pa memorized (don’t forget the moves to Tutira Mai!)

What Team New Zealand needs to do:

  • Find black clothing for your costume
  • Decorate your sticks (optional)
  • Practice your moves with your partner
  • Make your poi and practice (for the small poi group only)


What everyone needs to do:

  • Memorize the chorus for “I’se the B’y”

What Team Canada needs to do:

  • Find rain jacket, rain boots, rain hat, jeans or plaid shirts for your costume
  • Finish preparing your instrument and know how to play your ostinato on it!
  • Memorize your solo (if you have one) and work on your jig (if you’re doing one)


What everyone needs to do:

  • Memorize El Condor Pasa

What Team Peru needs to do:

  • Find a hat to wear in your dance
  • Boys if you have a poncho, girls if you have a shawl, bring it in for a costume!


What EVERYONE needs to do:

Memorize the song!

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Stamp Carving

Ooooh! Aaahhh! It’s so pretty. These were some of the thoughts 3C had when our guest artist, Ms. Roong, came in to share how she expresses herself, her culture, and Hong Kong culture. There were lots of symbols and traditions that reflect Hong Kong culture: dragon boats, the star ferry, lanterns, teapots and more.

She wowed 3C with her adept carving skills, and showed them how to create their own stamps with some rubber, tracing paper, a pencil, and a carving tool.

Excellent artists in 3C decided to create their own designs. We had a diamond, some puppies and some soccer related paraphernalia.

A big thank you to all the parents who came in to make sure that there were only a few nicks on fingers. But luckily we had many bandaids handy!


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What is Culture?

3C inquired into culture and what it is. Through reading and the watching of a video, we have developed an understanding of what culture is. We have determined that it is a group of people who share the same values and beliefs, language, norms, and often have shared symbols.

They understand that norms are codes of behaviour and how we are expected to behave. 3C, right at the beginning of the year, came up with our class norms otherwise known as our Essential Agreement.

We discussed values different cultures have: some value friendship; others value education; and many cultures value time and how it should be used.

I shared how Canadians have two words that they are very much known for. Do you know what they are, eh? Sorry if you don’t. 🙂

Share with your child the different cultures your family comes from. What do you value and believe? What symbols represent your culture? Are there any bits of language or slang that come from your culture?

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