Graphing the AQI

Over the past week and a bit, students in 3C have been checking out the air quality in a variety of places both locally and globally. Many chose favourite places to visit, while others went to hunt out places with extremely poor air quality – Beijing and New Delhi being top choices.

Today, they had an opportunity to apply this learning and to create graphs to show this information. They had impressive scales on the y-axis to show the air quality index. Multiplication in action!

Tomorrow, we will be looking more closely into why the AQI is different in the places they have chosen, and we will make inferences about the environment there, and other causes and reasons for this.

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Finding Out with Ms Williams

We are off on our small group inquiries, learning how to better cooperate and collaborate with one another while learning about sustainable energies.

3C has lots of questions, one great skill that demonstrates their INQUIRY skills. Some teams used the key and related concepts to guide their questioning. Impressive inquirers! But how will we find answers to our questions?

That’s where Ms Williams, our amazing teacher-librarian, comes to the rescue! Ms Williams shared with 3C how they can EVALUATE resources based on their needs (the questions they have), and reading techniques such as SKIMMING (quick glances through a text for key words and general ideas) and SCANNING (looking quickly through the information to find a specific fact or piece of information).

Then, Ms Williams shared with us two great databases available to CDNIS students through the library: Big Universe and Power Knowledge Science. Using these resources, we can find most of what we are trying to learn! Woot woot! Emma said, “It’s just what we need.”

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Uniforms and Sustainability

IMG_4899This morning, some parent volunteers came in to 3C to return some lost and found items: hoodies, water bottles, caps…

I was told that a lot of items that are not labelled end up in the landfill!

As we are learning about sustainability, it would be great if we could remind 3C to label their items, and to take responsibility for their things to ensure that the choices we are making are not detrimentally impacting the environment.

Encourage your child to take action by making positive choices for the environment: say no to a straw, say no to that extra toy that we don’t need…



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3C Thinkers

I think that we should change our name from 3C Creepers to 3C Thinkers. Over the past two days, 3C has shown incredibly amazing and awesome thinking in both UOI and math engagements.

Using hexagonal thinking, 3C made connections to see how certain ideas connect with one another. They created chains to show how energy can be transformed, or grouped ideas based on renewable and non-renewable energy sources. They connected health to fossil fuels and nuclear plants. It was impressive to see discussions about what each person thought and how others disagreed and argued for their reasons. All had valid reasons but shared different thinking and perspectives about how ideas connect.

Then, as great mathematicians, 3C looked at an image, really looked. At first glance, they noticed circles, numbers, colours. But looking with more depth and thinking, they started to identify patterns. Annabel noticed that all even numbers have orange. Then Sean and Nathaniel noticed how factors of three have green, and factors of five blue. Ananya noticed how 14 was split in two with orange and purple (2 and 7). There’s more…so much more. Amelia noticed patterns, and wanted to share. But it was off to PA…stopped midway in thinking, but we shall come back to this tomorrow and think some more.

Have a go at checking out the patterns you notice. Ask them to share with you what they saw. Don’t share what you notice but instead give them the chance to look again and find out, and learn. Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.34.49 PM

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Swimming Starts Again

Just a friendly reminder that we will be swimming beginning the week of March 27th (next week) until the end of the year. 3C has swimming lessons on Thursdays.

Please ensure that your child wears their swimsuit underneath their uniform, and bring with them a change of underwear, a towel, and goggles.

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A Message from School Administration

Dear Lower School Parents,

We would like to share a few gentle reminders to parents for when they visit our school. While we strongly encourage and value parent involvement in our classrooms and at the school, there area few things we’d like parents to keep in mind in order to facilitate an optimal learning environment for students during the school day.

  • The 9/F playground is a huge hit with students, and it is becoming an increasingly popular place for parents to watch their kids. We ask that parents please observe their children from the 9/F foyer and not from the playground itself. The 11/F playground is also not a place to observe your children.

  • Students are not allowed to use the lift/elevator. Please remind your children the lifts are for adults only (parents and helpers welcome), unless the student has a lift pass or is being accompanied to the nurse. This “adults only in the lifts” rule also applies when children are late, not feeling well and when with their parents/helper.

  • In line with our school’s policies and procedures, please refrain from disciplining other people’s children. If parents witness a disagreement or misunderstanding between children at school, please inform a teacher, EA or Vice Principal. Also in accordance with our Parent Code of Conduct, please respect confidentiality by not speaking or messaging about other children, and instead reporting any concerns to a teacher or administrator.

  • The 8/F, 9/F and 10/F hallways are learning spaces; please wait for your children in the 9/F foyer and not in these other hallways or elevator areas.

  • All parents love taking pictures/videos of their children and capturing the special moments at school. Be it during a Spotlight performance, weekly assembly, on the sports pitch, our parents love to catch their child in action and sometimes share the pictures/videos they have taken on social media or with various WhatsApp groups. But please be mindful when snapping pictures of your child that other parents may not wish to have their child photographed/videotaped and their image shared around the world. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank you for your consideration and respect of the learning environment in these matters. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to touch base with a Lower School Vice Principal.


Lower School Admin Team

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Book Swap

Yippee! The Book Swap for grades 3-6 will be Tuesday, March 28th before school in the 12th floor cafeteria! Students can bring in books to swap one-for-one. How easy is that?!? If they don’t have any books to exchange, they can pay $10 for a used book. Kids can unnamedalso use their leftover Flower Fair tokens at a rate of 2 tokens for 1 book. There will also be a selection of brand new books at reduced prices. So many easy, affordable ways to get “new-to-you” books! So please come to the 12th floor cafeteria before school on Tuesday for the Grade 3-6 Book Swap!


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Lots of Lollies

This was the problem faced by 3C:

Frances and Rishi were given a bag of lollies. They shared them out evenly and had one left over. Just as they had finished sharing them their friends Kishan, Hayley and Paul came along. They wanted some lollies too so the children shared them out again between all of them. This time they had two lollies left over. How many lollies could there have been in the bag?

We first modelled it with Sophia and Sean, and they each got one treat with one left over. That makes three treats to begin.

But then, 3 more joined. That’s five kids altogether. So they shared once more. But this time with two leftover. That means 3 lollies would not be a possible number of treats.

3C worked with cubes to represent the treats. EmmaRose and Emily suggested 12. Twelve would work for five. Each person would get two, and there would be two leftover. Uh oh! That wouldn’t work for 2 people – they’d each get 6. No leftovers.

Sean, Annabel and Dylan shared very quickly that the number would always have to be odd because when you share with two, there is always one leftover. And that’s odd. So all even numbers were omitted. What next?

It was great to see all the conversations about possibilities, and then of course, Amelia, Lily, Nicole, and more started noticing a pattern.

This engagement is our first introduction and the link between sharing, division and multiples/factors.

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IMG_4798What is sustainability? 3C tested out their sustainability by holding the plank pose. It was jaw-dropping to see how long they could hold it.

But sustainability in regards to energy is a little different. How can we sustain the planet with the ways in which we harness and consume energy?

Emily’s mom, Liz, came in to share with us all the things her family does to help reduce energy consumption and to share the planet. Here are some of the ideas the family engages in to be green:

  • taking public transport as much as possible
  • carrying your own water bottles and coffee mugs
  • reusable grocery bags
  • recycling paper, plastic, aluminium, and even glass (There is a place at CDNIS for this.)
  • making choices at the grocery store not to buy cans or plastic
  • using and buying only what we need – no new toys, stationary, etc…
  • sustainable options for groceries and bills (go paperless)
  • energy efficient appliances
  • air purifying plants in lieu of electrically operated air purifiers
  • reusable snack and lunch containers – no single serve snacks
  • 2nd purchases of many items from furniture to uniforms
  • researching before purchasing

Have a dinner table discussion about what you and your family can do to share the planet and reduce energy consumption.

Thanks for sharing, Liz!

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An Intro to Coding

It was a fun afternoon of coding with Hopscotch on the iPad. Annabel was so excited and was having such great success that she said, “I’m going to get this app at home!” She’s a future computer programmer.

Nathan showed his great skill at angles, and was able to code a square with ease. Ananya and Emily were trying hard to work out angles and what each turn in degrees would be. Lily and Wenjun tried out 180° and discovered that it was a straight line. Summer and EmmaRose were challenged and were looking into why their code was not creating a square. What was wrong? Looking back at each line of code, they could see that their code was set to end. So it was back to the drawing board. Daniel shared that he was an expert coder and would code at home and so was a great support to his iPad buddy, Aubrey. Good to hear that we have an expert in class!

Try your hand at coding or have your child spend some time at home coding via online tools such as Hour of Code. If you’re interested in learning more about why coding is such an important skill to acquire, check out the CBC article or this one which is quite a lengthy read by the Guardian.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” – Stephen Hawking


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