Thursday Update – Sept. 30th

by alonicahusac on September 30, 2010

It was a short, but  very busy week in 5D. After 2 weeks of planning and organizing ideas for our communications technology inventions of the future, we put all the ideas together on PREZI. I was amazed at how quickly the 5D DJs learned the ins and outs of PREZI. What was even more admirable was how well they worked together to show each other what they were learning. If you’d like to see some of the final products, please click on the 5D Disco DJ Blogs (on the right –>).

We also jumped into MATHLETICS, which was a huge hit in 5D. Be sure to ask your child about their account and what they’ve been doing on this website.

We also checked out a real-time science game on the Discovery Chanel Website, called Shark Runners. The DJs created their own virtual boats, but the sharks are REAL! Ask your child to explain, or better yet show you, the game.

Tomorrow is a holiday and I am going on a trip. Are you? I’ll be sure to bring back stories and photos of my adventures to share with the 5D DJs on Monday. I hope that you have a wonderful National Day holiday, enjoying all the things you love with family and friends.

Reminders + Updates:

1. Grade 5 Immunizations will happen on Wednesday, October 6th.

2. Our 5D class photo and individual student photos will be taken on Wednesday, October 13th.

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