Grade 4 MacBook Update

Apple has announced a new MacBook Pro which is going to affect ordering.  Senco has informed us that the MacBook Pro Bundle order will be automatically upgraded to:
13-inch MacBook Pro (2.3GHz Processor, 256GB Storage, 8GB Memory)
If you have already ordered the Gr.4 MacBook bundle from Senco-Masslink, there will be a refund of HK$85 of cash from Senco for the balance between the old and new MacBook. The difference will be issued to you from Senco on August 11 at the MacBook Pick Up session.  If you have not ordered the MacBook for your child, please visit the Senco website as soon as possible to make an order.
Please contact Senco by email ( if you have any further questions.

Where do our T-Shirts come from?

Today we revisited our unit (after a short hiatus last week) and turned our attention to how the humble t-shirt is made. Firstly, the students created a flowchart with their thoughts. Most students were aware that cotton was a natural fibre, grown from plants – but weren’t sure of how it’s processed.

We viewed NPR’s ‘Planet Money Makes a T-shirt’ to track the process, looking at different aspects of the crop, the machines, the people, the boxes that are instrumental in the process.

The students were quite amazed at how the cotton can travel the whole world to be spun and twisted into fabric and then back to be sold as a t-shirt. We’ll never look at a t-shirt in quite the same way again!

In the afternoon, we followed up with a BTN (Behind the News) story from an Australian public school that has fair trade uniforms.

This got us thinking:

Does CDNIS have fair trade uniforms?

How can we get uniforms that are fair trade? 

How can you recycle a plastic bottle into fabric?


All questions worthy of further investigation. Some we started to investigate. . . .

If you are curious about how plastic bottles can be  recycled into fabric, check out this video courtesy of National Geographic.

The End of the Year is nigh….

3A’s Got Talent Assembly

One of the milestones of any year at CDNIS  is the class-led Assembly. This is an event that may be looked forward to equal parts of anticipation, excitement and trepidation.

Thank you to all the parents who attended our 3A Assembly this afternoon. The students were successful in showcasing their talents and had some fun doing it as well. It was great to see the growth mindset in action when events didn’t go exactly according to the script. . .

What a talented bunch of students we have!!


Important notes for the last week of school 

There are a few things to remember:

  • Thursday is the last day of school. The students will be dismissed at the end of the normal school day at 2:20.
  • Thursday is also a free Dress Down Day.
  • Our class party will take place after snack on Thursday. Parents are invited to this final class event.
  • Swimming lessons are over for the year, however we have booked the swimming pool for Thursday morning (8:00-9:00) for a free swim. Students may bring their swimming things with them.
  • On Wednesday, please send your child to school with a sturdy shopping bag. They will bring home their exercise books etc Wednesday afternoon.
  • Year books will be distributed, signed and sent home on Wednesday.
  • Please check your house for classroom or library books to be returned as soon as possible.
  • On Tuesday, all Grade 3 classes will have a year-level day of activities. One of these is the ‘Lip-Sync Competition’, which may explain why your child may be singing into a hairbrush and getting their dance moves together at home.

3A Allstar Assembly

Preparations have been underway for our Assembly which will take place next Friday at 1:40 in the Alan Dick Forum.

Without giving too much away, the students are very excited to share the awesomeness of 3A.

It has been great to see the students band together and collaborate on this showcase event.  All 3A parents and family members are welcome to attend.

class assembly

Grade 3 End of Year

schools outIt’s hard to believe that the end of the year is just around the corner. It seems like this year has just flown by with all of the exciting experiences we’ve had in Grade 3.

To celebrate a successful year for all of Grade 3, a day full of fun activities has been organised for Tuesday, June 6. All activities will be happening at school. Please note that this is separate from our in 3A Class Celebrations.

The day will start as any usual Tuesday, with all students attending Chinese in the morning.  Then the fun begins with activities and events organised in different places around the school.  All students should wear their PE uniforms as it will be an active day and we want to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

As this day is a special event, each  student is asked to bring in $40 for a pizza lunch and delicious snacks. Could you please help out and send $40 to school with your child by Wednesday, May 31.

Thanks again for all of your support this year!


All the best,

The Grade 3 Team

Organic Farm Field Trip

We had another big day out at the E-Farm, to see how people can farm without chemicals.

Here are a couple of our Highlights

  • “I kept going back to pick and eat wood sorrel, which tastes like sour green apples” Jennifer
  • “I felt like a savage like Bear Grills, because I was picking herbs to eat” Nicole.
  • “I caught a fish, and so did Amelia” Andre
  • “I liked making my own sushi roll” Teddy
  •  ” Finding green and brown leaves to help make compost” Mavis
  • “Getting the seeds from pods (they looked like tiny little ears) and planting the roselles” Lily.

You can check out the photos on our twitter stream!

Arriving for Camp – Logistics

It’s almost G3 Camp!  I’m pretty sure there will be butterflies in excited tummies tonight!

Logistics for arriving at school Wednesday morning

Your child will arrive as normal to school. They need to come to the 9th floor where they can “Check-In”. Ms Mumford (3B), Ms V and Ms Koo (3C) and myself will be there to tell your child which ‘Activity Group’ they will be in

  1. Go to the 9th floor lobby
  2. Check in to find out your ‘Activity Group’
  3. Drop big bag on 9th floor in designated area.
  4. Go to the 11th floor playground with small day-pack.
  5. Parents may drop off medications to teachers in classrooms at 7:50 – 8:10
  6. Dismissal to classrooms at 7:50.
  7. In classroom, attendance will be taken and expectations shared.
  8. At 8:10 Teachers will accompany students to the 9th floor playground to pick up their bags and line up in activity groups.
  9. Load and board the buses on the 7th floor with departure at 8:30.

And the Preparations have continued….

Over the last week, we have been addressing some of the worries associated with being away at camp for the first time. We went for a hike to become more accustomed to the ‘wilderness’ , yesterday we read ‘Snoring Beauty’ as this happens to the best of us, and today we discussed strategies for homesickness.

IMG_2689 IMG_2692 IMG_2704

Here were some of the fantastic suggestions the students of 3A came up with

  • have your parents write a secret note and hide in your backpack. You can find it when unpacking and read it to yourself on camp.
  • record your parents saying “Good night” or “I love you” (you can use the little keychain recorder from Bridget’s birthday)
  • bring a photo of your parents or family on camp with you
  • ask for a hug from a friend or teacher
  • arrange your bed or things like you would at home
  • bring a t-shirt that smells like your mum or dad to snuggle with at night
  • bring a lovey or stuffed toy from home
  • be positive – remember all the great new things we have been doing, and all the exciting things we will be doing
  • self-talk “I am missing my family a little, but . . . . . . “

As we are such a caring class, we also discussed what the students can do if they noticed a friend was feeling a little homesick. We agreed that calling them ‘crybaby’ and dismissing their feelings are inappropriate and would not help the situation, however these tips would help them feel a bit better:

  • acknowledge how they are feeling
  • sit with them for a while
  • tap or rub them on the back
  • give them a hug if they want
  • stay positive and talk about the exciting things we are doing.

Hopefully everything should go smoothly. The students are aware that parents won’t be called in the middle of the night to pick them up.

Contact During Camp

The teachers and students will be busy engaging in a lot of new and exciting experiences on camp. If there is an emergency at home – you may contact the school office and they will pass a message along to us. (I remember finding out about my new baby sister this way on G8 Camp). If there is an emergency where your child needs to be notified outside of school hours, a contact number was shared on the original camp permission form.

Teachers will be tweeting select photos on twitter. You can follow our class twitter account, or follow the #g3camp hashtag to see photos taken by other teachers who are also on camp. The activity groups have a mix of students from all classes, so the #g3camp hashtag will come in handy.

Individual teachers and EA’s won’t be answering their phones or checking messages during camp. If a problem arises, we will call you.

Students aren’t permitted to bring devices on camp. If a child does bring a mobile phone, it will be taken from them and kept safe for the duration of the camp.


Camp Reminders

Some quick reminders for camp on Wednesday:

  1. Label your child’s big backpack with their name and class (use a luggage tag). There will be a lot of bags on Wednesday morning, and having it labeled will be a HUGE help. Labelling ALL their stuff would be appreciated as well. When they arrive on Wednesday morning, please check in with a teacher on the 9th floor lobby, who will identify their group number. Big bags remain on the 9th floor according to group number. Day packs go with the child to the 11th floor as usual after check in.
  2. Check the camp checklist of things to bring. Don’t forget to bring reusable dishes (a tupperware), and a 1-litre water bottle that is full for Wednesday morning.
  3. Students can wear casual camp clothes on Wednesday morning.
  4. Interested in what is going on while at camp? Teachers will be tweeting out a small selection of photos over the course of the day. Follow the hashtag #g3camp

We’re excited to be off at camp soon! Give your child lots of hugs and kisses over the next day as you’ll miss them more than they’ll miss you. 😉