End Of The Week

Hey, readers! This week we did a lot of cool activities. but also did a lot of work. For math, we did mental maths. Today, we did a mental maths test. It was not really hard but not easy at the same time. For Literacy, we got some poems and found some poetic devices such […]

First Week Of Term 2

Hey everybody! It is the first week back to school! I was very excited to see all my friends again. This week we did fewer things than usual because it was the first week of school. We learned times and divide inquiry using Lattice Method, Area Method, Forgiving Method and much more for Math. I […]

End Of Term Blog

Hey Guys, It is the end of the term! We can relax now! I am very excited for the term break, but a little sad to not see my friends for a while. What I most liked during this term was the Two Presents project because we could make fun stuff for kids. I have […]


這次的評估是口語評估。 我準備得好,因為我一天至少準備了四次。 我覺得我做得不錯,因為我用了很好的詞語,也用了關聯詞語,比如說不但……而且。 下次我不要緊張,多複習一點。    

My Art Project Reflection

Hey readers, In Art Class, we made tye- dyes for National Peace Day. As you can see from the photo above these words, it was successful for me. My tye-dye contains: Writing Colours Peace Words Well, It was great fun to make a tye-dye. It was fun learning how to sew too! Anyways, thank you […]

Reflection On David Livingstone

Hey readers, Welcome back to another blog post. Today I’m doing a reflection. I am going to talk about David Livingstone, as you can see from the title. David Livingstone was recruited as a child soldier when he was young. He was 15 years old at that time. 6 months later, he escaped from the […]

End Of Week 12

Hey readers, Welcome to another blog post. This week we had Mr. Thomas because Ms.Laura went to Shanghai. This week we did a lot of things. During maths, we learned about decimals into fractions, and fractions into decimals. During Literacy and UOI, we worked on our child soldiers presentation. As you can see, we did […]

Pok Fu Lam Village Reflection

Hey readers, I went to Pok Fu Lam Village to see how privileged the people were there yesterday. Many of them were living in the mountain. I have to agree that they were very poor. They didn’t have a ceiling in their house so when there is a typhoon what will they do? If you […]

Game of Life Reflection

Hey readers, Recently, we played a game called Game of Life. It was not fun because it was a little unfair.The reason why it was unfair is because the blue team had 7 beanbags and all the other teams had 3. Also, the blue team couldn’t get tagged but the other teams could. I was […]


Hey guys, its Aaren back here for another blog post and today is the END OF WEEK 10!!! I can’t believe that the school year(so far) has passed so quick. So thats all I am going to talk about today. See you later in another blog post.