I time exhibition

I think the biggest challenge i had in I time was managing the people that came to our exhibition because a lot of people came and we had to explain everything to them so I think that was my biggest…

Design Project Reflection

          Design Project Reflection  This week we focused on a design project,  Mrs. Costner told us to fill in a paper. First of all we had to think what kind of building that we wanted to make i chose a school….

Stop Disaster

Today I played a game called stop disasters basically you chose a disaster and you pick either easy, medium or hard  you have a budget of 50,000 you can use the money to create homes and defenses for the people after…

The least and greatest capacity

I know which one is least and the greatest because in class we had to calculate the capacity , which is basically the base times base and times hight .

4 r's

                                                               4 r’s reflections                                                                        the 4 rs mean Remember, revise, review, react. In class our teacher asked to write what we’ve   learned in the old and new units, we revised and showed our learning by drawing and writing things…

這次的評估是看圖說話的口語評估。 我準備得不太好。 我覺得我做得不太好,因為我不停地重複同一個字。 下次我要練習多幾次。


My first goal was “listening and communicating skills, because they are very important at school and other places. For example at school, when the teachers are trying to tell us something very important and I interrupt or don’t listen I…

Chinese Writing

這是寫作評估。 我寫得好,因為我寫了很多和我寫得好。 我下次做我的format好一點。

new math strategies

  This week I got better at using the traditional strategy in class. we are learning new and different strategies, i want to get more fluent in a math strategy called the traditional method.  To do the traditional method you line them up…

Aqueduct Challenge

This week me and my partner built tried to built an aqueduct structure, we were trying to move 200 ml of water across 150 cm. On our first try, the tape connecting the straw had a hole in the bottom…

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