Summer School 2017

Summer School 2017 Registration 

The Canadian International School Hong Kong (CDNIS) is delighted to once again welcome academics from the University of Cambridge to teach at our ever-popular Summer School on the school campus in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. The Summer School, open to the public, will operate for one week during the summer break and will bring several current University of Cambridge academic staff to Hong Kong to teach a wide range of courses at a near 1st Year University of Cambridge level. Access to the CDNIS Campus, where all courses will run, is now accessible via the new MTR South Line – using Wong Chuk Hang MTR station – we are a 10-minute walk. Please note there is no parking available at the campus.

Will this course prepare me for Cambridge?

Though it is not an aim of this programme to “prepare students for Cambridge”, we are pleased to advise that a number of former students have been successful in subsequent applications to the University of Cambridge and other highly selective, research-intensive universities. Exposure to the discourse and ideas of high-level academics can have a profound impact on the development of students. Students and parents will be invited to a subsequent University of Cambridge admissions talk held at Canadian International School in the autumn.

UoC Summer Course 2015

What is the cost per course?

The courses are HK$7,000 per course and each will have 15 hours of contact time and are capped at 20 students (HK$467 per hour with a real Cambridge Academic!).

When do the courses run?

Courses will run during the period Saturday 22nd July 2017 – Friday 28th July 2017 in three sessions. Please note that due to previous popular demand a few courses may repeat over the 3 sessions. Please do not register for the same course twice as this would be a repeat of the material and will also prevent another student from accessing these very popular courses.

Are there any entry requirements?

Students enrolling on courses will need to be at least 15 years of age at the start of the Summer School (date of birth before or on 22nd July 2002 – please note this is a strict requirement and is not flexible in any situation). These courses are designed to be highly challenging and stretching for all students and thus this age restriction imposed by Cambridge. Opportunities for students of a younger age will be available here. Please note that all instruction is in English (unless otherwise stated) and so a strong ability in academic English is required.

Who are the Professors?

All of the teaching staff for the Cambridge Summer School are current and active academic staff employed by the University of Cambridge. They have a huge range of experience, have published many academic papers and have keen academic interests. You can see the biographies of each of the professors by clicking on the individual course links and seeing their Bios at the very top of the page. We are pleased that we have professors from the following University of Cambridge Colleges: Trinity Hall, King’s College, Clare College, Homerton College and Downing College

What are the main Academic Areas?

The courses on offer cover a wide range of subject areas and several cross academic boundaries and would have appeal to students from a broad range of interests. The main academic areas covered this year include; Chemistry, Medicine, Law, Economics, Mathematics, English Literature, French, Philosophy, Italian, Physics, and Art History.

Meet Students from other Schools

We are delighted to advise that, thus far, we have confirmed enrolments from a wide range of schools from across Hong Kong and the world. Here is a list of schools that have students participating so far:

American International School of Guangzhou, PRC
British School of Beijing, PRC

Canadian International School of Hong Kong, HK
Charterhouse School, UK
Cheltenham Ladies College, UK

Chinese International School, HK
Creative Secondary School, HK
Deerfield Academy, USA
Delia School of Canada, HK

Diocesan Boys’ School, HK
Diocesan Girls’ School, HK
Discovery College, HK
Dulwich International School Shanghai, PRC
Dulwich College, UK

Epsom College, UK
Eton College, UK
French International School, HK

German Swiss International School Hong Kong, HK
Harrow School, HK

Harrow School, UK
Heep Yunn School, HK
Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No.2 Secondary School, HK
Island School, HK
Kellett School, HK
La Salle College, HK
Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, HK
Oundle School, UK
Peddie School, USA
Radley College, UK
Renaissance College, HK

Sha Tin College, HK
Singapore International School of Hong Kong, HK

South Island School, HK
St Edwards School, Oxford, UK
St Paul’s Co-educational College, HK

St Paul’s Convent School, HK
St Stephen’s College, HK
Taiwan Adventist International School, TW

The ISF Academy, HK
True Light Girls’ College, HK
United World College Changshu, PRC
University College London, UK
Victoria Shanghai Academy, HK
Wells Cathedral School, UK
Wycombe Abbey School, UK

Exciting News:

In addition to a wide range of subject-specific courses, our lecturers from the University of Cambridge are also offering a number of cross-discipline courses suitable for students to improve their wider academic skills sets. These courses are:

How to Write your Best Essay (Session 2 & 3)
How to Speak Well in Public (Session 3)
How to Critically Read & Analyse Texts and Images (Session 2 & 3)
Theory of Knowledge (Session 2)

When a course fills up:

Inevitably some of the courses will be quite popular and may fill up. To avoid confusion we will close a course to enrolments once they reach 20 registrations. In some cases, students do not complete the registration process and in those cases, we will re-open a course to registrations. If you wish to register for a course that is full please email the Summer School Principal and he will be able to add your name to a notification list and you will then get an email if a full course re-opens for registrations.

Course Offerings for 2017

Session 1 – Now closed for registration

Saturday 22nd July – Sunday 23rd July 2017
(9am – 4.30pm)

Energy and Momentum (97901) – Dr John Biggins – Physical Natural Sciences, Physics, Mathematics or Engineering.

Course Full. The Common Law of Contract (97906) – Colm McGrath – Law 

Thinking in Style: French Literature and Philosophy (1580-1965)  (97908) – Dr Timothy Chesters – Language, French, Literature, Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge   

Course Full. Introduction to Public International Law (97930) – Dr Stuart Wallace – Law, Ethics, Politics, Regulation 

An Introduction to English Literature: From Shakespeare to Modernism (97931) – Dr Ewan Jones – English Literature

An Introduction to Italian Culture (97905) – Dr Rodrigo Cacho – Modern Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Classics, History, History of Art, Film Studies

Lunch Arrangements

A hot buffet lunch will be provided by the school for all students and staff enrolled in Session 1. There is no additional cost for this meal.

Session 2

Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July 2017
(9.00am – 12 Noon)

New course! Theory of Knowledge(97947)- Ali Boyle – IB Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy, PPE or History & Philosophy of Science

The Energy of Life (97912) – Dr Andrew Murray – Medicine, Medical Microbiology, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences

The Common Law of Torts (97916) – Colm McGrath – Law, Ethics, History, Regulation –  This course is almost 100% full

How to Speak Well in Public (97949)Dr Timothy Chesters – All disciplines

UK Constitutional Law (97922) – Dr Stuart Wallace – Law, Ethics, History, Regulation, UK Law

How to Write Your Best Essay (97923) – Dr Ewan Jones – All disciplines – This course is now over 50% full

Synthesis of Asprin (97932)Dr Tom Bennett – Medical Science, Natural Sciences, Chemistry and Pharmacology – This course is now over 50% full

An Introduction to Algorithms (97933) – Prof Tom Korner – Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, Economics, Banking, Finance, Engineering – This course is now over 50% full

Sustainable Energy (97934) – Dr John Biggins – Physical Natural Sciences, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics

How to Critically Read and Analyse Texts and Images (97946) – Dr Rodrigo Cacho – All disciplines

Introduction to Western Philosophy (97943) – Dr Aline Guillermet –  PPE, HSPS, Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge

The Great East/West Economic Divergence (97944) – Dr Cristiano Ristuccia – Economics, Business, Liberal Arts

The Discovery of the New World *  Dr Rodrigo Cacho – Modern and Medieval Languages, Literature, Classics, History, History of Art(*please note that this course is currently under consideration for this session. If you would be keen to enrol please register your interest on the registration form but do not send any payment until the course is confirmed. We will contact all those who register when a final decision is taken on whether to run this iteration of the course. Should another course in this session have already been registered for then we will offer to transfer that payment – there will be no requirement should you wish to remain registered with your original choice)

Lunch Arrangements

A hot buffet lunch will be provided by the school for all students and staff enrolled in both Session 2 and 3. There is no additional cost for this meal. Students only enrolled in a single session will not have lunch provided.

Session 3

Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July 2017
(1.00pm – 4.00pm)

New Course! Mind, Brain & Behaviour (97948) – Ali Boyle – Philosophy, Psychology, PPE, History & Philosophy of Science or PBS

Synthesis of Asprin (97936) – Dr Tom Bennett – Medical Science, Natural Sciences, Chemistry and Pharmacology

Introduction to Medical Law (97937)  – Colm McGrath – Law, Ethics, History, Regulation, Healthcare

The Great Depression in the US (97945) – Dr Cristiano Ristuccia – Economics, Business, Politics, Finance

Course Full. A Taste of Medicine (97938) – Dr Andrew Murray – Medicine, Medical Science, Heath Care, Bio-Chemistry, Natural Sciences

International Human Rights Law (97939) – Dr Stuart Wallace – Law, Ethics, Philosophy, Politics – This course is now over 50% full

How to Speak Well in Public (97940) – Dr Timothy Chesters – All disciplines – This course is now over 50% full

How to Write Your Best Essay (97941) – Dr Ewan Jones – All disciplines

Special Relativity (97909) – Dr John Biggins – Physical Natural Sciences, Physics, Engineering

A First Look at Calculus (97910) – Prof Tom Korner – Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, Engineering

How to Critically Read and Analyse Texts and Images (97929) – Dr Rodrigo Cacho – All disciplines

The Story of Modern Art (97942) – Dr Aline Guillermet – History of Art, Art Theory, and Visual Culture

Lunch Arrangements

A hot buffet lunch will be provided by the school for all students and staff enrolled in both Session 2 and 3. There is no additional cost for this meal. Students only enrolled in a single session will not have lunch provided.

Registering for Courses.

Please note that it is only possible to register for one course in each session above. Registering for courses means you agree with the processes, terms and conditions below.


1. Register for courses using a Google Form (form below) and providing requested information
2. Hit submit on registration form (you will receive a pop-up confirmation)
3. Submit a cheque, as detailed below, for the full amount to reach CDNIS within 7 days of registration.

Allocation of Places.

These courses are highly sought after and we seek to allocate spaces as fairly as is possible – inevitably there will be some disappointed applicants. All registrations are time stamped upon submission and places on courses will be allocated strictly on a “first come first served” policy. Each course has a maximum limit of 20 students and this can only be exceeded at the request of the academic staff member teaching the course and will only be permitted to a limit of 2 extra students per course (please do not contact us requesting we exceed the limit of 20, the extra spaces that may be allocated will be strictly for the use of the University of Cambridge for scholarship/competition winners) .

Students are not able to sign up for repeating courses (example How to write your best essay in Session 2 AND How to write your best essay in Session 3 – these courses are identical) as this will prevent other students from accessing these popular courses.

The wait-list is enabled when a course reaches the maximum number of registrations. There may be a delay in the activation and so a small number of applicants may not initially be registered on the course they chose and will be advised, by email, that they are on the wait-list for a course. Students who are placed on a wait-list will be informed by email and can either opt for another course, stay on the waitlist or have a refund of that course payment.


Registration must be completed within 7 working days by submitting a cheque, made payable to Canadian International School Hong Kong, for the full sum of all the courses registered for (1 course =  HK$7,000, 2 courses = HK$14,000, 3 courses = HK$21,000). If full payment is not made within 7 days then the place(s) registered will be offered to the next in line.

Please submit cheques, with the full name and HK/Passport ID number of the enrolling student, the course number(s) (979xx) and a contact number written on the reverse to the following address:

The Activities Office,
Canadian International School of Hong Kong,
36 Nam Long Shan Road,
Hong Kong

If you have any queries regarding payments please contact with the details of the courses applied for and the name of the applicant.

Once full payment has been received then an email confirmation will be sent to the registered email addresses provided confirming the place(s). Should any course be full then a place may be offered on a wait-list or an alternative course can be selected. Should there not be a suitable alternative course available then a refund will be offered or the cheque destroyed upon agreement.


Please note that refunds can only be offered in the case that the course is cancelled, or that a place is not available at enrolment. In the case of inclement weather or academic staff illness efforts will be made to reschedule the course on the 29th or 30th of July. In all other situations, a refund can only be given at the discretion of the Head of School of Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

If you are unable to use the google form above – please contact the Summer School Principal (email below).


For enquiries regarding the courses please send emails to the Summer School Principal – Rob Aldridge.