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    Passion Project: Last week we did our passion project exhibitions. We showed our passion projects to 5B and 2 grade 4 classes. My passion project is with Declan and Josh and it is about basketball shooting form. A […]

  • Today 5C came into our class to see our inquiries about scientific discoveries during significant times. I was partners with Josh and we did the Luger pistol which was very significant during WW2. Although it […]

  • Yesterday we did google expeditions for the second time. In google expeditions you get to look at pictures of iconic places, you’re probably thinking that it’s just google but in google expeditions you get to […]

  • I like how you talked a lot about your time whistler but you could talk about your time in Hong Kong more.

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    Today we had our yestalent fashion show and I was the model for my group. Our theme was a traffic cone so I wore a jacket that was orange and white that we made. When I was on the carpet the lights were so b […]

  • During CNY break I went skiing in Hakuba and went down my first black double diamond and every second I was going down I was thinking oh my god… I could die right now. I tried to snowboard for one day for the f […]

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    A proportion is two equal ratios, this is my proportion example.

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    On Tuesday we had sports day! The two individual races I did were the 400 m and the 20o m. I won the qualifying for the orca house relay race team, in the relay we came third and Ravens won. Orcas won the tug of […]

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    Today we had a group of performers come to our school, they performed about 20-30 poems and the performance was called SPLAT. They turned popular poems into a drama performance and incorporated us into the […]

  • Today we had a field trip to Asbury community and a partitioned home. Everyone had to bring in 20 dollars to have 100 dollars a group because there were 5 people in a group, the 20 dollars was to buy the […]

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    Today a guest speaker form the human rights support organization Amnesty came to CDNIS to talk to G5 about what they do, how we can help other stuff like that. Amnesty have 7 million people supporting them all o […]

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  • On November 1st we had a math test about decimals, mixed numbers and fractions.  I think I did well but I made a few careless mistakes.  

  • On the 22nd of October, we went on a field trip to pok fu lam village. Before we went I thought it would be really shaggy but actually, it isn’t, a lot of the houses are pretty big and nice inside. The bad things […]

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    On October 11-13 we had grade 5 camp, it was my second time going on a camp with my grade but G4 camp was definitely better by a lot. I still liked it because I got to get away from the city and do things in the […]

  • In the first week of grade 5, we mainly focused on setting up the class and building our class community because our first UOI is about communities. We are still setting up the class but the first week was mainly […]

  • This is a grade 4 end of year blog post. I will be talking about some of the good things in G4. My highlights were playing “superkeeper” and camp, I liked camp because of the food and the activities. My proudest […]

  • For our 3rd scratch project, we did animations. You basically make your character move to do something and it actually looks like it’s really happening. I did a fantasy creature taking a free kick in football.

    The link

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    In PA we have been focusing on dancing to create patterns. Our central  idea is patterns can be represented through a combination of art forms. Ms Butler put us in to groups and told us that our task is to create […]

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    In May we are doing coding on scratch. Our task was to make a tessellation but I couldn’t. When I tried to make one I ended up making something really cool but it wasn’t a tessellation.(The link to it is at the […]

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