• Creativity:
    -> Grade 5
    Music Theory-
    -> Grade 5
    Caring Award-
    -> Applied first aid skills multiple times during a school trip (Fiji)
    -> Level 3 with over 120 hours of experience […]

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    Go to the following website and watch one or two videos of teachers explaining his/her challenge for 2017.
    Think about a non-academic/non-school related challenge for the new year.

    The goal can be […]

  • Question:

    Name two AOKS and how they are different


    Natural Sciences

    The two areas of knowledge I will be talking about are Religion and Natural Sciences. I believe that these […]

  • Part 1:

    How have you shown initiative while on this programme?

    Have you learned any new skills while on this programme?

    Are you undertaking any new challenges through this programme?

    Are you enjoying […]

  • Task/Question:

    1.) What I learned about how memory is unreliable

    2) Imagination is a double edge sword in acquiring knowledge.



    -Your brain tends to fill in gaps when you don’t […]

  • Question:

    What are the limitations of reason or logic as a way of knowing and how do we overcome these?


    Reasoning and logic are both very helpful things in our daily lives, however there are […]

  • Questions:

    Can you think of any situation here your past experience, culture or expectation have affected the way you have perceived the world?

    I have been in multiple situations where experience, […]

  • Question:
    Suggest Which WOKs are relied on in the construction of knowledge in 3 AOKs of your choice. Be prepared to justify your ideas with real life examples.
    I believe that all WOKs could be used […]

  • Assignment:
    With the reference to the class activity and two AOK’s in what ways might it be reasonable to suggest that people who disagree an both be right? Is this true in all cases?
    I personal […]

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    A few things that I discovered is my leadership skills are descent, I was able to apply it during a few activities. I learnt these helpful skills through the many years of scouting activity. First, I was the […]

  • After completing the criterion C for design, I believe that I have learned a lot in terms of editing and even video producing techniques. First, I learnt a lot about editing the video to make it look professional. […]

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    上中文課時,我們首先理解什麼叫劇本,然後根據所學到的概念運用基本知識,計劃該怎麼寫劇本。說實話,一開始我毫無頭緒,不知道該如何寫: 我本來以為中文的劇本好像英文的一樣,可是實踐起來的時候,發現中文劇本的寫法比英文難很多。因為除了要把時間,人物和地點交代清楚,還要說明演員要怎麼演繹才能生動地把故事情節和人物性格表現出來,達到栩栩如生,性格鮮明的效果。

    同時從理論方面來說, […]

  • During the C.A.S week sections,  I learnt a few different things about their culture and some fun facts. Important culture includes their language and some important gestures. Important gestures that must not be […]

  • This is my artificial heart, and its stand to help demonstrate how the valve works. This prototype is based off the marble design and it is very simple and easy to make. All that is require is a few rubber […]

  • 1.Did you not learn anything new from the videos at the beginning of the section?
    2.Was there any successful part in your first prototype?
    3.Did you enjoy learning about the valve?

  • What are my take aways from today…..

    Today I did not really get anything from this design day, this is because not much information was taught. The only things that I took away, was how technology has […]

  • I think that the second war world is one of the most important events in the 20th century, because it has effected many people all around the world including myself. I would say that the second world war is […]

  • Factual:
    1) Why do businesses expand globally?
    Business expand globally, because it tries to increase its market size to earn money. This is because there is a chance of grabbing that countries demand for products. As you expand into other countries profit can double or triple if you are doing well. However if it fails, it will have a huge set back in your company. Therefore people have to use the PEST analysis to decide if the company should move into a new country.

    2) How can we analyse a market’s suitability for expansion?
    We can analyse the markets’s suitability by using the PEST analyse. PEST analyse is an good way to decide if the company should move into the new country, because it evaluates all factors that can potentially affect the company. These factors include political, economic, social and technologic.  Examples of political can be the minimum wages, quality standards and etc, economic examples are taxes, future increase of GDP, social examples are population increase or decrease, religion and technologic  examples are power supply, machinery need and etc.

    3) How does one determine if an action is ethical?
    One can determine if an action is ethical, by looking at how they try to improve community, following laws and regulation. This means they are ethical, because the business does the least damage to the environment around them. Also thinking about the impact they will make is important, because they are not ignoring anything but the profit they earn. Example of ethical actions could be Adidas improving factories, so that it can follow fire safety requirements. This is an ethical act, because they are thinking about the workers safety and not just about the money and profit they earn.

    4) To what extent do businesses behave ethically?
    Business behave ethically to the point where there bad points over take the  good points they have. An example would be paying workers less and not giving workers a voice, however the company is donating to a charity. In this example, the company would be unethically, because they are ignore government rules and workers voice while they help random charities. I think that following government rules and giving workers a voice is more important than donating to charity, so to this extent the business’s behaviour is unethically.

    5) To what extent does globalisation create opportunities for business?
    I think that opportunities for business, are when the market of an certain place is rising. And globalisation can create business opportunities, because these store can boost the economy by paying taxes. This is because when the population starts to earn more money, there can start spending on wants. Wants could be enjoy a better meal, buying a T.V or even some services. Also when a country starts to globalise, this will increase the opportunity for a business, because people are starting to experience new stuff. If the people like it, then you basically captured the market of that place. This can help a company earn lots of money, because everyone from that place eats at that restaurant. And they would not need to advertise for their company, because it is so famous. This can save lots of money, because some companies spend a lot of money on ads. For example, Honda spend 6.3 million dollars on adverting for their new car. 6.3 million dollars is a lot and if it is not spent on ads, it could be used to develop the company more.


  • 1) What did your GROUP do well?
     I think that our group worked well, because we got together and work on the project outside of class. 
    2) How could your GROUP improve?
    I think there are many different possibilities for our group to improve, this is because our presentation seem like it lacks in energy. One really good way is to have different tones when speaking, this is because mono tone sounds really boring as a result of people drifting off. Second, I think that we should move around and have a more interactive ending, since it would be unique and people would remember it. And if people remember it, it must be successful unless the presentation was really bad.
    3) What did YOU do well?
    I tried to keep eye contact with the audiences and the teacher, however some times I forget my lines and look at my bullet points. I am not sure, but I think I had a loud voice. This is important, because the presentation would get really boring and irritating. Also, I think that I spoke at a steady pace, so everyone can listen without miss out on stuff. 
    4) What could YOU do to improve?
    I think that practicing my script would really help, because sounding more confidence will make a big differences on the audiences impression.
    5) What did you like about the assignment?
    I like how you get to collaborate with other classmates, however some people don’t always do their work. This assignment was interesting, because it require critical think and there was no right and wrong answer.

    6) What would you change about the assignment?
    I would change the fact how the time limit was only 15 mins long, because many groups went overtime.
    7) What was the BEST presentation? Why?
    I thought that best presentation would be the Best buy presentation or the Galaxy presentation, because the two presentation made audience move around. This kind of stuck out, because the presentation was more interactive instead of regular presentation.

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