• 1. How do you think you did with your performance assessment? Did you perform as well as you thought you would, or not?

    I think that I did fairly well during the assessment, but I believe I played worse than I […]

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    November 25, 2015
    Mr. Smeed
    Smeehu High School
    32 Old Avenue, New Territories, Tower 3 Flat 7/F

    Dear Mr. Smeed,
    After looking at countless different schools in Hong Kong, one that […]

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    Before going to Fiji for this year’s CAS week, I am excited for what is to come this week. I chose this trip because I wanted to experience Fiji for what it is, eg. it’s strong history / culture, sights, […]

  • Line 60:
    This was the piece we had to play. Prior to the recording, I had practiced for 20 minutes straight, and before today I believe I have played this song around 1-2 hours alone at home, not including class […]

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    This is my video about my final model. This model is an elaboration of my prototype B. Some significant changes I made was that I ensured that masking tape would not be in a place where it could get wet. I used […]

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    Today was known as a Design Day. We had to complete tasks, individually, and in groups to prepare for the real design cycle that takes place later on in the year. What we did today was look at the anatomy of the […]

  • This year in history class, we had the task of coming up with the 10 most important events in the 20th century. Once we came up with them, we as a group created some sort of presentable timeline that we would […]


    Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.16.09 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.16.15 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.16.21 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.16.35 pm

    Today, we finished all the summative assignments related to music. For my theory test, I received a 5/8. I am not satisfied with this score as I did review quite a bit prior to the test. I think I am most weak on transposing and creating 7th chords, and that is what I will focus on for next time we have a test. I do not often study for transposing at home, so that I believe would be my main priority. I will use the notes I got from grade 5 theory tests (ABRSM) to revise for the next test in grade 10. An area I did improve on was writing triads and intervals. Last test, I remembered that I did quite poorly in that section, so I throughly went through my notes to fully understand how they work. Although I got one or two wrong, it was an improvement from the last theory test. I believe I also improved on drawing key signatures. I used to be quite confused with all of them, but now I memorised them all and know what major / minor has what key signature. However, another point I could focus on is alto / tenor clef. I didn’t remember what they were coming into the test, so I did not do a question about constructing a scale in alto clef well. I got them confused, and that cost me two marks. I need to learn what they are for next time.


    For my performance, I can say that I have improved quite a bit from the beginning of the year. I think that I did the performance piece Etude quite well. I had tried my best to follow all marks of dynamics, articulation, tone quality, but most of all breathing. Mr. O’Toole had told us in class to breathe every 2 bars so that we can link our notes better, so I aimed to do just that during the test. However, up to about 3/4 of the way, I started to run out of breath. The last few notes in my opinion were quite unclear and was not played well because I completely ran out of breath and could not play anymore. This made it very hard for me to connect the notes and make a proper slur. I tried to speed up the tempo during the middle – end section, but I started speeding up rapidly and it became very noticeable, so I decided to play back in the original tempo. For my articulation, I had a hard time tonguing throughout the piece. It was very long, so I ended up being quite inconsistent at the end as I couldn’t keep my composure. That is an area of improvement for me. Rhythm wise, I think I did pretty well. I followed the right tempo  But for the rest of the piece, I believe I practiced enough to make sure I hit the right notes, but I still had a bit of errors at some places. Overall, my grade was a 7 and I am quite content with that score. I need to mainly work on my technical skill such as playing properly after a period of time. What tends to happen is that my cheeks can not squeeze in the air, so it starts leaking and gets very hard for me to play. I need to train this up by practicing more out of class time, but that has been difficult as I could not make much time to play the clarinet due to my leg injury.

    I think the IB learner profile that reflects my learning in music this year would be open minded. This is because throughout music, I have learned much more about the music world. I know more about jazz, I know more about new theories in music, different styles, etc. It has really opened my eyes to the world of music more, and I am now a lot more accepting of different types and styles of music. A learner profile I need to work on is being a risk taker. I need to learn to try new things, probably a new instrument if possible so I can broaden my variety of instruments played.


  • After finishing my composition, it has been played to the class and my peers have given some valuable feedback. For my composition itself, I have met all the criteria that is needed by the composition rubric. That […]

  • I like the melody because it is quite contrasting with the piano part. Also, your dynamics give your piece shape, but I do not really understand your title. Overall, good job.

  • I liked your use of dynamics and the chords. It was a very nice melody, especially the transition back into the A part in the end. Good job.

  • I like the occasional minor shift in your melody, and the slurs really bring it together as a whole. Your use of the glissando is interesting and unique, but it worked. The dynamics are also quite contrasting at […]

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    I like how the piano part’s left hand and right hand alternate in beats, so it gives it a “joyful and peaceful” mood. Interesting use of chords though, and good job overall.

  • I like the use of chords as there are a lot of notes in them. You had good dynamics through out but when you changed from mp to mf, you could’ve put a crescendo or decrescendo instead of it abruptly turning louder […]

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    A lot of the chords are repeating itself. Also, it drowns out the main melody of the clarinet. I think you could’ve changed the chords up more as it sounds quite plain. More dynamics in the piano part could’ve been useful.

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    Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.41.07 pmScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.41.13 pm

    This is the final composition. From the draft, I had to transpose my last 8 bars down a fifth to match my A section in the beginning. I also completed the piano parts, added dynamics and labeled the chords.

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    Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.50.33 pm

    Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.50.39 pm


    This is my ternary composition draft. I had previously finished the first 16 bars, but since this was still a work in progress I was still figuring out what to do for the remaining 8 bars to make the 24 needed. After posting this, I realize that my last 8 bars are in the wrong key, as the flow of this composition should be A B A. In my case, the A does not really relate with each other, and that has to do with the key that my last part is in. I am trying to work on it and fix it currently. The piano part also needs a bit of development, and I will add dynamics and name the chords before my final post.

  • Factual:
    1) Why do businesses expand globally?
    Businesses expand globally because the company’s aim in the end is to do one thing: to make money. They can do this by reaching out to other unexplored regions in which their company is currently not operating in and draw customers in that way, expanding to a larger global audience. The more franchises of a company there are around the world, the more money they can make as a whole. Also, there might be a big demand for a certain company in a certain place. Let’s just use Taco Bell in Hong Kong as an example of this. Socially and culturally, 8/10 people said that they wanted a Taco Bell in Hong Kong, meaning that it is desired even outside of the U.S.

    2) How can we analyse a market’s suitability for expansion?
     There are many ways to analyse a markets suitability, but the main and most efficient way of doing so is with the P.E.S.T. analysis method. It stands for political, economic, social / cultural, and technological factors. If all factors are taken into consideration and there are benefits that outweigh disadvantages (if any) for that specific factor, than it is safe to say that a company will have a fair chance in the market it is looking to expand into. The main 2 points are the political factors and economic factors. These do impact the business’s chances of survival the most, because they may have restrictions (depending on the location) on the expanding business, thus they may make less money. An example of this would be the rental prices of a place. The business has to consider the advantages and disadvantages mainly, and only then should they decide to expand or not.

    3) How does one determine if an action is ethical?
    We determine this by seeing if they are doing actions that are responsible for the citizens, for the company itself, and to the community they are wanting to serve. A company may be deemed unethical when they do something very controversial, such as Nike using unpaid workers and putting them in conditions that are not suited for the average person. Many believe this is breaching a moral aspect of the company, and that is why they are known for being “unethical”. Society have generally been influenced by companies that they are flawless and make the best products, but behind the scenes is where it happens the most. An ethical action would be something that is the opposite of unethical. The company could have been doing something that benefits the society, such as using environmentally friendly materials to prevent harming the environment.

    4) To what extent do businesses behave ethically?
    Many businesses try to act ethically, to earn reputation, to earn more trust from a local and global community to earn more money that way. Despite this, some companies believe that being unethical will benefit their company, such as not paying workers, or using unsafe materials / machines to get the job done quicker. They are often to benefit themselves, and do not really take into consideration society’s views on their company. To an extent, many companies do behave ethically in certain aspects, whether that would be making sure their products do not harm the environment, even little things such as Goldman Sachs voicing their opinions on gay marriage and supporting it, all deem a company “ethical”.

    5) To what extent does globalization create opportunities for business?
    Globalization is something that can not be stopped or will be stopped in the near future, so as new cultures expand into new countries or continents, many people see that as an opportunity to start their business in that country. It creates opportunities as maybe there are branches of that company already in that area, and may want to display their company to a much wider audience as mentioned previously. More customers may result in globalization, and that comes naturally along with globalization itself. Globalization has also brought many new people into an area. These people may have great ideas on creating a business that suits the local area. This happened in Vancouver, and the place is currently known as Chinatown. Although China did not “invade” or “colonise” Canada, their impacts have been viewed worldwide, and Chinatown is a replica of China’s culture and experience. Chinatown also provided a lot of business opportunities to smaller entrepreneurs, with many small street vendors selling miscellaneous items such as food and jewellery. Without globalization, Chinatown could not have been possible, let alone allow America to see China’s lifestyle and culture.

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    Concert C Melodic Minor Scale:

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