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    During the winter break of 2016, I have been participating in a charity organisation which provides free lessons in english for new immigrants and refugees in Hong Kong. I chose this project as I believed it w […]

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    Is it possible for historical writing to be free from perspective?
    It is impossible for writings of the past to be free from perspective. There will always be bias depending on the writer. For example, if […]

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    I believe over the course of different CAS activities and experiences, I hope to gain a greater understanding and respect for the world around us, not only locally in Hong Kong, but globally as well. I want to […]

  • During the summer of 2016, I volunteered as a teacher in a teaching facility for new immigrants. I was in charge of teaching english, and as they were new to Hong Kong (some from mainland China), I found myself […]

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    One global issue that I want to focus on is regarding poverty and disparity. To do this, I want to firstly do some tutoring 1 to 1, helping kids or even less educated teens with their studies. As well, if possible […]

  • A branch of studies relating to political, social, economic and/or environmental areas in a society.

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    An expression of creativity and skill in an observable form.

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    My strengths would be in the action side of CAS. The activities that I do allow me to not only collaborate with others to develop my skills, but I also get a lot out of just being around others that are passionate […]

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    What is intuition?
    Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. It can be described as a “gut feeling” as well.
    What is system 1 and system 2 […]

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    What are the characteristics that you feel best describe language? Why?
    I believe that all language is perceived very differently and varies from person to person. However, language can only be language if there […]

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    After this class, I believe that I am more of a perceptual realist rather than a perceptual relativist. Mainly, I believe that for the most part, what we see in our everyday lives is what is really out there, and […]

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    After attending the IB retreat from September 1st to 2nd, I believe that I learned a lot and developed myself and adapted it better. I believe the small seminars in the house groups were particularly effective […]

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    I helped the community by doing charity work for the elderly by giving them gifts, teaching underprivileged kids english, as well as partaking in the Fiji CAS week trip by building a usable road for an […]

  • Hi Ryan.
    This composition was made very well, and I enjoyed listening to it. I liked the contrasting parts especially because each part was something new and unheard, yet could all be related together. The use of […]

  • In music class, our most recent task was to compose a minimum of 24 bars of our own melody. We achieved this by using an app called Finale 2014, and everything was made from scratch. As I had nothing to begin […]

  • Our documentary:

    Overall, I believe our final documentary was a successful one, because it met our design specifications we came up as a group. I believe that most of the points in our “essential” column were […]

  • 1. How do you think you did with your performance assessment? Did you perform as well as you thought you would, or not?

    I think that I did fairly well during the assessment, but I believe I played worse than I […]

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    November 25, 2015
    Mr. Smeed
    Smeehu High School
    32 Old Avenue, New Territories, Tower 3 Flat 7/F

    Dear Mr. Smeed,
    After looking at countless different schools in Hong Kong, one that […]

  • Before going to Fiji for this year’s CAS week, I am excited for what is to come this week. I chose this trip because I wanted to experience Fiji for what it is, eg. it’s strong history / culture, sights, […]

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