• ThumbnailRecently, 112 students from Grade 7 took a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand from the 6th of May, to the 11th of May. I was one of them, staying in the Maekok River Village Resort. Through the week that I was there, I […]

  • You used a lot of photos to express your point, and you got to your point very quickly. I find those helped to push your reflection along. However, I think that you could be more specific on different things, as […]

  • Your attitude while writing is great, you seem very enthusiastic about this. You used a lot of detail to express how you felt and what you experienced. However, you were kind of jumping here and there all over […]

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    I liked the way that you described everything in detail, and how you really were completely honest about your experiences. You took a normal activity and transformed it so I could look through your view. However, […]

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    Coming Attractions:

    A documentary which explains the Wong Tai Sin Temple

    A website detailing exactly what is happening


  • On the stress and learning graph (on a scale of 1-5, 1 being too easy, 5 being brain explosion), I would be a 2.7. I had learned about this topic before. The challenging part of this unit was the number crunching. […]

  • ThumbnailI have successfully discovered a new type of Bird! Its name is Minutulus exercitus. It lives anywhere where there are termites and grass plains. I have made a model of it, and it has its strengths and weaknesses. […]

  • ThumbnailThis is my Ifolio for the Patterns unit this semester. I liked that there were many ne

    w ideas that I could explore, and that there were many mind numbing challenges. What I didn’t like was that we didn’t have […]

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    Before the Christmas holiday, our class (7F) worked on a unit that involved the study of Shi Huang Di, the first emperor. There are many skills that I learnt from this, one of them is team-work, I sometimes had to […]

  • For all of you who have watched the Lorax, NOT the new movie, the cartoon. You know what happened to the world and that the Once-ler greatly regrets it. Hong Kong is washing away the same as in the movie. On […]

  • In math study of algebra and patterns, I am looking at Human Ingenuity as my Area of interaction because there are time when that people need to change things for example patterns.

  • Approches to learning are very important because these include life skills that help you survive. Such as communication, integrity, and thinking. These skills help you change and adapt to the world that is […]

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    This AOI comes is linked to Health and Social Education. With proper education, we can do marvels. And we have the right tool to do it. Our Brain. Without Human Ingenuity, we wouldn’t have the things we have […]

  • Health is very important in our lives. If we don’t have our health, we can’t really do very much in our daily lives. Our Social Education is important as well. We need to be educated in order to make the world go […]

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    Yesterday, we learned about the AOI’s. This is one of the AOI’s. Community and service looks at how you can help other people, and have other people help you. It also looks at how the community can work together […]

  • We all live in different environments, some live in deserts, some live in forests, and a lot of us live in the urban jungle. We are in another kind of environment, other than the physical world (man-made and […]

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    This week we had our exhibition. In case you didn’t know, the Exhibition is a summing up of our entire PYP (Primary Years Program) and is assessing what we have learned in the past few years. The Exhibition has happened every year for the past 2 years. A lot of us have seen the previous […]

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    It is week 2 on this project, and the tension in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife. We are starting our Finding out stage, where we research, and research, and research. We literally spend every day working on our Exhibition. My thoughts are this project is going well, but […]

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    This is the week that we started the exhibition. A 6 week long project which sums up our entire PYP program. Also the entire lower school. This is going to be interesting. I am excited though, even if the task is daunting. We work in a group comprising of 4 members, but they do net […]

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