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  • Memory:

    One should not rely solely on memory because it can be unreliable at times.Human’s have the tendency to fill in gaps of missing information with what they believe is the truth, in an effort […]

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    What are the limitations of reason or logic as a way of knowing and how do we overcome these?

    I believe that a limitation to reason and logic would be they both do not take in to account emotion. Emotion is es […]

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    The two day excursion to the Gold Coast was highly anticipated amongst everyone in Grade 11.  Personally, I was extremely excited for days leading up to the trip. I believe that the IB retreat lived up to its e […]

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    Can you think of any situations where your past experiences, culture or expectations have affected the way you have perceived the world?

    Growing up, my family and I have always been the type to travel. I […]

  • Suggest which WOK’s are relied on in the construction of knowledge in 3 AOK’s of your choice. Be prepared to justify your ideas with real life examples.

    History, Arts and Human Sciences are all very diff […]

  • With reference to the class activity and two AOK’s, in what ways might it be reasonable to suggest that people who disagree can both be right? Is this true in all cases?
    In our first TOK class we discussed […]

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    My acts of service for this year came through helping out the community through weekly football coaching lessons to disabled people, monthly voluntary referee sessions as well as going on a service trip to […]

  • This may just be the most complex composition I have listened to. It is obvious that you have spent so much time and effort on it, and I applaud you for that. I like how you used a variety of instruments to not […]

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    Hey Nathan! Well done on your composition 🙂 I think the 3 different sections are very interesting, as they all represent a different part of life. You used a lot of NCT’s and labelled them all in your melody. I […]

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    The Process
    For the past two months, I have been working on creating a composition for a music assessment, taking time to work on it both in and outside of class. I was tasked with creating a composition with an […]

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    My role in my group was a videographer. As a videographer, I was the one responsible for all of the filming and photography. During our visit to the Hong Kong History Museum, I was fully prepared and brought my […]

  • 1.  How do you think you did with your performance assessment?  Did you perform as well as you thought you would, or not?

    The Theme from “Swan Lake” by Peter I. Tchaikowsky is a challenging piece that […]

  • Line 60:

    The Waltz from Symphony No.6 was fairly simple to play. It didn’t require as much attention to detail in fingering as in the scale practice. The only challenge I found was the fast tempo of 120bpm. I […]

  • Over the pass few weeks, I along with my classmates have been working on a design project. We needed to create an artificial heart valve that was both appealing and realistic. Our target audience are kids in […]

  • My key takeaways from the Term 1 Design Day are creative thinking and team collaboration. These two concepts really stand out to me because I feel that we were one of the most successful groups. We were one of […]

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  • ThumbnailThroughout the year, I believe that I have progressed quite a lot in my playing ability, understanding of theory, knowledge of jazz history and composing ability. I feel that I have made the correct decision in […]

  • In this unit, we had to create an 8 bar rhythm with just one note of the saxophone, as I am an alto sax player. We then changed the simple rhythm to an 8 bar melody with different notes. We then extended this 8 bar melody into a 24 bar ternary composition going by the format A-B-A, with the piano as an accompaniment. I needed to transpose my melody in the A part which was a Bb Major into an F Major.

    Throughout this entire process, I could not have succeeded without feedback from my peers. I thank my classmates in my class as they guided me to success. With their help, my music was better than before. In every stage of the process, we needed to get a minimum number of comments. I took these comments seriously by considering what was said and how I could apply it into my composition. All the feedback I received was constructive feedback and it allowed me to progress throughout the entire project with ease. Comments played an important role in making my piece as successful as possible, because I didn’t have much composing experience before this.

    Overall, I think that my final composition was successful to an extent. Starting off with the positives, I think I had fair rhythmic and melodic balance. I got many comments saying that my melody was really nice and creative, and my piano part suited it and accompanied it well. I think that all sections of the music were equally as good, no section stood out more than the other. I think there was good amount of repetition of phrases throughout my whole piece. I also tried to mix it up a bit and the difference between the phrases were apparent too. The comments said that it’s playable because its in the range for an alto sax, however the tempo might be too fast for some, especially when sight reading with the higher notes. I think my use of conjunct melody made it more playable, because all notes are closer together. Looking at the negatives, I regret not using more performance directions, it is very easy to do and would of upped my mark. The same goes for dynamics because I didn’t have many. In general I think I labelled all my chords,cadences, NT and PT’s correctly in Part A where it was mandatory. Also, there was an appropriate use of chords and no one complained with the transition through chords.

    After class, my classmates commented on my composition, and they all said that the melody was very nice because it flowed well, which is a huge positive when you are the composer. To conclude, I had so much fun in this past month or two and I think I did alright in meeting the expectations for the assignment, and I feel that I accomplished something when thinking about my composition.

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