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    On my final theory test I got a 43/50, which translates to a 7/8. I definitely could have done better this round and I’m not all too happy with the grade I got, as I’ve been getting full marks in most Criterion A tests. I think I should have studied folk music better. The biggest thing about folk music that tripped me up was that my last music presentation (The Oral Folk Presentation) I focused Old Polina, by the Great Big Sea, which is similar in context, melody and is performed by the same band as Lukey, the folk song we were quizzed on. I messed up and wrote my entire folk section under the impression that we were writing about Old Polina. Also, I was good at reading key signatures but I still have trouble writing them out. I will work on that this summer so I’m ready for my next music course next year.


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    On my final playing test I got a 10/10 for scales and a 10/10 for the playing piece. I am very happy with these grades and I am really proud of myself. I put quite a bit of effort into preparing for these tests and actually found playing The Entertainer quite challenging even though I play guitar extensively. This is because when I play guitar it is mainly chords and if there are single notes they are usually hammer ons, pull offs and slides. However, Mr. O’Toole said not to hammer on, pull off or slide when playing the song so I had a fair amount of trouble stopping myself as it is one of my habits to do so. When looking at my grades, it is evident that I was successful in doing this. Next year, I will try to play bass better by having more of a downwards motion when plucking the strings.

  • I think for my Criterion D I deserve a 6/8 because I have always finished my homework on time, never forgotten my book and I almost always use my practice diary. However, during class sometimes I get distracted by my bass and I really like a riff and play while Mr. O’Toole is talking. For that I think my mark should drop from an 8/8 to six. Also, I can get distracted quite easily, but I have found this happening much less towards the end of the year. Although I did not join a band I performed music several times throughout the year, including CDNIS Got Talent, Mulan and the G8 Dance. Overall, I have tried really hard in music this year and I think that is evident when you look at my marks in the other criteria. I really enjoy music and I look forward to going to the Berklee College of Music’s Summer Program this summer to study jazz/blues guitar and vocals.

  • You are required to reflect on two units this year  Invasion Games and Net Court Games and set goals for next year. Complete the 3 steps below.
    1) Look at the Criteria C rubrics for each unit, predict your score […]

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    Lately in Chinese class we have been working on presentations based on a Chinese fables. I gave a presentation recently on this fable. Feel free to share your thoughts!

  • This was an assignment where we were asked to create a movie using the Chinese script techniques we learned.
    Group 1 Planning
    黎明 - 超人 1
    周建中 - 超人 2
    李家騫- 超人 3
    陳曉然 - 美女
    許之凱 - 壞人一
    壞人抓美女(陳曉然 […]

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  • This year, I think the best piece of digital work I did was my science iBook. I had no idea about iBooks at all but then by the end of it I had produced a functional, good looking iBook that I was proud of. I […]

  • I think my iFolio is ready to be shown to my parents through school reporting. I think it will be interesting for my parents to see a new side to my learning experience besides just hearing me talk about and […]

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    Last week from May 13th to May 17th, most of Grade 8 went on a trip to Yangshuo/Guilin, China. We were divided into two groups: Trip A and Trip B. I was in Trip B.  It was one of the most fun and thrilling […]

  • This unit I learned a lot about algebra. I think this has been the unit where I have learned and progressed the most out of this entire year. I got a 6/8 on my final test, which I think is quite a good mark […]

  • Comment qualifies-tu tes efforts et ta participation dans le cours de français?

    I think I am quite good at participation. I definitely participate less in French class than I do in other subjects, as in other […]

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  • After putting up my music composition last week, I received comments from most of my class. They all said they liked my composition a lot. I think this was largely due to the fact that I was the only one in the […]

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    This is the rhythm I wrote on Finale today. I used repetition and ended on a long note. I think I did a pretty good job.

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    This is the melody I made using Finale today that was based off of the rhythm I previously made. It is a summative assessment and the requirements were that I had to be able to play it and it had to have […]

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    Above is the summative assessment for all we have done on composition this year. Please feel free to give me feedback, as any would be greatly appreciated.

  • ThumbnailI took the feedback from the last post and added some accents and dynamics to make the song better. I also removed the trill. However, I decided to keep the transition from bar 8~9 as I want to keep that in my […]

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    Today during Music class we had to copy a piece of music titled “The Greatest Song Ever” from sight onto our computers using a program called Finale, which allows you to create music on the computer. This was […]

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    I like the song in general but it sounds more like a sci-fi piece than a spring evening.

  • I like the conjunct motion – especially the scales. Overall it’s a cute song.

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