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  • For all those stalkers on my blog, I did it! I completed my first year at CDNIS and it was awesome! I’m sad that some of my friends are leaving the school like Desmond. Some of my key highlights this year are The […]

  • I can’t believe that the whole grade 6 years is gone!

    It has been a year of fun and challenges, plus the preparation of grade 7.

    Thanks to all of my friends who have made my PYP journey so […]

  • 这个单元,我们做弘汉轩的横梁设计。这是我的设计。我画了阴阳和龙,因为龙代表权利。阴阳代表中庸。我用了红色,绿色,金色和蓝色因为韩国人喜欢蓝色和绿色,中国人喜欢红色和金色,因为红色代表吉利。金色代表 我也画了高贵和有钱。我也花了中国国旗的五星和韩国国旗的。

    This unit, we worked on our beam design for CCC. This is my design.

    I drew yin a […]

  • My favorite highlights of Grade 5 is Grade 5 camp. I like it because we get to know much more people and learn to be co-operative and confident. I also like the activities there, like kayaking, climbing […]

  • Aidan wrote a new post, Recap of Grade 5 by Mango, on the site 180294's blog 1 month ago

    In my opinion Grade, 5 was a pretty good year but like any normal person it’s time to finish off the year and go on holiday so here’s a recap on everything good that happened (my teacher does not wish to put […]

  • Grade 5 was a really fun year, I learned a lot of new things. Like learning how to write a powerful paragraph. I also reviewed my fractions and learned some other kinds of algebra. During the grade5 camp, I felt […]

  • Grade 5 was definitely one of my favorite Grades. There were so many interesting activities and challenges, for example, the experiments we did with static electricity. The fashion show was really fun because you […]

  • Kaitlyn wrote a new post, Highlights of G5 🙁, on the site 180283's blog 1 month ago

    My favorite highlight of grade 5 is the G5 camp. We got to do some climbing activities, kayaking, hiking, and playing games. My partner and I didn’t go to the top of Jacob’s ladder,  but we all had a lot of fun. […]

  • Flora wrote a new post, Goodbye 5E…, on the site My CDNIS Online Portfolio 1 month ago

    It’s unbelievable, how fast Grade 5 had gone by. It feels like it was just yesterday  when we all came into 5E, nervous and excited for what lay ahead. Along the way, I’ve met so many new people, some who had […]

  • 5E one of the best classes ever. I enjoyed my year learning new things and meeting new friends. I had times that my emotions were not feeling that well but the classmates I have will cheer me as always. 5E is such […]

  • Brendon wrote a new post, Chinese beam design, on the site Brendon's ifolio 1 month ago

    我的 beam design 有中国的长城,竹子和鸽子。竹子代表诚信,谦虚和忠诚。鸽子代表长寿,和中国的长城代表中国的统一。我用了绿色因为中国的长城旁边有很多树。

  • 你好, 我叫王啓智.这个是我的横梁设计.我画了阴阳, 它有两种颜色, 黑色和白色. 黑色代表坏, 白色代表好. 当它们在一起时, 就代表了平衡的生活. 我还画了龙,狮子和灯笼.  我画了龙和狮子因为它们代表权力. 我画了灯笼因为代表节庆.

    Hi, my name is Matthew. This is my Chinese beam design. I drew a Yin […]

  • 你好!我是辛菲菲,这是我的横梁设计。我画了金色的龙和红色的凤凰。龙和凤凰代表strength in relationship。龙是Yin,凤凰是Yang。我画了金色的龙,因为金色龙代表财富和繁荣。我画了红色的凤凰,因为在中国红色和金色有很多的意思 […]

  • 在中文了,我们有画个设计给个中文课。在我的beam design上,我有很多不同的设计。在两边上有竹子,竹子代表忠诚,所以他们在两边上 […]

  • 你好!这是我的横梁设计。昨天,我们有一个六年级年级毕业点一。我很开心,因为我的横梁设计入选了。我的横梁设计有阴阳的鱼,祥云和水。阴阳是黑色和白色,阴阳代表平衡。鱼代表繁荣。水是蓝色的。我画了水,因为水是五行之一。

    Hello! This is my beam design. We had our grade 6 celebration yesterday, I was really proud of myself be […]

  • 你好,我是 Asrya。这是我 […]

  • Alyssa wrote a new post, 我的横梁设计, on the site Alyssa's iFolio 1 month ago


    Hello! My name is Alyssa. This is my beam design. I drew pandas, lanterns, and bamboo. In China pandas represent peace […]

  • 不久前,我们被分配了这个中文故事写作项目。我们分成了3组,并用关于风水的单元故事中的目标短语写了一个故事。我,Alexa和Isabella在一起。我们写了一篇关于风水的故事,我们还收录了我们拍的照片。这是它的链接。

    A while ago, we were assigned this Chinese story writing project. We got into groups of 3 and wrote a s […]

  • Isabella wrote a new post, Chinese Beam Design, on the site Isabella's blog 1 month ago

    In Chinese, the whole grade is creating designs that will be voted to be put on the CCC beams. My design is of a dragon, in between 2 bamboos, next to a Yin Yang. I chose to draw these things because in Chinese […]

  • Mischa wrote a new post, 中國樑設計, on the site Mischa's 6A Blog 1 month ago


    Wǒ de shèjì yǒu xióngmāo, zhúzi, Dēnglóng, dàmén hé zhōngshì fángwū.


    Wǒ huàle xióngmāo […]

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