• On Tuesday, 30th of September was our first art class in the year. After 6 weeks it was finally time to DO SOME ART!!! We had it with our new teacher Ms.T. She was showing us who was Banksy. We got to decorate our […]

  • The Dolphins And The Value Of Leisure!!!
    Dolphins reminds me of leisure, because they love to have fun and have free time!!! Whenever I have free time, I play with siblings, family and friends! We play with […]

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  • Question: Why is intuition so often attributed to women?

    Pre-research Answer:

    Intuition is so often attributed to women, because they are stereotypically more sensitive to their surroundings, their feelings […]

  • ThumbnailBeing an entrepreneur takes lots of guts. Seriously. You have to put down so much that you earned, and build something from scratch, and you may not know how to do that or where you will end up. The many […]

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    I agree with the statement of how changing types of ownership forms is a way than an entrepreneur can do to remain competitive. I also liked how you related it with the global context, and it allowed me to […]

  • Nice post Brendan! One thing that I now understand better is that the different aptitudes of an entrepreneur can help an entrepreneur innovate. Attitude towards failure and perseverance can hugely help an […]

  • I think you did a really good job on this post. Something that I agree with is that the consumer’s wants is always changing, which is why businesses is constantly innovating to satisfy those wants. Something you […]

  • 幾個星期前,我們有個口語的考試。我們需要在考試時,說一個故事關於社會的公德心。我們在一個組會拿到一份關於公德心的圖片後,我們也需要將故事的內容講出來。後來我們就要和組裡討論故事。我們的故事是關於一斑人在巴士上爭位子也不給,討論故事的時候,我們講到兩位老百姓。兩位老弱婦孺在排隊等巴士,但是別人就插隊而出現爭先恐後。我覺得我個人的表現不錯,我在小組裡常常討論,也有答案幾個同學的問題。我也給了同學們幾個題目來討論這個故事,也有講些我個人的立場和看法。我說的時候也是講的很流暢,有時也會用些深奧的詞彙例如老弱婦孺,吃虧,爭先恐後。我也覺得整體的表現很好,我們的小組很認真的討論,也有給了大家合理的批評在這件事情上。

  • 1. I like sports. Specifically, gymnastics, ice skating and horse riding.

    2. I dislike vegetables.

    3. I like playing Minecraft. (On the server Nedcrafteria and on my own server. How cool is that?! My OWN server!)

    4. My favourite subjects are PA, PE & Art.

    5. I like coding and drama. (Drama is included in PA.)

    6. I like playing…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailHow does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?

    What I have learnt from the ‘Starting a Business’ presentation helps me understand the SOI (Understand that entrepreneurs must innovate in […]

  • 1. How does what I have learned help me to understand the relevant SOI?

    Learning about why industry associations are formed has helped me understand the need of entrepreneurs coming together from the same […]

  • Thumbnail今天我們做了一個口語的考試,這個考試在考 Crit C 和 D, Crit C 是通信響應口頭,書面和視覺文本。 Crit D 是在口頭和書面的形式使用的語言。我們在活動裡要選一張圖片和討論,那張圖片怎麼表現公德心,我們也要說那張圖片怎樣不在表現公德心。


    <a […]

  • Any Book, Any Time ®
    This logo is also a link, by the way.
    ABAT Logo
    Purpose: The purpose of ABAT is to have an e-library, so people can borrow any book for a annual subscription price of $90 (USD). With exclusive shelves for an extra $5 (USD).

    You can sign up for an ABAT account and you can switch between accounts on the same device. Once you sign…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailNAME PUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

  • ThumbnailARE YOU READY FOR SOME PUNS??????????

  • To be completely honest, I actually enjoyed the creation of my infographic, not so much the process journals but you can’t have everything you want in life, anyways, I looked forward to the prospect of creating an infographic from scratch. I typically enjoyed when I was confronted with an obstacle, because then I would have to experiment all these…[Read more]

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    With 4 boxes of toilet paper, and 400 rolls contained inside, Mr. Renolds wheeled it inside the room with a top hat and a moustache, told us thats what we imagined him as in the pre-assessment. He told us about math being fun, he told us about a video he stubble over and wanted us to do the same, but the smaller…[Read more]

  • Final-Infographic---Sabrina


    This is the final design of my infographic. While working on this the creative aspect of this infogrpahic project, I have gone through a variety of steps in order to achieve what I have done now. Firstly, I did some pre-creation prep. I went through and I reviewed appropriate illustrator tutorials, looked through my inspirations and…[Read more]

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