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    This is the final design I chose, considering the feedback I got from my peers.

    I think this design has the simple yet slightly vintage mood I wanted to have in […]

  • 084357 wrote a new post, My Grade 6 Goals, on the site Katelyn's Blog 6 minutes ago

    This year is grade 6 we had to write a post about our goals for this year, and I decided.
    1. I want concentrate in school better than last year.
    2. I was always bad at running long distance so I’m going to […]

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    Design Specifications:
    - 949 x 200 pixels
    - Simple font and design
    - Includes at least one trait/interest
    - Includes my name

    1. To what extent does my image meet my design specifications?

    2. […]

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    Here, I created a canvas which is 949 pixels wide and 200 pixels long so that my final product follows one of my design specifications.

    Process 2 -

    I put the image of Hong Kong’s skyline to […]

  • Are there emotions that can’t be put into language? Explain why or why not.

    Yes, I believe that there are emotions that cannot be put into a language. Although it is argued that there are 6 primary emotions, there are many that branch off from each. If someone was put into a situation never before experienced, they may feel an emotion but not…[Read more]

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    Language is a tool used for communication. There are no emotions in the world that cannot be expressed by language. Despite of that, there is very likely possibility that we are not able to completely express our […]

  • Thumbnaila. Typography:

    I would like to use a font type that can represent my passion in arts as well as in traveling. In order to do that, I think there are some very attractive and artistic font types I would love to […]

  • 110014 commented on the post, Day of Design: Feedback, on the site Gwyneth's iFolio 29 minutes ago

    1. I think your header met all of your design specifications.
    2. The first impression that I got based on the image is that you like fashion, shopping, Ying Yang, magic/fairies, and technology. I think so because […]

  • Yesterday, our math specialist Mr.Reynolds came to our class to teach us a session of math. He showed us a video of a few people constructing a huge pyramid out of toilet paper rolls. We asked questions about the pyramid that related to math that we could solve. Mr. Reynolds made this activity interesting because he gave us a chance to construct…[Read more]

  • 032760 commented on the post, Day of Design: Feedback, on the site Charly's Blog 35 minutes ago

    1. I think you did a really good job on meeting you design specifications, however I think you should have wrote that you were going to use the star sky as the background of your header.

    2. My first impression […]

  • ThumbnailFinal Product:


    Design Specs:

    - Has my name in it

    - Is visually engaging

    - Shows my interest in fantasy

    - Hints at my interest of drawing

    - Shows my favorite color



  • design cycle ENG nobkgtechnology



    Look at the two frameworks, what is the similarities and differences between the old design cycle and the design cycle now.

    Firstly, the content in the first cycle change from “investigate, plan, evaluate and create” to “analysing, developing ideas, evaluating and creating solutions”.

    Secondly, the brach from each point change…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailHere I used the Inking Tool and started to ink over my sketch, this time I remembered to do it on a separate layer.

    In this screenshot, I used the brush tool and set it to the largest stroke and painted circles […]

  • My current iFolio’s appearance has a header image of 949 pixels. To come up for a new design for my header image, I will find inspiration for the typography and design for my header image, as well as inspiration for illustrator. In order to create a header image that reflects my unique characteristics and personality traits, I have brainstormed…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailBriefly outline:

    The final design (image below) and why I chose it:

    I chose this design because it’s more relatable to me as a person. I like art and I like to paint, so there are paint splashes around […]

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    Design Specifications:

    - Have my name somewhere on the header

    - Have a clear title

    - consistency in colours

    - aspect of the header that has to present me

    - has to have some sort of meaning […]

  • ThumbnailA brief outline of the three inspiration sources I have found (Links included below)


    Hello Goodbyehttp://www.dafont.com/hello-goodbye.font




    I think that this font (Hello […]

  • 1. Are there certain emotions that can’t be put into language? Explain why or why not.

    My opinion on this is that everything can be put into language. What we can explain is only limited by the language that we […]

  • When reading one of the 2 documents on perception, I learnt about how the difference in culture and race can affect someone’s sense of perception.  As mentioned in the article, Asian and American people have very […]

  • Emma, your different sized circles create a very funky feeling but still has a quite distinctively clean feeling because they are unifying under the colour scheme of orange. This colour theme is very simple but I […]

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