• 大家好!今天是我的生日,為了感謝父母,我寫下了這片文章。希望大家喜歡!

    Hi, readers! Today is my birthday, and to thank my parents, I decided to write this “article”. Hope you guys like it! Because this is written in Chinese, please go to a translation site to read this, thank…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone!

    How are all your summers? Where did you travel? Did you guys spend a good amount of time having fun?

    I definitely did. I went to San Francisco, visited universities, spent a wonderful time with my family members there, and immersed myself with books! Not to mention, I met up with Mr. and Mrs. Long – some of you may have had Mrs.…[Read more]

  • 大家好,這是一篇關於我的小學的作文,這是送給我每一位老師,每一位同學,謝謝您們!

    Hi, everyone! This is an essay I wrote dedicated to all of my friends, and my teachers. Thank you so much for your support in these past years. Although this was written in Chinese, if you are interested, please go to google translate (or a better translation site) to read this, thank you!

    [Read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.04.55 AM

    That’s right. Yup. I did it. I filmed 3 recipes today! Today, being the 3rd day of filming, I was able to conquer 3 recipes because I kind of got the gist of efficiently filming the recipes. I didn’t run into any new technical complications today as all the problems I encountered, I’ve already previously encountered and found a feasible (or…[Read more]

  • 032807 wrote a new post, Video Specifications , on the site Nicole H. 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    After creating the first two videos, I decided that it is important to create design specifications in order to keep all 40 videos consistent and professional-looking. Also, this will allow me to set a loose guide […]

  • 032807 wrote a new post, Writing Recipes , on the site Nicole H. 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    After filming two recipes, I realise I completely neglected the written aspect of the recipe. I was tempted to begin, though I had no idea of how to write a recipe, what should go into the recipe, how much detail should be included, how many words, the order, etc. So, I decided to look at other websites that I often go for when looking for new…[Read more]

  • 032807 wrote a new post, Breakfast Pancakes, on the site Nicole H. 3 weeks, 2 days ago


    In order to keep up with my schedule (and essentially my goal), I completed another brunch recipe today. Overall, I believe that this recipe went alright as I was able to efficiently finish the filming (and […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 9.45.16 AM

    Today, after arriving and settling into my new house for a while in Toronto, I finally got to filming my first recipe video. As mentioned in previous posts, for this project I will be creating an app for 40 recipes (or ideally 40 recipes). Within the app, I hope to have a written recipe with the instructions and the ingredients list, a photo…[Read more]

  • This board is a collection of food photography examples. A lot of the photos I like consists of close-ups and birds-eye views of the food. Therefore, both of these techniques will be used and incorporated throughout my app.

    Follow Nicole’s board Food Photography on Pinterest.

  • Today, I focused on researching different ways to photograph food and make it look appealing. My previous experience of “food photography” consisted solely of what most people would label as the “Hong Konger Syndrome” where everyone takes photos of their food prior to actually eating it. Bellow are a few examples of my attempts of “food…[Read more]

  • 074002 wrote a new post, 第十四天, on the site Renee's blog 1 month ago

    考試,考試,大家靜靜的考試。我們,一個接一個的交考卷。一個接一個的鬆了一口氣。 今天是最後一個整天了。時間過的想一陣風一樣,開始享受時,它就跑走了。吃完中飯後,我們就向往我們晚餐的地区了。那是一個半農場,半餐廳的地方。我們自己做自己的食物和烤爐。等待時,我們和一些童軍一起去玩遊戲。這個旅程,就大概到此為止了。


  • 032807 wrote a new post, Sorting Out Recipes , on the site Nicole H. 1 month ago

    This morning I focused on sorting out which recipes will be included in my smartphone app. As my supervisor and I previously discussed, the recipes that will be included do not have to follow any of the global contexts as that aspect is already covered by making a digital cookbook, allowing my audience to be exposed to technology as opposed to…[Read more]

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    6日22月                                                                                                                                           (熱)

      今天是最後的兩天,我們今天沒做什麼特別的活動,但是明天又考試,很靜張啊! […]

  • Thumbnail第十三天

  • 六月二十五日


  • Thumbnail六月二十四日


  • 074002 wrote a new post, 第十三天, on the site Renee's blog 1 month ago

    最後一天,最後一天在美麗島,最後一天在教室,最後一天上課了。。。。。 最後一天,最後一天,最後一天,今天不是最後一天,今天是在高雄的倒數第二整天。我們整天留在教室裏,復習明天的測試,考考我們還記得什麼。高老師,敲敲門,帶進來了幾封信,是從我們父母,在我們臨走之前寫的。停下來想想,時間一眨眼,就過了。我們的路程,也在倒數了。。。。。。

  • 最喜歡的味道




  • 我們今天(六月二十五日)去了老人院表演了我們最近學到的扯鈴技術和漢斯的演出。我有時在香港的時候就會跟爸爸去老人院探視老人,但是我從來沒有試過在他們的面前表演過。我們表演的時候,我能聽到我的心很大聲地響著。表演時,我覺得又興奮又緊張。真是一個經驗值得紀念的。

  • Thumbnail今天我玩得很開心。


    吃完飯後就去了<span style="color: […]

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