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Music Cultimating Assignment – Crit B & Crit D Reflection – Sounds of CDNIS

Crit B Audio

Crit D Reflection

Describe the process of this assignment.

I had to go around the school to find at least 4 sounds and a teacher’s voice. When choosing the sounds, I had to make sure they had a type of beat to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the ear. Choosing efficient sound helped the process of adding in software instruments and different tracks. I prevented taking random sounds as they don’t accomodate my track as well as the sounds I’ve recorded. I also included a piano track, acoustic guitar track, and some drums. This helped improve the overall result as the sounds are able to create a lighter and smoother tone. I got the teacher’s voice from Mr.Schmalenburg saying “Run to the space!” as he’s a P.E. teacher. Plugins and distortion are also applied to every sound I recorded. Mostly, I changed the tone of the sound and added a bit of distortion. I changed Mr.Schmalenberg’s into a plugin named “Monster” which made Mr.Schmalenberg’s voice sound deep and creature like. I then combined all the sounds and voices into one long piece and took use of each advantage every sound provided me.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

Basketball Bouncing Twice : This sound is deep and echoed a bit. It helped create a beat sound which accommodated my final product as a beat drop. I mainly recorded this sound due to the possibility of a successful beat drop.

Locker handle turning : This helped create a cool and stretched sound effect which I distorted. This also helped my final product as it now consists of another cool distorted sound effect.

Toilet flushing : Though this sound isn’t appealing, it actually works really well with the rest of my tracks and instruments. The flushing creates this sizzling effect once I added distortion which helped create a sense of relaxation.

Scissors cutting into Air twice : This sound was sharp and clear which is almost opposite to the basketball sound. This sound may be used on beat drops or specific areas where tracks needed to have sharp and clear beats.

Mr.Schmalenberg’s Voice : I recorded Mr.Schmalenberg’s voice saying “Run to the space!” (with consent of course) Mr.Schmalenberg’s voice was changed into a monstrous voice which helped accommodate beat drops. An example is when I used his voice and did something like, “Ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru RUN TO THE SPACE!” beat drop.

Every sound here has been applied into my final piece, whether in a beat drop or combined into a track.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

I’ve learned how to add in distortions and modify different sounds, instruments, and voices. I’ve also learned how to separate tracks because if I don’t, the edits I applied on one sound will be applied on the others. Another important thing I’ve learnt how to mute a track which may be useful when I want to listen to a separate track. I also learned drums and software instruments have to be put in specific tracks. They were not allowed to be put in random places as there can be only one same type of instrument. One last thoughtful skill I’ve learned is putting tracks on the right spot. Instructions were to always put tracks on the same beat in order to make sure the music is smooth and appealing to the ears.

What challenges did you face and overcome?

I had a hard time organizing my tracks as I am still inexperienced with Garageband. In return, it was a hard time finding my sounds and editing them. I also had a lot of trouble organizing it as they were already all over the place. I overcame this by taking my time and finding my sounds in order. I also fixed this by deleting unnecessary tracks that have no sounds. In the future, I will make sure to be more organized in adding sounds and modifying them.

Music Culminating Assignment : Sounds/Crit C – Sounds of CDNIS

In this video, it will be a brief account of the sounds I plan on using for the final piece. I will be using a variety of sounds and modifying them by adding in distortion and other different effects. As I introduce each sound, I will also introduce the modified sound. There will also be different software instruments in the modified sounds along with some drums. Apart from that, I will also be talking about placing those modified sounds into tracks.

CAS Week Reflection

The Fujian trip has taught me many values such as cooperation, patience, trust, etc. During the Fujian trip, cooperation was needed in many activities as we had to cooperate in order to succeed. One of the most complicated value I improved in was patience. Patience is really difficult for me to master as I’m always active and impatient. This trip keeps testing my patience as there were many long activities and bus rides. Another important value would be trust as most of our activities were in groups. Trusting your teammates and friends will be the main factor to success. This trip has been an overall excellent experience as I had a lot of fun and improved in many values.

Music Pro Midi Assignment (Formative)

This is the audio of my Music Pro Midi Assignment on Wake Me Up – Avicii. I’ve put many beats and tracks to accommodate the original music. I’ve also removed many of the original song’s loops and made sure it doesn’t have large chunks of green. One thing I can improve on may be removing more chunks of green and put more tracks and beats. Instead of using the whole song, I could cut it down from 3:35 to 2 minutes. I’ve overall enjoyed this assignment and I suppose this may help me during summatives.

8A Science – Separation Task

In this oil spill lab report, we learned further about separation techniques. During our process of designing a lab-based method to separate the components of the mixture and purify the water, we came across many challenges when we were using the magnets to separate the iron filings and filtering out the sand. During our process of using the magnets to separate the iron filings, we realized we had trouble removing every filing from the mixture due to the other components covering the filing. We realized it would be more effective to hover the magnet under the beaker repeatedly in order to effectively attract every filing with the magnet. During our process of filtrating the water and salt from the oil and sand, we realized the process was exceptionally slow. That’s because the oil was blocking up the pores on the filtration paper, making the water seep through slowly. We solved this problem by using duplicate funnels and filtration paper to speed up the filtration process. In conclusion, we learned more about effectively using different techniques to separate the components of the mixture and purify the water.

Science : Density Bartender Experiment

Today in class, we learned more about density and even got to do a experiment. I learned about the density of water and salt water. Water’s density is always 1.0g/cm3. We were given many different materials and liquids to form a mixture of liquids in the tall cylinder. We had to separate each liquid from the highest density to the lowest. For example, the steel screw has the highest amount of density, therefore we put the steel screw inside the cylinder first. The styrofoam ball has the least density, therefore, it is the last item put in the cylinder. I also realised the density difference between each material and liquid didn’t have a big difference. The difference of density separated each liquid that had a different amount of density. As you can see in the cylinder, there are different materials separated into different layers. One interesting thing is when the cherry went through the top layers to settle in it’s correct layer of density. I learned that when materials/liquids with different density are combined together, they separate from each other and form their own layer.

Indices Math Problems


Is 6 to the power of 0 same as 1 over 6 to the power of 0?

Yes! I did a screencast showing so! 6 to the power of 0 is 6. Following the indices rule, (a to the power of 0 = a). 1 over 6 to the power of 0 is also 1. This is because 6 to the power of 0 is yet again 1. So 1 over 1 still equals 1!

Q: Did I enjoy doing this?

A : This was a fun experience to hone my indices skills and memorisation of the indices rules.


Credible Science

During the barbie doll bungee jump and twirly bird experiment, I’ve learned a lot of important things. One of the things that I learned was air resistance. Air resistance is the frictional force air applied against a moving object. As an object moves, air resistance slows it down. The faster the object’s motion, the greater their resistance applied against it. This was one of the reasons why the longer the twirly bird’s wings were, the longer it took for them to reach the ground. Air resistance was also applied on the barbie doll when it free-fell down. Before this unit, I knew what air resistance was. But throughout this unit, I got a clearer and better idea of what it was because I got to dig deeper throughout the experiment. Another thing I’ve learned throughout the unit was basic skills on recording data, doing trials correctly, and making trend lines. These skills were necessary during these units. After every trial was done, I had to record the data on Excel to prevent myself from forgetting the result. After I’ve finished with my trials and organized the data, I create a trend line. A trend line helps me understand the results even more clearly. It also shows me if there’s abnormal, unexpected, or unusual results. Another important thing is doing multiple trials to get more reliable data. I also have to have controls in the experiment to keep it fair and more reliable. Overall, I’ve enjoyed these experiment because they were entertaining while informing at the same time.