Healthy Habits Goals

Food: Stick to one serving of carbs, have some and not completely cut them out, just reducing the amount of it and sticking more to the veges.

Movement: Night walks/morning walks with my parents during the weekends

Sleep: I would want to keep my sleep hours until 7 hours or above to feel well rested for the school day to come. 11:00 pm  – 6:20 am

Thoughts: I would want to keep myself from getting exam/any assessment panics.

Emotional: To reduce getting agitated and angry at my parents/friends when the stress of hw increases at home.

Only Positivity

reflecting back on my process I followed to revise for the upcoming math exam, made me realise that there were many improvements I made, that in turn, decreased the amount of stress I was taking. I reflected on it by journaling and making a list of things that went well. As you can see, on the page I have written things like, getting enough sleep in the night to get back from school the next day and have a productive work day (instead of taking a nap), and I regularly worked (on a daily basis) and maintained a process (+lighting scented candles!) helped me stabilise my #thoughts via Instagram

Healthy Eating

starting of the new year by changing a few habits and incorporating them with my healthy habits project! decided to drink this unstrained and fibrous orange juice (with no added sugar) along with my breakfast. whereas, i never had any juices with my usual breakfast. healthy #food is going great 🙂 via Instagram

Healthy Eating

continuing to choose to eat healthy, balance out carbs with the rest of my food even on vacation and a -10 weather !! Though I still made sure that the #food was healthy and tasted good 😋 via Instagram

Sleep Well

I am kicking off December break with getting a well rested sleep for over 7 hours! I made sure to record in the app called pillow to record my #sleep. This app lets me also keep an alarm so that I don’t oversleep and still have a productive day the next day! via Instagram

Only Positivity

maths tests gets my heart rate going and gives me major exam panics! Just last week, though we had our 4th math test of the year, I think this was one of the best in terms of taking it easy and controlling those nerves. This is me journaling on how I did it and how my #thoughts contributed with this 💜

sorry for the repost, the old post did not pop up on my blog 🙁 via Instagram

Service Reflection #1

Photographing from the Media Team for the Invitationals 

  1. How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?
    1. I learnt that having such a strong passion of photography, more than I thought I did. I never thought that I would have been able to take pictures of moving things and objects. I have always just taken pictures of still images, and never really stepped outside my comfort zone. I would also like to get better at the more technical side of this hobby, and try and learn more about the basics of using a DSLR correctly. As, this is something that I haven’t tried before, though it does look like an achievable goal, now that I have gotten some time to explore and learn some basics.
  2. How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?
    1. As mentioned above, I haven’t quite used a DSLR before to take pictures. So, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. I have some basic knowledge of aesthetics and what “looks good” as pictures and what is not “so pleasing to the eyes”. So using that prior knowledge, and putting that into this, just using a different device this time. Instead of using my phone, using a DSLR.
  3. How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities?
    1. As, this was the first time I was getting asked to do something and be part of a larger event at school, by the media team, we required to have a training session beforehand. This is when the student leader of the the club was going to brief us about the basics of photography and plan out the three days of events. I made sure I kept those slots free and attended my shoot sessions on time, for the ones I signed up for.
  4. How did you persevere in action?
    1. There were times during the shoot when there were not enough cameras with a formatted sd card and full batteries to use. Hence, this is when I had to problem solve and act reasonably. This is when I got one of the other photographers to switch with me, and I made sure that once I had done enough, I would switch with him, to give both of us an equal chance, until someone would come with a spare camera for us to use.
  5. How did you work collaboratively with others?
    1. While I was on court, I made sure that I was being mindful on which court I am shooting. I wanted to make sure that not more than two people are shooting at one court. As, there will always be only two teams on one court playing, so two photographers should be enough. If I noticed that more than two are piling up at one court, I either communicated with the other photographers to move or I would take the responsibility (if they were not willing to move) and move to the other court.
  6. How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding?
    1. I saw and made sure to capture the different types of cheers that all the teams from different schools had. This might seem like a small thing to notice, but had a greater impact to learn from. I saw that many of the schools had a very subtle cheer and didn’t want to show everyone that they just scored points. They were almost doing it within the team and having small celebrations like that.
  7. How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions?
    1. I realised that maybe not everyone would feel confident in front of cameras. My intentions were to capture the true spirit of the teams, and the ups and downs they went through in just a matter of a game, and how they coped with that. Though, to get the spirit, I did want to venture out on that one and maybe get some shots of people and them physically smiling towards the camera. Though, I  made sure to consider that they were comfortable in it, and made sure that there was not just one person that I was putting on the spot. I also made sure it was at a stage where there is not a lot of action happening on the court, where the players on the side might have to focus on.

Keep Moving!

taking a late night walk with my parents just to relieve some stress from school and get some physical activity in my day!! #movement via Instagram

Healthy Eating

changing things up a bit and instead of taking a box full of carbs for lunch, taking quinoa instead !! #food via Instagram

Experience Week Reflection

Highlight: Jumping from the 5m cliff at the stream trekking (i just told myself that this is the only time I am gonna be able to do it, so I just did it, i was quiet proud)

What I learnt: Taiwan is not all about the city life and the huge skyscrapers, like any other city, there is so much more to it like the different tribes

What I did well: made sure I make more friends and eat different types of food and be open minded about the culture around me.

What I need to improve on: I need to improve on not being scared to get out of my comfort zone, as I did try to do thing I wouldn’t usually do but I did notice myself being scared before doing them