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Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements.

Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available.

Before you start using your new iFolio, follow the steps below to change the ‘Home’ link within your navigation menu to point to your site:

1. Go to your Dashboard menu options (link will open in a new tab)

2. Expand the ‘Home’ menu item by clicking on the downward facing arrow

Home Menu
Change Home Menu Attribute

3. Append the URL to read http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/your_student_number, where your student number is in the form of six digits e.g. 012345 (you can find your student number on your library card)

Home URL
Home URL Link

A final note, please bear in mind that your iFolio is a publicly accessible space, and ensure that the content you post and the language you use is appropriate.

Feel free to delete this post from your Dashboard once you have finished reading it!

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Design Reflection

In this semester, we finished a project that required us to make a video about this school and introduce a specific part in it,  In order to make a good video, we have to design it carefully and then make a plan before we started, therefore our product is related to the design challenge. In the other hand, we still need a lot to improve such as our audio and background music, pictures included in the video and how the theme is related to our video. But recording to the survey, the feedback we got showed overall our product is pretty good and follow the theme we wanted at the start.                                                                                                                                                                                             

science ifolios reflection

What makes a credible scientist?

A credible scientist will be patient to collect a reliable number of trials to make sure the data is reliable and accurate. And a credible scientist should be careful enough to record about different variables in the experiment to make the report is clear.

Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ways of knowing?

Because scientific “way of knowing” that used in medicine is based on different evidence and fact, so when doctors give their patient medicine to eat, they won’t give the medicine just because of biased or other unreliable resources, but related to some science empirical such as different kinds of negative and positive affect on each medicine that the patient will eat. science can connected to quantitative and qualitative, which are both very useful in the topic of medicine.

Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

If I can repeat it again, I will find another place such as gym because the air conditioner there is not as strong as there is at forum. If we can control this variable, then there might be a different about the result. The second thing a want to change is the trials. Even though three trials are enough to make sure the data is reliable, but because the data we collected wasn’t in a linear relationship, so maybe more trials can let the data become more accurate.