Highlights of G5 :(

My favorite highlight of grade 5 is the G5 camp. We got to do some climbing activities, kayaking, hiking, and playing games. My partner and I didn’t go to the top of Jacob’s ladder,  but we all had a lot of fun. On the kayak, my partner and I always go faster than the instructor and we play some games with other group members. In the hike, we went an easier way and we played games to get our instructor’s fig bar because we were very hungry, one of the games I like is trying to build the tallest tower with rocks. 

I am very excited to go to the G6 camp because I heard that we will go for 4 days and 3 nights and that is the first time I left home for 4 days without my parents. And I heard there will be a base camp and our group will stay at base camp for 1 night and 2 days at another place and sleep in a tent and we would have to jump off a jetty that is 8 metres tall, so I am so excited! 🙂

How the World Works Reflection

In How the World Works, we did lots of experiments. We learnt about atoms and read a book about an electron named Eddie. We also learnt app coding, static electricity, making our own electromagnets, hand crank generator, circuits, how our words could affect plants and making and reading observations.

My favourite activity was making electromagnets. First, we had to use a wire stripper to cut the rubber coating at the end of the wire. Then, we have to twirl the wire around the nail and connect the end to a battery and hold onto it with your fingers. When the wire gets hot, you have to let go or else, you will burn your finger.

We tried to make a pair of nonmagnetic scissors “magnetic” with wires and a magnet. We wrapped wire to scissors and connected the end with magnets. It worked, but sometimes the magnetic things we pick up just get attracted to the magnet instead of the scissors.

WWAPT Reflection

Where We Are in Place and Time Reflection


My favorite thing about inquiry this unit was our group inquiry because it was so fun. We made videos and they were very funny and we got to work in groups. I like to work in groups because we can research information and make the video together, sometimes when we are filming, some people will say the wrong things and it will end up really funny. We included bloopers at the end of our video to show our audience.


If I got to change something, I would want to change the personal inquiry into partner inquiry because I like working with a partner and I feel more comfortable working with a partner.


The most interesting thing I learned was Vikings never had horns on their helmets and they invented skis because I love skiing. In pictures, the Vikings had horns on their helmets and it isn’t accurate. I learned this when I was researching for my personal inquiry.


我覺得最有趣的展覽是史前時期的香港。我看到沒有女孩做東西還有人們用石頭做工具。人們有長頭髮,男孩也有。所有人都沒有穿一服,只有穿短裙。所有人都有很努力的做東西,他們看起來很累,和很辛苦。人們在捕魚,生火,把魚的鱗刮走,搭房屋,做武器和摘水果。他們用很少工具, 他們有船,石箭頭和石鉤。他們大部分的工具是用石頭做的。我覺得這個時期最有趣,因為我不太知道香港以前是甚麽樣的。如果沒有他們,我們不會坐船,生火,摘水果,捕魚和蓋房物,我們到其他地方時,我們要游泳到那個地方,如果人們沒有蓋房屋,現在我們會住在山洞裏。如果人們沒有生火,現在,我們會吃生的食物。如果人們不會摘水果的話,吃悶了一些東西後要再吃同一個食物。所以史前時期的香港很重要。


2018 年,香港,珠海和澳門開通了港珠澳大橋是連接三地的重要建設。以前我們要搭船到珠海和澳門,現在我們可以選擇搭船或乘車到珠海或澳門。如果我們搭車的話,從香港到珠海或澳門的時間會比搭船快。從香港到珠海乘車用55-70分鐘,而香港到澳門需要30-40分鐘。我同意這個新方法因為旅程又快又可以欣賞車外風景,這條大橋也能幫助大灣區的發展。我非常希望能乘車到港珠澳大橋一走!



Fashion Show Reflection

  The whole process of the Grade 5 fashion show highlighted many different designs, each one unique. The members in the group had many ideas, so we need to find a way to combine all our ideas, but sometimes we disagree on some of the ideas. Our group made the sketch according to our ideas, then one of our group members figured out that it will be either hard to wear or it is too hard to make, so our group made something close to our design. Our group helped each other with the skills our group learnt in the skills workshop when they needed help. When the whole grade is having the rehearsal and when the fashion show is happening, some people can see that nobody’s design is similar. Everybody has a theme inside the theme, so everybody has a different design. That makes the fashion show very unique and special.


Design Project

Our unit is How We Express Ourselves, for this unit, we are going to have a Grade 5 fashion show. In our fashion design groups,we decided our theme for our futuristic fashion show should be a futuristic astronauht.I am going to be the model even though nobody want's to be it.We are making a helmat with goggles attached to it out of cardboard we are also making a pair of gloves and a jetpack shaped like a candy, we made it into a piece of candy because asatronauhts loves eating candies and we are making a psir of shoes that a spray painted and hydro dipped.At first when the other group's design started to form,our design still looked pretty weird and unfinished,when we almost finished making our design another class took our gluegun and the gluegun in the project room is in use,so we can't hotglue things.I thought another way to stick stuff,we can use velcro to stick it,since velcro isn't very strong,our wings on the jetpack can flap.Our fashion show is going to happen soon, I hope it will be successful!!!

Learning Review Reflection

  I felt that I could work harder than the last term. I could answer more question and I could add more details to my writing. I didn’t really talk during the learning review because I was so scared and I was worried that if I didn’t do well my mum and dad will get mad at me.

 I understand that my parents and Ms. Winnie want me to raise my hand more in class so they will know I understand what we are learning and what they are talking about. They also want me to talk more at home and share what we learned in school, and they want me to write a little book report after reading a book.

I can raise my hand more than 3 times in class whether I get picked or not and I could try to add more than 3 details when I write.

Young American Reflection

During this 2 day workshop with the Young Americans, I learnt a lot of things. I learnt that when we dance or sing together we need to work together. In the whole performance, we need to look strong and look like we are sure with what we are doing even though you did something wrong. Also, I learnt that we shouldn’t talk when we are on stage waiting to perform.

 I think working together to sing and dance is the most important thing because if you don’t sing together it will be very weird if one person sings another person sings, it will sound like the person is copying the other person. And when a person waves to the left and another person waves to the right, it will look very weird.

 If I work together well, when we work in groups, we can finish our work faster and do the things better. next time I work with other people in a group I will work better with them.