#Reflection 3(HWEO)Gr5

How has your learning in LANGUAGE helped you in this unit?

Learning language helped me with nothing in this unit, because we mainly made accessories instead of writing, and even though we had to write a poem about our accessories, we didn’t use any skills from language, so it wasn’t very useful.


How has your learning in MATHEMATICS helped you in this unit?

I was glad I learned MATHEMATICS because it came in handy. Like when the time I had to count how many beads were on the skirt estimating and multiplication helped me with that.

#Reflection 2 (HWEO)Gr5

1. What does the Central Idea mean to you?

I think the central idea” Designers consider aesthetics and functionality” mean designers consider if the thing is aesthetically pleasing and is it functional, so the thing has to be good looking and useful.

2. Think of the key concept FORM. Explain how FORM influenced how you designed and what you designed.

I made a skirt. It is made out of beads and is tied to an elastic. So it looks like a hula dress. When you walk around with the dress on, the beads with crash into each other and the sound it makes is like music to my ears.

3. Think of the key concept PERSPECTIVE. Explain how PERSPECTIVE influenced how you designed and what you designed.

During our construction time, Ms. Sandul suggested that a brownish-red colored wig would look good with our accessories, though Lea thinks it looks good but me and Amelia thinks it just is a bit too much because we were thinking of a headpiece instead. But after that, I got a tiny bit allergic, so Lea stepped into my shoes and agreed to not have a wig.

4. Think of the key concept CONNECTION. Explain how CONNECTION influenced how you designed and what you designed.

Our group’s theme is “Flower Power” so our headpiece is a flower, the necklace is a gold flower, the skirt has flowers, the socks has flowers so it matches our theme.

#Reflection 1(HWEO)Gr5

 Look through your process journal and share 3 learning activities that you really liked.

1)Laser Cutting
3)Jewelry making

Which workshops were most useful for you to turn your design ideas into a reality?

Laser Cutting, because our design has lots of different accessories that needs laser cut wood roses that’s why I think laser cutting is the most useful workshop.

How have you demonstrated the attribute of RISK-TAKER during this unit?

Yes, I had been a risk-taker for trying different thing such as when my beaded skirt didn’t have enough beads so I tried using different ways to have enough beads.

How have you demonstrated the attribute of THINKER during this unit?

Sort of, We had to think a lot because some of our accessories weren’t how it should turn out to be, so we turned it into something else and improvised to make it better.

How have you demonstrated the attribute of COMMUNICATOR during this unit? 

Yes, My group communicated really well with each other, like when the time Amelia and Lea both wanted to be the dresser, Lea finally gave in and let Amelia be the dresser. That is how good communicators communicate.

Pictures and videos:


Letter To Young Americans

Dear Young Americans,

Thank You for teaching so many things and our whole show in just two days!

I am Megan from CDNIS Gr 5D. I hosted Mei and Caitlin. I am very happy this is the first time Gr 5 has the 2-day Young Americans workshop for an experience. I am very looking forward to the Gr6 full Young American workshop next year.

On the first day, I was so excited and scared of how the first day would end up. But actually, it was super fun because we got to learned different songs and there were different action each line, it was sooooooooooo cool! My favorite part was learning the dances.

When it was the 2nd day, I was so excited about the show but I was also sad because it was the last day with the Young Americans, so I made the most of that day. The show was a huge success, I am looking forward to the Gr6 full Young American workshop next year.

Thank you for all the things for the whole Gr 5 these 2 days.

Photos and videos:



Gr5 Camp Reflection

Last Wednesday to Friday, we went on the grade 5 camp at Gilwell Campsite. Here’s a reflection on it,

What problems did you encounter on this trip?

One of the problems is that on the 2nd day we did high elements, but I was afraid of heights and all the activities at the high elements were all very very high! But at the end after a few boosts from my friends, I went on the highest one and tried to finish it!

What was especially satisfying to you about the trip?

I think that the most satisfying part to me on the trip was when I completed the tincy wincy bit dangerous hike without getting and cuts and bruises. I think that it is the most satisfying part because I am very clumsy and is easily hurt without notice. One of the scariest part of the hike is when it was so steep, the road was very slippery and wet at one point we had to hold onto a rope and butt slide down the mountain. It made my pants all dirty!!!!!!

How many points do you give the camp? Why?

I would give this camp a 7 because the campsite’s toilet was very far away from where our tents were so we had to walk up a hill to get to the toilet. The rice was half raw and all the other food is not very yummy.

One thing I want the campsite to improve upon is……

I would want the campsite to improve the shower room because the shower room was full of dead flies and bugs and NOT enough stalls, so most of the people didn’t shower for 3 DAYS.






我希望下一次 要做的時後會好一點呢!!!!!!!!!

Asbury Field Trip @_@

Today my class and I went for a field trip to Asbury. A person who works at the Asbury place, he told us all about the people’s small little flats/subdivided flats. I sort of knew how it was going to be because about two years ago I visited a place like subdivided flats.

We went for the introduction when we arrived. We learned that around 265 thousand live in subdivided units. Although these subdivided units are illegal, the government has always turned a blind eye at it. The reason why the government turned a blind at it is because a lot of people are waiting for public housing and buildings take a long time to build.

After the introductions, we went into our teams and went to find our “tour guide”—— Miss Ha Ha.😅She told us about the family we are going to visit. It was a family of 4. The father, the mother in law, an 11-year-old son, the mother and a baby coming along the way too. First, we went to the wet market and bought          1) baby powder                                                                                                                        2)wet wipes                                                                                                                                3)apples                                                                                                                                      4)a melon                                                                                                                                    5)some bananas

We went to visit them and we asked them some questions like How many years have you been waiting for public housing, How long have you been living there(subdivided), What does their 11-year-old son like to do when he is free……

After visiting people live in subdivided units, I feel very lucky because we live in a very big home and some people live with their family in a bedroom size unit. I think we should help them by donating money to them.

Here are some pictures from today

Halloween Party Reflection

Did your activity meet any needs in the classroom community? Or, what was the objective for your activity and why is it important for the Halloween Party?

Yes, my activity is to bring in some food for the class. I think my /my group’s role is very important because most people want to eat at a party. If we didn’t have food on that day we would be hungry and it would not be a great party.

Were roles important to being successful in my group/activity? What were the roles and responsibilities your group?

My group’s role/activity and responsibility is to bring in food and drinks. I  think roles were important to being successful in my group because if we did not know what our roles are there might be too much drinks and food or too little drinks and food. Also if we did not assign roles to different people,  there will be no back up if someone is sick and not able to bring some food or drinks to the party.

List some examples where your group /activity worked effectively.

1. All of us brought in what we were suppose to bring.

2. We gave people who worked in the 9th-floor office and some security guards the leftover food, so no food will be wasted.

3. We brought in enough food for everyone.

List some examples where your wished group /activity worked more effectively.

There is only one place I wished worked better. I think the only place is there should more variety of drinks because there is only Cream Soda and Fanta. I think there should be Cola and Yakult because some people might not like soda.

On a scale from 1-5 (highest), how would you rate your interactions between group members, the classroom community,  and achieving a successful Halloween activity? Explain.

I would rate myself a 5 for my interactions between group members. Because I did everything I need to do and I also helped other groups such as decorating the classroom with fake cobwebs.

Here are some photos from the party: