My reflection about angels

In these weeks, i have learnt a lot and i like maths the most, especially angels. I think angels are interesting because i can use different angels to create shapes and pictures.

I think i need to improve by using the protractor because i was using it not too well and i cannot write it down at the moment i see the answer, i can just take some notes down.

i felt great to learn angels. I enjoyed about designing our house and noting down angles on the house. I also learnt about the angel’s name, like obtuse angel, acute angle, right angle, reflex angle and straight angle.

If i were the teacher, i would like to tell the students to make a poster with pictures because i can make sure they know about angels and they can improve their arts.

I saw that my classmate used the protractor easily. He put a dot immediately when he saw the answer so i tried to do this then and it worked.

I think angles are interesting to me and it is very important to use angels. It is usable to your life too.

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