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Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements.

Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available.

Before you start using your new iFolio, follow the steps below to change the ‘Home’ link within your navigation menu to point to your site:

1. Go to your Dashboard menu options (link will open in a new tab)

2. Expand the ‘Home’ menu item by clicking on the downward facing arrow

Home Menu
Change Home Menu Attribute

3. Append the URL to read http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/your_student_number, where your student number is in the form of six digits e.g. 012345 (you can find your student number on your library card)

Home URL
Home URL Link

A final note, please bear in mind that your iFolio is a publicly accessible space, and ensure that the content you post and the language you use is appropriate.

Feel free to delete this post from your Dashboard once you have finished reading it!

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sound of CDNIS reflection

For this assignment, we are supposed to use four sounds from CDNIS, and a drum rack with tow apple or self-created loops. We are supposed to use different types of plugins such as master Echom, channel EQ pedalboard etc. to make the CDNIS sound sounds better. We still take a screencast that shows that I have things above.

The four sound that I used for the project is Ms.Adair saying happy April fools day; me shaking my wallet; the sound of knocking a sheet music stand; me saying oh hi there, this is me. I used all of my sounds except me saying oh hi there as a beat. I use that sound as a trigger to make the song more exciting

The scale that required is to know where to find the plugins are, how to use a Midi Keyboard to create a drop loop.

The challenges that I have overcome are: creating the drop loop, it takes me a long time to think for the loop and make sure everything that is in the loop is in the right place is the hardest part of this task. Then  I have the challenges is to use the right sound of CDNIS in the right place.

Logo consideration

What are some cultural consideration people make when designing products?

The cultural consideration that people should make is thinking is the words or picture contained in the logo means inappropriate things in other countries.

How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

The design of the product communicates what the product’s basic function,  and the safety of the product, and how long has the product been made.

Are handmade products an effective way of minimizing environmental impact? Why and Why not?

I don’t think that handmade product an effective way of minimizing environmental impact, because there is a chance of failure when people handmake things, and if they failed, it costs more resources and makes the climate worse.






Turned in lateEstigfend
From my summative task, I know that preparing for the a task is very important. I think that if you are not prepared for the thing that you are working on, you will get a pretty bad score for it. I still learned that my food choice not only affects mew, it affects the world socially, environmentally, economically, and politically. From that I know I need to have a better food choice for a better future. So my food choice is very important all the time. I know that time managing is very important to. If you have a bad time management, everything won’t be under your control.