This week we focused on exhibition and key concepts. I finished my lines of inquiry and continued researching more about them. I researched more about black-faced spoonbills and how and why their population is decreasing.

Link:  NOTES

My exhibition topic is to help raise awareness for black Faced spoonbills. I can help raise awareness by selling baked goods, through the internet/social media, or even a beach clean up to help save their habitat. ( the beach clean up isn’t my idea ) Black-faced spoonbills’ population are decreasing just because of habitat destruction. We are littering, building land out of it, and doing activities around them which affects not only the spoonbills but their habitat too. Some foundations like WWF or Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden (KFBG) helps not only black-faced spoonbills but other animals too. Some others and I are thinking of donating to these foundations to help raise awareness and ( if possible ), see the population of these wading birds rise.

I hope that we will be able to focus more on exhibition or fractions next week, and hope that we won’t have any upcoming assessments soon :).


Weekly Reflection

This week, we just came back from camp. It was EXHAUSTING!! This week wasn’t as exciting as the previous weeks, however, I did complete lots of tasks during the week.

We’ve been learning about decimals, I was assigned a special task named “HK facts sheets”.  I completed this task in an hour, it took A LOT of thinking. I also finished an assessment and worksheets. I learnt that we shouldn’t rush through our work and take it slowly. The decimals worksheet took up a lot of time. I had to complete several division questions. After completing these, I still wonder, how do the unemployed earn money/ survive? I really enjoyed completing the tasks, it made me feel proud of myself.

We continued to write about our reports and I finally completed mine. I wrote about the 1929 wall street crash, what caused it, who was involved and what happened. I choose to write it in a magazine form, I added pictures + diagrams. I am really happy with the topic I choose, It was really interesting researching and understanding what happened.

 Last but not least, Secret Santa.  I drew a boy. I’m not quite sure what I should get him, but I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m receiving. I can’t wait for next week to come and excited to see who got me.

Camp Reflection


Last week, we went to Outward Bound. There, we played several different games and did multiple activities, for example, kayaking, jetty jumping, hiking… We went for four days and three nights. I was attacked by hundreds of mosquitos and now have a dozen of scabs around my leg.


Day 1:

On the first day, we took the bus from school and arrived at the outward bound campus at 12 o’clock. We first put down our bags and then met our instructors. They gave us a 1 litre water bottle and we wrote our names on it. I was in group Hilary, a famous explorer.

We played many different activities and put our bags down at the cage. The cage is a place where they store our bags and valued items and in return, they give us a day bag and a water jug. After we grabbed our bag, we headed out to our campsite. We settled down under a shelter and pitched our tents as it was raining. We cooked pasta for dinner and played a few activities. I felt very homesick at the time, however, playing the games got it off my mind. We slept at 9:00 and woke up the next day at 6:00.


Day 2:

The next day, we had bread for breakfast. The instructors got out the map, taught us how to use it, and pointed out were we needed to go. The hike began. We took the bus and climbed a mountain for what felt like years.  It was so tiring, but luckily, our instructor and group mates shared riddles amongst each other and time flew by. We stopped at 12:30 and had lunch, I felt so relieved that we could finally eat. We ate a tuna sandwich, with mayo, tomatoes and cucumbers. After lunch, we hiked for another hour and a half and FINALLY arrived at the campsite. We set up out tents and sang songs by the campfire. Once again, I felt homesick, minutes past and I still felt really miserable. An hour later, the instructors gave us smores. We roasted marshmallows and it cheered me up quickly. We slept at 9 again and woke up the next day at 6:20.


Day 3:

Early during the morning, we headed down to eat breakfast. We ate congee and played activities. At 8:00, the bus arrived, we hopped on and headed back to base. We were showed our dorms, grabbed our bags from the cage and got changed into out swimming clothes. We arrived at a beach and the instructors taught us how to kayak. We headed out and kayaked for 45 minutes. We stopped by an island, ate lunch and headed back to campus. We cleaned up our tents ( took and hour) then headed for the jetty jump.  The jetty jump was so high up, when you jumped off, it felt like you were falling to your death. I first looked down and decided to back off. After my friend jumped, it gave me courage and I jumped after her. We headed back to our dorms, took a shower, ate dinner, then had a group meeting. We talked about what we appreciated and what we were thankful for. We slept at 9:00 and woke up at 6:00 the next day.


Day 4:

This day was the last day. We bouldered and headed for the ending ceremony. We sang songs and talked about what we appreciated ( again ) and then walked to the buses. The ride back took 45 minutes. I was so glad to be back, camp was exhausting.



Overall, camp was very exciting and we completed multiple of activities. Even though I felt very homesick, I enjoyed playing most of the activities with my groupmates. If I had a choice to go back to camp or not, I wouldn’t  choose to go. I enjoyed the day times, really, but when it comes to night, i’m not really used to it. Camp was a great experience and a great time to meet new friends, I really enjoyed it.


Weekly reflection 12

This week, we officially started the trade game. The trade game is a game where we draw a card and collect a number of cubes, different coloured markers, coloured paper and a KitKat. I drew 10 of diamonds and collected 2 different coloured papers, 4 different coloured markers and a KitKat. How we win is by completing the 3 goals that Mr Brodie assigned to us, A colourful poster, the tallest unifix cube tower and a clean and tidy locker and tray.  I grouped up with 7 other people and in total, we have about 80-90 cubes.

    For the poster, I provided colours and lettering, Jessica wrote down the tips, Kayla decorated, Daphne and Hayley came up with ideas and provided us with washi tape, and Ava searched up photos. The poster turned out well, we still haven’t finished designing it though. The poster was about report writing tips, for example,

  1. Decide on a non-fiction topic
  2. Write down questions related to the chosen topic
  3. Research facts about your topic

And more! ( all written down on the poster )

I can use these tips while writing reports, so it can help me write a better essay.


In the trade game, you could also trade amongst each other for cubes, food and more! ( form )→ This trading game feels like trading in real life, where people trade with each other, for example, using the silk road. Back then, people would use the silk road to trade different goods with each other, in the trade game, we ask around for different items, people usually we trade foods for goods. ( connection ) → This game is also connected to economics. For example supply and demand. Our group has more supply than demand. We have so many items but are too expensive. People start bargaining for a cheaper price, and in the end, we allow it.  ( causation )→ I decided to work in a group as I didn’t have enough materials, colours and unifix cubes, so I thought that if I joined up with other groups, we could share our supplies and collect the most unifix cubes. However, when the game comes to a stop, we would all have to split up the number of cubes we receive, then we wouldn’t have enough cubes as there are 8 people in our group. This trading experience hasn’t helped me understand my past event, however, I could use some of the reports writing tips to help me write my report on the 1929 wall street crash.





上個月,我班做了口语考试。 我讲的题目是全家乐活动。我讲了我在全家乐活动做了什么, 比如: 吃不同国家的食物,觀看表演,玩不同的游戏等等。我還说了我们參加這個活動可以和家人、朋友相处,可以熟悉不同国家的文化,还可以发现你自己喜欢做什么,喜欢吃什么,喜欢玩什么……考试时,我觉得很害怕,因为我只練習了十五分钟,下一次,我會多練習,所以我不會覺的害怕。



My goals for these few months are…

1.  I will manage my time properly


  • I usually lose track of time and end up finishing my home learning last minute
    I can…

    1.   Make a timetable for me

    2.  Give me an award for completing my goal


    3. Take time finishing up and take breaks between each hour

    I will do it …

  •  At the start of every week
  •  Every time I have things to do ( home learning, homework )
  • When I am unable to wake up/don’t have enough energy, it means that I don’t manage my time properly This is how I will know that I’ve completed my goal
  • When I am able to finish my home learning on time, able to have a reasonable amount of sleep and time to rest/play. 2. I will keep a healthy lifestyle                 ( manage my sleeping time )
  • I sleep too late due to my procrastination
  • I also sleep too late because I have  lots of after-school activities ( in school and outside school )
  • I have problems waking up in the mornings as I sleep too late and won’t have enough energy in the mornings.        

I can complete my goal by…

1. Setting an alarm for when I have to sleep 

2. Don’t procrastinate and finish my home learning earlier

3. Listen attentively in class so it would take me less time to complete my homework

4. Try not to drink tea at night.

This is when I will do each step:

Every day of the week

Every Night until I am able to wake up with enough energy for each day

Once I reach home

I will know if I have completed my goal by…

Having enough energy in the mornings and I am able to wake up without having to ask for five minutes more in the bed.


  1.   I will be a risk taker

             ( courageous )

So I can receive feedback and I would be able to improve and learn new things.

I can complete my goals by…

Contribute more during class


Share my ideas whenever I can

Ask questions if I don’t understand

When will I start?

  • Every day ( hopefully )

2. When I have an idea and am willing to share

3. When I don’t understand something

I will know that I have completed my goals when…

When I am able to share my ideas without my teachers calling on me and when I am improving and learning more/new knowledge



Weekly reflection ( unit reflection )

This week was the week before mid-term break. It was also the week where we would wrap things up on our unit, Scientific Inquiry. This unit was indeed a very interesting and intriguing unit. I learned many new things and reviewed on some of the things I’ve learned before.

For example, I learned what molecules were and what they make. Molecules are a group of atoms bonded together that makes up nearly everything including matter. I’ve learned the three states of matter before, however, I never knew that there were actually 5 states of matter! ( solid, liquid, gas, plasma and Bose-Einstein condensates. )

This unit’s summative, I decided to group up with my classmates and we decided to test out borax crystals. We first tested out the original recipe, then when decided to add a twist. Instead of boric acid, ( borax + boiling water ), we decided to test out contact solution, detergent, and baking soda., In the end, only the baking soda one worked. I think this is because the borax solution and the baking soda solution had an advantage. Borax and baking soda are both crystals itself. They just needed to be dissolved in water and grow on something to be a bigger crystal. This experiment was very interesting, even though we didn’t find out much, the crystals turned out beautiful and, our experiment was successful.

This week was indeed a very busy week as we had so may task to finish. In the end, I managed to complete them all and I was very proud of myself. This unit was a very exciting unit as we were able to conduct experiments and learn about how and why it turned out like that. I really enjoyed this unit and I am looking forward to seeing what we will be learning next time.   


我的中文学习做得好的地放是阅读理解。我做阅读理解的时候,我可以认识很多字,知道怎么回答问题。但是,我需要进步的地方是写作文✏️。 我今年的目标是我要多说中文💬和多读中文书📖。为了做到这些目标,我要我的爸爸妈妈,老师和朋友帮助我。