The 1st month of grade 6 has passed so quickly. This month has been very exciting and interesting. I really enjoyed this first month of school.

In my opinion, the best thing we did this week was doing our own it activities and our student-led activities. I thought that the activities/tasks that were planned for us were very creative, fun and challenging at the same time. One of my favourite events this week was seeing the Stanley Cup. Even though I’m not an ice hockey fan, it was a privilege to be the first school in Hong Kong to see it. However, it felt unfair that the grade 3-5s got to touch the cup and the grade 6s couldn’t. I also feel regretful that I didn’t line up to get Alex Troughay ( since they sat at the front and the grade 6s sat at the top 🙁 )  One of the activities that I disliked this week was going to the HIVE to make the almond brittle. Other students must really like it, but I didn’t. This is because I’m lactose intolerant and the brittle included butter. 🙁

But overall, this week was really fun and exciting, and I hope we can do even better activities next week!


This week of school, we got more into the topic, who we are.  We did an “Own It” activity were we got to choose what to do. I first did the math pre-assessment,  the pre-assessment was not so bad, it did take up a lot of time though. There was also the projects and learner profile reflection.

We also did the student-led activities/classroom design committees. My group and I, (Daphne, Hayley, Ava, Calum, Rian, Josh) are still working on the birthday wall and the height wall. For the birthday wall, we only have gone through about 5 students and still, have 24 more to go. ( we have 29 in total)  I really enjoy the student-led activities, and I am looking forward to finishing everything we planned. We still have to finish:

  • Birthday wall (currently doing)
  • Vacation wall
  • Height wall ( not sure if the boys have finished it or not)
  • Seasonal themes (won’t cover the whole classroom as we would be using up lots of paper or we might not even do it)

       Lastly, Mr. Brodie read us a book called Shi-Shi-Etko. I  really enjoyed the book and I found it very interesting. It was about a little girl named Shi-Shi-Etko being taken away from her parents to go to a school to learn about being a Canadian. Shi-Shi-Etko’s passion is nature, she loved to visit the grandfather tree (her favorite spot), collect sprigs, berries and go canoeing with her father. She also received a memory bag from her Ya-ya, she put all her favourite things in there, then she went to bury them in beside grandfather tree. We also