Project Genesis – Product (Alpha) (TBH, FINAL)

YO YO YO! What’s up guys! The following music is a mashup of remixes of songs! I used a lot of effects and many songs, try to guess ’em all! This is the final product. I used 6 MIDI tracks, and 10 loops. Anyways, I spent at least 3 hours on this, I definitely hope it paid off! 😀

I hope you enjoy this upcoming music and don’t forget to comment on it!

Thank you for listening!

Project Genesis – Criteria Di

Explain the step by step process of this assignment…
Firstly, I looked for some good popular songs with a similar tempo, this is because it will be easier for me to combine them. Secondly, I made MIDI tracks for the songs, this is because I said I wanted to do a mashup of remixes of songs, which worked well for me. Thirdly, I cut, copy and arranged the MIDI to be mixed together, this is the mashup part. Fourthly, I made transitions with the MIDI, this is because the songs don’t link very well with each other’s last and first note. Finally, I added the final vocals, transitions for the vocals and the effects (e.g.Distortion, Reverb), this is for the remix mashup to be more lively than just notes.
Assess your success against your must-haves and desirable qualities from your proposal…
I did follow my must haves and also fulfilled the desirable qualities for the music, totally 10 loops, 6 MIDI tracks, and 2 drummers. Also, the remix mashup is almost 5 minutes long. This does satisfy all my must haves and desirable qualities, it even exceeded my own expectation. I had thought about only having a remix mashup of just 4 songs, but in the end, I used a total of 10 songs!
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
I learned how to make an actual mashup, and also learned how remixes can be made better (e.g. to change the bootlegs, material or featuring the parts of the artist’s song). Also, I learned how to input cool effects which can make it more lively, and lovely. Not just that, in the making of the MIDI, I sometimes used double chords on certain notes to amplify some intense parts.

What challenges did you face and overcome?
I faced a few challenges in the making of this remix mashup, it was hard to find songs which have a similar tempo, it was hard to choose out of many many songs in such different themes, finally I chose the songs that match the intense and exciting theme (e.g. Megalovania, No Mercy, We Are Number One…). I also faced the problem of the endnote and starting note of songs not matching, therefore, I need to make transitions to connect them. The MIDI tracks themselves were a problem too, it was hard to make those chords sound like the song originally was, but after a really long time of clicking, it was accomplished. Finally, it was the vocal for No Mercy, it was the only track running, and it sounded odd, so I added a drummer to pair with it, and it sounded better and linked better.
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  1. I like how you used most of my favorite songs. The loops and songs went well together. If only the recordings fit the beat, it could have been better.

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