Unité 1 -Parlez-vous français?

Unité 1 -Parlez-vous français?


  • How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?

I can use my English knowledge to learn French by finding similarities in some word, this is because some words have a English hint in the spelling and pronunciation.

  • How can I introduce myself in French?
  • I introduce myself in French by talking about the following:
  • Name
  • Age / Birthday
  • Nationality
  • Hobbies
  • Color
  • Languages
  • Pets
  • Phone number


  • How are languages linked to one another?



  • Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

Comments logo design♡

In my logo design, I think I did well in:

  1. Making my design clear and simple.
  2. It shows conflict, because of the rain and the sun. The rain shows the bad, sad, angry and disappointed days. On the other hand, the sun shows the bright, happy and enjoyable times.
  3. I thought that making the outline of the shape, the heart was very difficult, but I thought that it turned out pretty decent.
  4. I  thought it was a good and important idea to keep my name in the middle of the shape, because it shows  that my name is very valuable and it really represents me as a person.

In my logo design, I think I need to change:

  1. I think I need to change the font and the colour of my name, because the font and colour do not match the rest of the logo.
  2. I need to change the spacing of the different elements of the logo, to make it more organised, so it doesn’t look all cramped up.

In my logo design, I think I need to improve:

  1. I need to improve on making sure the elements of my design are contained inside the outline, shape.
  2. I also need to improve on making sure the rain drops, are all identical and have to same size and colour choice.
  3. The last thing I need to make sure about, is the dents in the heart outline, the side of the heart are not perfectly straight so they look a bit uneven.

 What do you think I did well in? What do you think I should change? What do I need to improve?


How I was successful:

I like that the shape is different than all the other logo outlines and it is not as simple as a circle or some of the others I’ve seen. Further more, other people thought that my design logo is very memorable, it is very simple, versatile and colourful.. I admire that all the colours are complementary and they don’t overwhelm the audience.The very outstanding part is that all the colours in my logo are all very natural and have some kind of connection to the outdoor world.

How I can improve:

I think looking back to all the comments and feedback, I think I could improve on keeping all of the elements of my logo design in the outlines. I can also change the font and also the colour of the font to make everything match. Another thing I can improve on is to make my logo more spacious and make the outline thicker which will make everything more visible.


Design- Cup Challenge

In the last few days of design class, we were trying to design a paper cup. We had a quite a few trials but we think we got to the final decision. Together we took a piece of paper and made our first design, we found out that this design was not the best because we said, the bottom of the cup is too thin so we went on and made another one. This second one was a bit better, because we made the bottom thicker and wide at the same time, but there was a problem. This design was not tall at all and it couldn’t stand, so we decided to make out last one and hopefully stay with that idea, so we did. We ended up with a rather narrow but tall cup. It definitely a very small design but with a larger paper it would be a perfect cup. We made our final design and liked it. We added double the amount of paper on the bottom so there won’t be a water leakage. This in mind we thought our design was the best design we could work with.