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中文 Crit B 反思

  1.  對於這份閱讀材料,我了解了多少?


2. 滿意的地方,舉例說明。如何更好?


3. 不滿意的地方有那些,舉例說明。如何改善?



The Giver pee paragraph reflection

  1.  Conceptual: How can society rules help or hurt us?

The society rules from The Giver is very strict and really makes every single thing  to be perfect. But when it comes to our rights, they don’t let you to choose between things, they don’t let you to choose your own jobs (life assignments) or spouses, everything is arranged as the community rules are set. This makes me feel that the community is all about sameness which makes people in the community cannot show how they are different from others.

2. People say that a good book can change your mind  in some way. In what way do you think that reading The Giver might  have changed your mind, or made you consider things differently than before you read it?

This book changed how I feel about the community now I’m living in. I used to feel that my community had left out some rules, but in this book I learnt that too much rules in our life may let us feel abandoned or there’s no differences and cultures between us.

3. What are some ways you can improve in writing your PEE paragraph?

I have to pay attention to my tenses and coma splice errors and I have repeated too much in my paragraph. I should be more careful about it and do more proofreading after finish writing.





Service Day Reflection

What activities made a particular impression? New stuff learned?

I went to urban design for service day. we went to Wong Chuk Hang to take some photos and we made up ideas to improve Wong Chuk Hang.

how did you develop greater understanding of an issue or need as a result of your service experience?

Urban design helps the citizens to build something to improve their place.

did you dod something that was challenging for them in some way, involving some risk-tasking, perhaps?

We tried to design something to improve wong chuk hang.

interest in doing a longer term project in the general topic/area?

I think it’s a very good thing to be an urban designer but it takes so long to become one professional architect.

ukulele- Everything Has Changed (my choice) by Kristy

Here’s my ukulele song- Everything Has Changed







Reflection :

How is recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

I think it was easy doing this project because it’s the second time to do and I feel great when I get to learn how to play my favourite song on the ukulele. It is a great opportunity for me to learn. My song is Everything Has Changed originally by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. This song is being well written by Taylor Swift, it’s about her own feelings. My version of it was a bit slower than it supposed to be and it was played on the ukulele, I add some light drummers to it but it’s similar to the original and the reason I chose this song is because the chords are easy and I think it’s a great song to me.

How did your music classes prepare you for this assignment? 

I think I was not strumming on time even though I was using metronome, it keeps me redoing it again and again but it’s better to use garage band to edit and trim. In my singing part, I sang after I had done my ukulele part because the strumming is too loud so it covers up my voice and I used a softer drum track to match the song.The strumming was on time at first but it became a little bit rushing. I think it’s a short time for me to finish the project.



Flute-#84 Go For Excellence

Here is my recording of the flute (#84 go for excellence)


The hardest part of this project is while recording, when you have got something wrong you have to redo it again when using quicktime player, it is very annoying so I have to be really careful. I felt very lightheaded when playing the flute since you have no more breaths.

The making of me video reflection- Kristy


          In the making of me video, I put some pictures and in it and I tried do a voiceover in my video, I think it is very cool by doing it. I could’ve done better in showing more stuffs and it should’ve been more interesting. I think it’s hard to edit the video when I had to try make the video longer as I had not many stuffs to put in the video. I will  probably put some more videos in it and I could add somebody in my video to make it more fun if I can make it again. In this video, I think I’ve learnt more about myself, my culture and my life, before I may think I was just a normal Hong Kong citizen but maybe I have some more things that not many people have.