Award Medallion – Yin and Yang

My medal was inspired by the yin and yang. In my opinion, I think that Yin and Yang is a very simple design to make. The first thing you want to do is to make your outline circle, then you want to turn it into 0.1 pt and make sure the color is R 255. the second thing you need to do is make the two small holes 5mm by 5mm, again make sure that they are also 0.1 pt. Thirdly, in order to make the curved line in the middle, I used the line tool and made half of a “U” 4 times then changed their direction a little bit and then you will have that line in either B 255 or black. Finally, I just simply used the text tool and wrote my peace and destruction words.

Ukulele Song – Lava

My recording is different from the original recording in many ways. The first change is the strumming pattern, I changed the original strum pattern which was down, down, up, down, up, down, up, I changed it to down, down, up, down, down, down, up because I feel that it was easier to strum. I still kept the ukulele chords the same which were C chord, F chord, and the G7 chord, I kept these chords because I felt like they really show a Hawaiian kind of tune and they do match with the singing very well. The final change was that in the original song there were no piano nor drums, so in my song, I have added those two.

In this class I have revised on my strumming abilities so that it could help me in future situations, I said revised because I have already learned how to play the guitar for 3 years now. In this class I have learned how to use Garageband to edit my music recordings such as cutting or copy and pasting, in this assessment I used this to copy and paste individual recordings of each chord, I did this because the song Lava is a very long song that is why I thought it would be more efficient  to copy and paste each chord. This class increased my ability to sing as in the assessments I have been practicing my singing more, but for this assessment, I think that the singing is a little hard but not too hard. I think that my time management could have been better since at the start of the lessons to work on this assessment because since I have been working in a group so I think we spent a bit too much time deciding what to do. In the process of me recording my song I first started by recording the individual chords and editing them, after that I recorded the singing, while I was recording the singing I listened to the chords to make sure I was on time, third I recorded my piano using Garageband and finally I recorded my drums and I am listening to the chords again to make sure I get the correct beat. I personally think that without the chords done properly then my entire song is messed up.


Music ukulele recording and reflection(amazing grace)

Song choice and acquired skills

The song I chose was amazing grace, I chose this song because I found the song a very beautiful song and it truly was amazing. The skills I acquired were extremely helpful for me. These skills really helped me to be able to learn how to play the notes and chords of amazing grace. These skills include learning to read the notes, time signature, timing, learn how to read the value of notes and the anacrusis at the start of the song. I may not have fully mastered the skills but the skills were still was a key part in my song amazing grace. In amazing grace, there are only three chords, which are “C”, “F” and “G7”. The individual notes are low G, C, E, D, A and high G.

Understanding of Garageband

My understandings of GarageBand are its ability to be able to input an electric piano played on the computer and inserting it into the song, this is done by using “command K”. I also know how to edit the music by cutting it, you can do this by selecting a certain part of the music that is recorded in one part then pressing the top left button that looks like a scissor. While recording or playing the song you can add in a metronome to help you listen to the beat, you do this by pressing the middle right button that is right next to the 1234 button. But if recording music while the metronome is playing, the metronome will be recorded into the music, so to be careful record the song with headphones so you can still hear the metronome but it won’t get into your recording.

Service Day

The activities I did at the e-farm were to study and learn about the how they use a system to be able to help plants that grow on water grow, plant down corn and water them and also make a fire on grass so that is would make the soil more rich and fertilized. Something new I learned was that they have a cycle to save water, they use water with fish in it and fish droppings. That water is transported to plants that grow on water, the fish droppings will help the plants grow. Then the water would be used to help clean the pipes that it is traveling through. After that, the water goes through a lot of special rocks, the rocks have lots of holes in them so that they actually clean the water. Finally, the newly cleaned water goes back to the fish tanks that it first came out of. By learning this helps us understand a way to have a farm and save water at the same time. I think that it would be challenging to first set-up the whole farm since the system they are basically running through just a few pipes. I would be kind of interested in doing this trip again and being able to help improve the farm to make it more convenient for the farmers.

Instrument Research

For grade7 music, I will be choosing to try and play the Trombone.

Video links:

How to play-


In this video, it tells me to be very careful when cleaning my trombone. First I need to fill my tub with warm water(make sure it’s not too hot). Second I need to take my trombone apart. Third I need to carefully place all the different parts in the tub and let it soak for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes flip the bell over so that the soap gets on all the sides of the bell. after everything is soaked grab the inner slide and then run my snake through the inner slide, do the same with the outer slide, the small side of the bell and use the small brush to clean the mouthpiece.