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For design, we had to design and make a logo. I started learning the basics for designing a logo, how it should be memorable, simple, versatile, timeless, and appropriate. Also, I learned that a design should be using C.A.R.P., which stands for contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity. After that, I started thinking about how my logo would look like. I had many different ideas, and I wrote down what my logo should represent to keep my work simple and organized. I sketched a few of my ideas, and asked some of my friends for which ones should I use. I finally selected two of the logos and got comments from others in order to improve. I made my final sketch of my logo by hand and did reflections on what I did well and what I should improve on. (Criterion B) Then, I learned and practiced skills on using Adobe Illustrator, so that it would be easier for myself to make my improved logo on Illustrator later. I started making the logo, and got comments and reflected using the process journal. (Criterion C) After that, I made an iFolio post and got feedback from my classmates. (Criterion D)

For improving my logo, I would put more colors on the letters, and try to make the lines perfect and smoother. Also, I would try to outline the logo, to make it stand out and be more unique as said in the feedback from my friends. To do so, I would use layers to make sure that I won’t mess up with the logo. Also, I would use the paintbrush tool and the colors tool to make the lines smoother and with more colors.


I would wish that you can give feedback on my logo based on these questions below:

  1. In what way do you think my logo is memorable?
  2. What do you think my logo represents?
  3. What can I improve?



  • Kaia

    I really like how everything is black in your logo and the music sign is yellow. This shows that you are very interested in music. In your design it really shows you as a person. Something you can improve in is filling in the space with more personally hobbies.
    -great job!!!

  • Cynthia

    1. Your logo is memorable because it’s simple and also timeless. You used colours with good contrast and simple but memorable designs. It was a creative idea to put a musical note instead of the dot of the “I” in your name.
    2. I think your logo represents who you are. The contrast of the colours show that you are a unique person. The yellow note in your name shows your passion for music and the enjoyable things in life.
    3. I can’t really think of anything that you can improve on because it’s too good….. Maybe you should outline the letters so they could stand out more.

  • Haley

    1. In what way do you think my logo is memorable?
    I think your logo is memorable because of its simplicity and the colour contrast between the black letters and the yellow music note. It is simple because it really just states your name and as a replacement for the dot on the “i” you placed a music note instead.

    2. What do you think my logo represents?
    I think it represents that you are not exactly a complicated person and you also love music.

    3. What can I improve?
    I think you can improve on perhaps making the lines smoother and perfecting your logo completely because anything could be perfected.

  • Kristin

    1. Your logo is memorable because it’s very simple.
    2. Your logo represents you (your name) and your love for music
    3. Maybe you could add a bit more colour into it. But overall it’s a really cute logo!

  • Adrienne

    ~ I really liked that you incorporated your name into your logo – it makes it simple, timeless and memorable.
    ~ The cursive font you used uses clean lines and is extremely artistic.
    ~ I liked the detail of the music note, as it is subtle and also expresses your love of music.
    ~ I think you could add a white outline to the letters so thy could stand out and be visible on a black background.

  • Isabelle

    1. Your logo is super memorable because it is literally just your name with a music note as the dot of the “i”. You just have to remember your name and the calligraphy font and your love for music!

    2. I think that your logo represents your love for music, and I think the font represents your fancy/artistic side.

    3. I don’t actually know what to say you could improve on… it’s so good! But, maybe you could make it more versatile, able to look good on everything.

    Good job!!!

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