G,OAL SETTING IN GRADE 5B         Name:_Emily_____________________________________________


Our goals should be SMART →


Goal 1: I want to improve solving word problems, from October to January, by working on Singapore math an underlining the important things in the problem every week.
Strategy How often I will do it How to track it/who will monitor
underlining and circling the important detail every week me, family, Ms. Polawski
RUCSAC (print out and have at home to remind me to follow the steps) every time I work on problem-solving math
Next check in on goal: November(progress)January(final)
Further action:


Goal 2: (personality)I would work on perspective because my advice always ends up failing, I’ll use my strategies for grade 5. I can start thinking about how things would work best to the person’s situation. I can do this every day.
Strategy How often I will do it How to track it/who will monitor
thinking thoroughly about a situation. every day myself
building empathy – put myself in another’s shoes
Next check in on goal:December(progress)Febuary(final)
Further action:


Signed: Emily pottinga                                       Signed: __________________________________ Signed: __________________________________
              Student Teacher Parent


 Date: ____________________________________

Caged home construction

E-Folio Reflection #1 :

Name: Emily Pottinga                                          Date:

Introduction: Introduce what you will be talking about in this post
Hi, omma, papa and Ms. Polawski. This is my first E-Folio post in 5b! I will talk about our activity in the caged homes inquiry. We made the outside of a subdivided flat and I was with Sophia, Kavya, Lee, and Nathaniel.  
Backward-Looking: Choose one question to respond to in detail.
We first had to find a spot to start, which was quite easy because there was a lot of space where the class setup. Then we had to get our measurements down. We had a little trouble with that because we needed an 80 square feet square. But then we thought of making a rectangle so it would fit the measuring of feet available. Finally we used string to create the perimeter of our flat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Inward Looking: Choose one question to respond to in detail.
I found that we were quite pleased with our result. We could add furniture in it and still have a little room. We also managed to decide where to put our pots and pans!
Outward Looking: Choose one question to respond to in detail.
We got creative when we decided to make it a rectangle. I don’t know if some groups also did it but I’m proud of it anyways.
Forward-Looking: Choose one question to respond to in detail.
I don’t think the result could be better. But it could have a more organized process because we constantly got mixed up whether it was a 8ft string or 10ft and thinking the string had a knot or not.


Welcome Everyone

Hi! My name is Emily. I’m in 5Bakery.  I have 4 family members; Mom, Dad, my older brother Eidyn, and me. I like reading, drawing, and playing with my dolls. I’m not much of the outdoor type. My favorite subjects are art, music, and P.E(that’s the only time I’m outdoorsy.). My favorite outdoor activities are rock climbing, dance, gymnastics, and swimming. My favorite animal is, as you can see, cats!!!

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