Final Reflection- We are Hong Kongers -Vivian Huang

Team: Dia, Laeticia, Vivian

English/Arts IDU Crit C and D Reflection Form 2019

My group is Laeticia, Dia and Vivian (me) and we are all in 8E
How well did you communicate your experience as a Hong Konger? *
I think I communicated really well in my experience as a Hong Konger, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for about 3 years and I love Hong Kong really much, it’s probably my favorite city. As a Hong Konger myself I think the experience I experienced in Hong Kong might be different as the others, but within my group, our experience is quite similar. So in this project, we made a video about Hong Kong, mainly it’s appearance and how it feels like to be in Hong Kong, I also added Laeticia and mine’s poem in the video and I think we communicated our experience quite well.
How would you describe your personal success as an interdisciplinary learner? *
I feel like I succeed in this project as an interdisciplinary learner because in this project I did a lot of things, I didn’t only use music and my video making skills I also used English. So overall I used visual art for the photography and Music for the mashup and technology skill for the editing the iMovie video and at last, I used English for the poem part, I describe Hong Kong in details and how it feels to be in Hong Kong. So overall I think I did very well and this is how I would describe my personal success has an interdisciplinary learner.
How would you describe benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples. *
I think this unit gave me a lot of benefits, for example before this unit I would never edit an iMovie video with my English poem in it, it gave me a lot more perspectives as a Hong Konger what Hong Kong is like and how it’s different for everyone. Also, I benefit me in such parts as making a music mashup and how to change it so you don’t get copyrighted. It also taught me how to edit iMovie more advanced. Overall, I think this project has benefited me in many different parts and I really enjoyed this project.
What were the limitations of the interdisciplinary unit? Give specific examples… *
I had a few limitations but I didn’t really have that much of a challenge. For the limitations is that I never did such things like this before, like combining subjects together. This is my first time putting my English project poem into a music and visual art combined project. So this is my limitations so I was trying to figure out how to place my poem into the iMovie and at last, I overcame this limitation by coming up with an idea that I should read my poem out loud and you can hear it with the sun titles at the bottom.
Grade yourself using the IDU Specifications. Easy if you have followed the above instructions!
Communication of the interdisciplinary theme.
Personal success as a interdisciplinary learner.
Benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Limitations of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Self assess using the Crit. C rubric (question 1) *

Self assess using the Crit. D rubric (Question 2-4) *

I am a Hongkonger Proposal


I am a Hongkonger Proposal
Group Members and HRs
Vivian, Laeticia, Dia 8E
What are your Personal Goals and Intention of this project?
Our poem is about the Hong Kong views and detail about Hong Kong’s detail
In our video, we are going to have

  • Timelapse
  • Hong Kong’s view
  • Our poem
  • Song
  • Speaking

Our goal is to make a good video, pictures of hong kong, voiceover some bits of the poem and add music.

Hows does this project connect to your English Poem of choice?
Laeticia: It is all about Hong Kong and how it looks one of our poems is about the competition that happens in hong kong we are going to show that by doing time lapses so it kind of looks like people are racing.
Vivian: My poem is about Hong Kong’s tourism,  and how people are disrespecting it and also Hong Kong’s view.
Dia: My poem is about how the pollution in Hong Kong is stripping away its beauty. I make Hong Kong into a person and explain how the pollution is killing it.
Direct link to your poem, or poem text
What are your success criteria?

Must be tangible and measurable… Label this point by point, please!

My success criteria

  • 2 minutes long
  • Background music that relates to the pictures – 4 tracks, plugins, dynamics
  • 2 or 3 time-lapses location video
  • A voice reading one part of the poem
What materials do you need to complete your project?


  • Use time lapse
  • Our poems
  • Us
  • Camera
  • Music (self made)
What equipment will you need to present your project?

(Very important if you are doing a live presentation – we need to organise this in advance!)

  • Present on a screen in the LLAC
Artwork will be presented outside the LLAC

All live presentations and videos will be on the LLAC stage.


Project Genusis Crit A


What information are you using from this link? *
– It taught me how to mashup the time
-Shows me the basic skills of how to mash up a song



What information are you using from this link? *
– This taught me how to mash up the songs on garage band
-Also taught me how to mashup the timing



What information are you using from this link? *
– Secret drum tracks
-How to use the drum track
-how do make interesting drum tracks



What information are you using from this link? *
– This taught me how to add a new soundtrack in and the basic
-Taught me some basic thing about how to mashup songs

Design Project Reflection

The challenges are that we’re going to explain everything very detailed, and use lots of Compositional elements. We explained it in detailed but not for all of the pictures also we used Compositional elements. Our audience for this video is for the parents who are planning to come to CDs and we can impact what they think about cdnis. They will know that cdnis have a lot of languages programs and also it’s really international. We can probably like to speak more but it could only be 2-3 mins. Also, we could take more pictures


Science Ifolio Reflection

What makes a credible scientist?

You need to try your best and be passionate about science. Never give up, also have patient cause if you don’t have patient, you will just rush through and it’s going to be bad.

Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ways of knowing? 

It’s because that there’s scientific proves for it and for the other ways of knowing is just religious or believes. The other ways of knowing, it works for some people but not all, it works if you believe it. But for the scientific ways of knowing, it works for everyone. In your body, there’s immune system and more, and the scientific medicine, it’s antibiotics I think and that will help your body to get better.

Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

I’m going to be more careful about the spelling. Also, my safety rules part, for my safety rules, mine isn’t really logic so next time I’m going to be more careful and logic about my safety rules.