How science can cause and solve environmental problems

Give an brief description of an oil spill and how it can be cleaned up using science.

Oil spills can be solved by different kinds of methods. One of the methods I have researched about are oil booms. Oil booms help solving oil spills because it is one of the easiest ways to. Oil booms contain the oil by using the density of oil. Since oil have less density, they get to float on water. The oil booms are also floatable devices that surround the oil from spreading. This is not a method that removes the oil itself, and it needs people who clean up the oil that is being contained by the booms.

Is science good for humanity? Do the benefits of scientific discovery outweigh the problems it causes?

Science is good for humanity in some way because humanity needs science to survive. For example, medication is needed for people who have diseases, and they can help them survive. Science also helped ‘engineering’ become a thing, so now we can use machines and vehicles to live a much easier life. Without science, we are almost not able to do anything, but live like primitive people. We would not have developing technology, which causes us to not develop. Even though science sometimes hurts people, it may be worth it.

Scientific discoveries can outweigh the problems it causes, but depending on how big the problem is. Generally, science has caused pollution, which is now massively hard to solve. Plastic is a very useful material and can be used for almost everything, but also it causes massive pollution. Therefore it is hard to say that all of the scientific discoveries can outweigh the problems it causes.

Music Project Genesis

Explain the step by step process of this assignment.
I wanted to make a song with my own melody, so it was a little hard to come up with a melody. I decided to make random chords until I finally got a good chord. I started with the chord, making melodies and made drum beats, which were a bit simple in my opinion. I had to think of additional melodies because the song would be repetitive, so I tried some notes that fit with the song. The bass was tricky. I had to research how to make good bass, and I kinda made one, but it was not that interesting. I wanted to add vocal loops because they had a similar atmosphere with the song. I think the final product was well done.
 Assess your success against your must haves and desirable qualities from your proposal.
I wanted to make a chilling melody, and it actually turned out to be okay. It sounded pretty chilling, thanks to the instruments. Since the drum sounds were not loud it helped the song not to be too energetic.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.
Even though I had a lot of experience with Medly, I still learned how to make my own melody with drum beats and bass lines. The bass lines were not that good,  but I still think it is better than not having one. Remix is much easier because you can use another melody and change the instruments or sounds, but since I had to make one, it was a good experience.
What challenges did you face and overcome?
Making my own melody itself was a big challenge for me because I only make remixes of my favorite songs. Making random chords actually helped me a lot because it gave me an idea how to start a song. My drummer friend helped me think of a nice drum beat. I had to research and make my own bass, and the bass ended up being a bit boring. However, I think it still sounds nice with the song.

vLog Reflection Design Unit 2 Post

What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products?

The cultural considerations people should make when designing products are the language. The name of the product can be offensive towards other countries. The symbols or the thing sin the product can also look offensive. Since cultures are different in different countries, there can be unintended problems caused, that makes us need considerations.

How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values? 

The design of a product can communicate traditions and values by showing different kinds of symbols. Symbols can symbolize different meanings in different countries, which is because of different cultures and traditions. A design can show their cultures and traditions to other people, which lets them communicate their traditions.

Are handmade products an effective way of minimizing environmental impact? Why or why not?

Handmade products are a more effective way to minimize environmental impact because it causes less pollution than factory products for sure. People seem to use less effort and does not try making handmade products.

Music Proposal Research

Link 1:

I needed to know how to make a good bass melody for my song. To make my song feel less empty, I needed a bass to fill the song and sound better.

Link 2:–audio-5135

I used to make the drum beats with my help of my friend, who is good at drums. However, now I had to use my own effort to create a good drum beat. With this link, I learned how to make a decent drum beat. I had to make the beats repetitive, because I actually had no idea how to make more continuous beats.

Link 3:

This information seemed to be for band groups, but by reading this, I learned how to end the song. The link said to change the texture of the song. The number of instruments you can hear playing at the end can increase to the whole band or decrease to just vocals, but I decided to use a single melody instead of vocals, because it sounded a bit empty with the vocal-ish instruments.

Link 4:

This link helped me understand how to control the mood of my song. My goal is to make a relaxing but also a bouncy song, so I needed to learn how to control the mood and atmosphere to get the right feeling that I want. If this fails, my song will be very boring or too exciting, therefore I needed to be careful.

Project Genesis Proposal Forms

What is the goal for your assignment:
My goal for this assignment is to make a song with an app called Medly. I decided not to make a mashup because first, it was a little bit hard to find songs that fit together and sounded good. Also, I wanted to try making my own melody because I almost always used another melody of a song and made a remix of it. This assignment will help me get creative.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal:
First, I have to make my own song and melody. I should not make a remix of another song. Medly, the app I will use, has less loops and instruments, but some of them sound better than Garage Band, so I will try making a song not with Garage Band. Making my own melody is hard, but once you get the right feeling, it gets easier to continue the song. It might get a little repetitive.
Why this project:
I thought about playing the violin, but I think like to make music more, so I decided to make one instead. I have used Medly since grade 5, so it was more easier for me. When I started Garage Band this year, it was similar, but some things were new for me and the controls were not the same. I still do not know some of the features of Garage Band. However, I know everything about Medly, so I think it would be better if I used Medly instead.
What do you hope to learn:
I would like to learn to make my own songs instead of using other songs for inspiration. Once again, this will help me get more creative. This is extremely important to me because I almost always cannot think of a melody, so I use another melody for a song. Copyright is a thing, so I should start making my own stuff.
What are you must haves for this assignment:
I want to make a very chilling and bright atmosphere instead of a song that has a dubstep feeling. My goal is to make a relaxing song instead of electric songs, so I should not use instruments that are too loud or complicated. The melody should not be fast. If I use loops, I must need instruments and loops that match the song.
What are your desirable qualities you hope to add in for your assignment:
I do not want the song to sound empty and slow. Even though the song should be a chill and relaxing song, I do not want the song to get too boring. The song should not be too slow. I thought 100 BPS would be enough because I tried 95, but it was slow for me. 120 was kind of fast and kind of hard to follow in my opinion.

Music Criteria Assignment

Hopes and Liquorice

I used 4 sounds from school: Scissors, Zipper, Mr.Lee saying “8E needs more liquorice”, and a part of a drum. Sorry for making it a little bad 🙁

Describe the process of this assignment:
The assignment was kind of new for me. I have tried making music with an app called Medly with my phone, so it helped me finish the assignment much easier. Choosing the sounds from CDNIS was quite difficult, but after finding them and distorting them, they helped the song get better. I tried my best to make the loops fit with the song, so I pitched them a bit. In my opinion, my final product was good, and I think it was a good experience to learn more about music.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product:
Two of the sounds, scissors and a metal bar of a drum, were good sounds for additional drums, and the distorted voice of Mr. Lee gave the song a little bit of dubstep effects. A sound of a zipper also kind of made a rising/sweeping sound. These sounds definitely helped me make my product better.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired:
I learned something new, which is how to distort sounds and make them interesting. Distortion was not an option in Medly, so it was completely new for me, and I think it helped me understand the concept of distortion.
What challenges did you face and overcome:
Since I did not use Garage Band before, it was a bit hard to control the things, but  with my experience making music helped me a bit. Also I did not know how to distort sounds, but my friends helped me understand how to use them, so now I know all the basics of changing the sounds.