Fine Arts Reflection

Our first fine arts subject was drama, which I was not confident about. I was not sure about acting. I think I could have improved on drama because I did not get good grades on it. It was hard for me to get them because first, I lacked details for the summatives writing about modern melodrama. If I tried more harder and explained better, I could have gotten better grades on drama. On the performances I got grades that were okay, but I think I could have done better by being more confident on my performance. Overall, I could have done much better at drama.

English Reflection

I think I am doing ok on english even though I have problems using english, which is why I am at the Writer’s Workshop. At the first summative, I got a really good score, but I kind of do not know why. I think it was because it was not graded by grammar and vocabulary, which are the two things I sometimes make mistakes. This will make the next summative difficult to get a good grade because I would get lower grades because of grammar and vocabulary. I hope I can improve with these two things I am weak at.

P.E. Reflection

I think I am doing ok at Physical Education. However I got a low grade on the second summative, which was about overcoming stress. I could have improved this assignment by writing more about things that could cause stress and how you can reduce your stress. Also I could have talked about what could be controlled and what could not. Besides this, I think I am doing ok because I am participating well on the activities.

Humanities Reflection

I am doing decent on humanities, even though it is one of the subjects that I am not good at. This time we had to do a presentation about our food issues and impacts. I think my presentation got a decent grade because I did not include enough details, and it was a little short. I could have improved the presentation by talking more about what impacts the issue can cause. We also made infographics about empires and did a little performance about Columbus. I think these are done pretty well. Anyway, I hope I can improve more during humanities since it is one of my weaknesses.

Science Reflection

At the beginning, I did not do well at science because I got low grades on the investigation, which was my first science summative. That made me think that I have messed up science, and I was about to give up. However, we had a science test and I thought it was my chance to improve my grade and got an 8. Now I am doing well on science and I wish I can keep up with the good work.

Math Reflection

Math is one of the subjects that I am confident with, and I think I am doing really well. The teacher tells my classmates to ask me for help if he does not come to school or class. However, I have one problem, and it is showing my work. The “communicating with math” test was decent, but I could have done better. I should practice showing my work with words. Besides that, I am doing pretty well with math.

Design Reflection

I think I am doing not bad during Design class. I turn in the assignment on time and I do what I am supposed to do. This time we made a video about CDNIS with a group of two, and our video was edited on mobile. The final product seemed good because according to the survey, many people thought the editing was good and the pictures and the music fit the theme. However, there was one major thing I could have improved. It was the audio quality. We did not have a good microphone, so the background noise was not able to be removed. If only the audio was good enough, we would have had a better video.


What makes a credible scientist?

Reliable methods make a credible scientist. No matter who is using the method, if it is reliable, it makes that a person credible person. How you do it is more important than who you are.


Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ways of knowing?

It is known in medicine because medicine are needed to unhealthy people. They need to be cured with reliable and credible medicine.


Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

I would add more information for the problem, state what the graph will look like clearer, not confuse weight and mass, write a little more detail for the method, and check if the method has a mistake. From now on I will only go for a 6 to 8.