Instrument Research

For music, I have decided to play the flute.

When playing the flute I have to make a certain shape with our mouths so that the sound comes out right, this shape is called Embouchure. While slightly firming the muscles at the corner of the lips but still keeping the middle of the lips smooth and relaxed I will push air out of the middle of lips making a B sound, this will help me be able to make the sound longer. When pushing our jaw in and out while pushing air out, the air will start to go up and down and this will get me ready for playing different notes on my flute. The head joint is the part of the flute with no keys. This piece has something attached to it called the Lip plate which tucks underneath my lip to help blow air out. Inside this part is the Embouchure hole, I want to direct my air stream to go across this hole to make a nicer smooth sound. Overall to make a smooth sound I will cover the longer end of the head joint and blow into the Embouchure hole while making the sound of a P and using all the skills that I have learned.


To clean my flute I will need a flute rod and a silk swab. First of all, I will thread my swab through the rod and pull through about an inch, then I will use the rest of the silk on the other side of the rod to cover the rod so that it doesn’t damage my flute. Then I will take off my head joint and stick my rod into the head twisting it a couple of times to take out all the moister. Then I will put the rod into the remainder of the flute, twist it and after a couple of times take off the foot joint and continue to clean the remainder of the flute.



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