Ukelele Song – Clay

How is your recording the same and different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?  The original song Clay is a fast, loud, upbeat song that really looks at the singing of the artist, while I wanted to make my song a slower and calmer song that looks at the

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Structures And Forces

For our science unit, we learned about the natural world and how it affects us in good and bad ways, for example, hurricanes don’t impact us, they only cause serious damage, they bring strong winds and the sea levels rise, causing a lot of flooding, but they are part of the natural world and we can’t change that.

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Clarinet Song

For our music summative assessment, we had to play the song “Go For Excellence”.

Music ukulele recording (Lavender’s Blue)

Lavenders Blue recording: Discuss your Ukulele song choice and the skills you acquired. I played the song Lavender’s blue. It’s in a common time of 4/4 and it was in the key of C. The strumming had three chords, C, F and G. During the eighth notes of the melody in bar 2 the notes

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Impact HK

For service day I went on a trip with Impact HK to walk the streets of Mong Kok and care for the homeless.   I always knew that there were homeless people on the streets of Hong Kong and of course I knew that they had to look after themselves and be careful with their decisions so

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Instrument Research

For music, I have decided to play the flute. When playing the flute I have to make a certain shape with our mouths so that the sound comes out right, this shape is called Embouchure. While slightly firming the muscles at the corner of the lips but still keeping the middle of the lips smooth

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The Feedback

Based on the comments that I got on my recent design post, I did pretty well and I have improvements to think about. Most people told me that the color doesn’t suit me and that the explanation doesn’t make sense but I think that the color is well chosen and the explanation gives a lot

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My Design Logo

This logo represents me because the flower is a Lily, and that’s my name, I used This earthy pink because it represents nature and earthy colors which I love. The ‘company’ is called Lily’s leos, creating dance leotards because I love dancing and I think that the flower also represents very flowy movements which is something

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Unité 1 – Parlez-vous Français?

Factual: a) How can I use my Knowledge of English to learn French? —French and English in some perspectives can be very similar, for example; They have the same alphabet even though some of the sounds are different a lot of the words also look the same. So we can guess what the word means using

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Cup challenge, Design

During the cup challenge, I looked up origami on the internet and found a picture telling me how to make an origami cup. I tried it but it ended up looking terrible so the next class I learned how to think of logical ideas asking myself what could I do to improve my cup. I tried

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