Arts Showcase – Reflection

How well did you communicate your experience as a Hong Konger? *
I communicated my experience as a Hong Konger quite well. The piece showed Hong Kong and the relationship between the protagonist and Hong Kong through the illusion of a journey through the cave. We included a lot of the famous sights of HK, such as the busses, the city views, busy streets, and the caves deep in the forests. We put ourselves into the shoes of the character while creating the video and gave the character emotions that we had when visiting those places.


How would you describe your personal success as an interdisciplinary learner? *
Our group chose a topic that we were interested in. Expanded on the idea and made it into an outline for the project without the help of teachers. Then we broke down the tasks into smaller ones and assigned them to the most suitable people for the job. For example, in our video, we needed visuals and background music. Since Lavanya was good at making mashups, she was assigned to work on the music while Zoey and I worked on the drawings which we later broke down into even smaller tasks such as sketching and coloring, etc… We were able to put our time management and orgizationation skills at use.


How would you describe benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples. *
We were able to create artworks based on our own interests and work on it with the pace that was the most suitable for us. In school, we were always given a topic, with no guaranteed that it’s going to appeal to us, to work on. Being able to choose our own topic gives the students other motivations other than getting a good grade. Also, everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. Letting the students manage more time on their weaknesses not only helps them improve but it also levels ups the quality of their artwork. Not only that, interdisciplinary programs allow us to improve our creative problem-solving skills. For instance, originally, we were planning to make a short animation video. However, we knew we didn’t have the time for that, so, instead, we drew the basic storyline out and made background music to go along with it to make it more complete. Another example might that one of our groupmate left us in the middle of creating our project, leaving us to cover her part. We quickly sorted the stuff out and got back on track.


What were the limitations of the interdisciplinary unit? Give specific examples… *
Even though the interdisciplinary unit has lots of benefits, there are also some limitations such as students’ time management, and topic choice. Since it’s independent, the instructors can’t keep everyone on track since everyone has a different topic. The whole progress depends on the students’ own willingness which is a huge risk since some students are not as responsible as the others. Time management was hard for our group. There were too many tasks for us to complete and too little people since a group member left us after we set the criteria already. Everyone was on track but we still weren’t able to finish everything in time, so we worked on it at home for hours. Choosing the topic and convincing everyone is hard too. Normally, the teacher would just choose a topic for us and we would be forced to work on it; but in the interdisciplinary unit, we have to come up with our own idea which was challenging since we haven’t done it in so long. Convincing others are even harder. Everyone had their own ideas on what to do.


Grade yourself using the IDU Specifications. Easy if you have followed the above instructions!
Communication of the interdisciplinary theme.
Personal success as a interdisciplinary learner.
Benefits of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Limitations of the interdisciplinary unit with specific examples.
Self assess using the Crit. C rubric (question 1) *
Self assess using the Crit. D rubric (Question 2-4) *

8 (All excellent)

Arts Showcase – Illusion by Marilyn, Lavanya, Zoey

Artist Statement:

This piece of artwork shows Hong Kong and the relationship between the protagonist and Hong Kong through the illusion of a journey through the cave.

Our artwork has been hand drawn with the use of pencils, fine liners, markers, and color pencils. It has been presented in video form with the auditory aid of a mashup that consists of three songs. The main subject matter of the video is a school girl. The title of our piece is “Illusion”. We made use of surrealism in terms of allowing shapes and sizes to be generic while also attempting more classic coloring techniques. We used the songs, Sad Song-We The Kings, Silent Scream-Anna Blue, and Slow Dancing In The Dark-Joji.

This piece describes a personal issue. This girl is tired of having this lifestyle that is repetitive so they imagine their world as a utopia with all these unrealistic ideas. This piece of art is supposed to depict the emotion of depression and sorrow and it grows throughout the video towards the idea of hope.

About the artwork:

Hong Kong is a vastly diverse place, both in terms of the landscape and the culture. As a result, our Hong Kong identities can be complicated. How we think about ourselves as Hong Kongers, depends on our perspective, as well as the setting or context we live in.

To capture that, Lavanya, Zoey, and I teamed up to create an art piece that explores Hong Kong through an illusion.

It is presented in the format of a video with drawings lasting around 4 seconds each and a 2 minutes long mashup in the background. We used visual arts and music to bring out the message in our poem. We changed things up a bit in order to create surrealism and other techniques that we learned in visual art class,  drew different frames to create the story, put it in a video and created a mash-up for the background music. 


We first created a plan with the sketch of every scene that needs to be included in our video. It had our basic storyline and plan.

We created the basic sketch and coloring.

Then we created a soundtrack for the video. It’s a mashup of the songs, Sad Song, Silence Scream, Slow Dancing In the Dark.

Added in more details to the drawing to make it more lively and complete.

Lastly, we put everything together and we got our final video.


I am a Hongkonger Proposal – Marilyn with Lavanya, Noemie, Zoey


I am a Hongkonger Proposal
Group Members and HRs
Lavanya Chutke 8F, Noemie Tunik 8F, Zoey Kong 8F, Marilyn Ma 8D
What are your Personal Goals and Intention of this project?
Our goal for this project is to take each of our individual opinions and experiences in Hong Kong that we have acquired over the years and project them into one thoughtful story. Our intentions for this project is to show the level of transparency(facade or not?) in Hong Kong, and how one’s point of view and take that into consideration and leave it up to the imagination. As well as this, when your way of life is so repetitive, it all slowly becomes a fuzz which slowly is carved into our lifestyle, and we want to express that feeling too.
Hows does this project connect to your English Poem of choice?
When looking upon our poem of choice, one would get quite a nostalgic tone; that this person has experienced this same schedule and it is their way of life. Despite this being true, they are trying to make something out of it. Our final art piece is certainly going to reflect that yearning for something new and how the individual mind is going to manipulate the imaginary surroundings to satisfy.
Direct link to your poem, or poem text
What are your success criteria?

Must be tangible and measurable… Label this point by point please!

-Create a short individually drawn frame by frame storyboard, put together in iMovie or premiere

-1-2 minutes long

-A digital mashup will be played while the art is playing

-Either digital or hand drawn depending on the art department

-Drawings can be done black and white if time is an issue

-Two group members will work solely on the art, one will work on the art and the mashup and one will work solely on the music

What materials do you need to complete your project?
IPads (Procreate) and Apple Pens (if possible)
What equipment will you need to present your project?

(Very important if you are doing a live presentation – we need to organize this in advance!)

Artwork will be presented outside the LLAC

All live presentations and videos will be on the LLAC stage.


How science can cause and solve environmental problems

  • Give a brief description of an oil spill and how it can be cleaned up using science.

Oil spill is the release of petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially in the marine ecosystem. Usually caused by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries, drilling rigs, and storage facilities. Around 1.3 million gallons of oil are spilled just in the U.S in a year. Although scientists had figured out ways to clean them up such as using booms and skimmers, in situ burning, or even leaving them alone, but none of them are friendly to the environment and the company also loses all of the oil.


  • Is science good for humanity? Do the benefits of scientific discovery outweigh the problems it causes?

Yes, science is beneficial to humanity. Without it, we would still be stuck in caves and living a short lifestyle. Although it brings pollution and destruction, it gave us cures to diseases, stable food and water sources, building to live in; it brought the world together, we are better as a society with science. An example might be the creation of the internet. The Internet is a huge part of our lives now. It brings the world together through a tiny device, reduces mental stress, and its a great source of information, you can find anything with it. People do get scam online, but more people benefited from it compared to the victims. Plus people can always find a way to trick people, it would still be the same without the internet. The internet is actually a great way to spread information about how to prevent being scammed.


Design Lantern Reflection

Q: What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products?

The designers should ensure that the design is not offensive to anybody especially the intended consumers. The language and the symbols should also be ensured that they have the right meaning in other cultures because things can be very different in different society. In the process of making this Chinese lantern, we checked in with our Chinese teachers to make sure the language and symbols we were using are appropriate.

Q: How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

Design can communicate traditions and values through words and symbols. In this project, I wanted to pass on the message of good luck so I wrote 万事如意 which have the the meaning of “May all your wishes come true”; and I drew a tiger in the middle which symbolizes power, and bravery but also lucks and peace in Chinese culture.

Q: Are handmade products an effective way of minimizing environmental impact?

Handmade products are neater and it means a lot more when it comes gift giving. But in terms of environmental impacts, no it’s not the best solution because in large companies, they could minimize their waste by reusing a lot of the left over materials; but when you are doing a handmade product, you have to buy everything and often you are only going to use it once which is wasteful.


Car Park

In today’s lesson, we learned about Algebra and had used Student Desmo lesson central park for practices.

Algebra gave us a solution for all of the similar problem.

For example:

Without it, we have to calculate one by one which is time-consuming and most of the time not accurate

Mashup – Project Genesis


2002 – Anne Marie

Darkside – Alan Walker

Girls like you – Maroon 5

Oops I did it again – Britney Spears

Happy now – Zedd



Explain the process of this assignment. *
For this project, we are allowed to choose something that we are interested in, and the majority of us choose to do a mashup. Since I have never tried mashing up different songs together, I did some research before starting the project; searched up some examples of mashups, learned how to change the bpm of a song so everything will be on the same beat, how to make smooth transitions, etc… After that, we started collecting the songs that we are interested, and altering the bpm so they will be on the same beat. After all of those, you can finally start mashing up the audios. I actually did 2 mashups in total for this project. I spent almost all of the time on the first one, but because of the styles of the songs are too pluralistic, they don’t fit together that well. After spending the last work period trying to fix it, I realized that it’s better to just create a new mashup. And I basically redid everything from the start and got it finished in time.
Discuss your must-haves and desirable qualities here… *
In my project, I must have 4 songs with the desirable qualities of a similar style; smooth transition in between those songs, such as lyrics connection; have the same bpm per minute, every note should be on beat; have multiple uses of tracks at least twice each; the length of the mashup has to be more than 3 minute. I did qualify for all of the Must-haves, although I could have done better with transitioning. In class, we talked about how we are supposed to loop the different part of the song into another instead of simply playing and switching in between different songs.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
I am making a mashup which is something that’s brand new to me, and I had to do some research before making this project. In the process, I had learned how to change the bpm of a song, how to make smooth transitions in between the songs and had searched up a few examples to give me an idea of what I am making. I also need to apply the information I just learned into making the project, put my research into good use.
What challenges did you face and overcome? *
When making the mashup, I had picked songs from different genres with no connection which made it hard to make hard to mash them together. Most of the time, songs with strong bass are easier to use while making mashups, but the majority of my choices have slow temples without strong beats. After a few hours trying to fix and alter every single audio I have, I have decided to go with some fast-templed, light-hearted songs. I had deleted everything and work from scratch again, although I didn’t take me as long since I already know how things work.

Project Genesis Research


Important info from link: How to change BPM(beat per minute) of a song



Important info from link: Examples of mashup songs



Important info from link: Easy Tutorial of a mashup, how to transfer smoothly



Important info from link: how to split and connects audio, how to grabe specific part of the song

Humanities – Unit 1 Summative REFLECTION – Food Issues

In this assessment, we mainly focused on ATLs skills, organizing, and making conclusions. We were given lots of time for this assessment and were supposed to make an action plan where we organize and break down the summative into smaller tasks to ensure you’re getting enough time to finish it rather than doing everything on the last minute. We also had to analyze our food journal, and make a conclusion about the impacts of our food choices. I think overall, I did a good job, especially on the research (food issues organizer) since I’m actually interested in those topics. But there are also things I found a bit challenging, such as making the action plan. I misjudged the amount of time I needed to finish my research and script, and everything was pushed behind by a bit. I had less time to revise my work than what I had expected.

Sound of CDNIS Music Assessment

Here’s my final project.




In this assignment, I wanted to give my audio an “old recording with little damages” feeling. First, I walked around the school to collect my sounds, and then I altered 4 of the sounds to fit the theme of this song by using bitcrusher and distortion to create the fuzzy effect. Then I cut some of the sounds out and leave a few beats blank, or even repeat some parts of a loop several times in a row to give a broken recording effect. I had also added in some midi instruments and loops to fill up some of the blanks, and create my own melody.

My CDNIS sounds are very useful for my end project. I gave the sounds an fuzzy effect and they worked out really well with the theme of the song. For example, the chains. It has the tinkling sound with a fuzzy background while not covering up the main melody.

I was inspired by some of the broadcasting stations in the taxis, which produces fuzzy noise when there’s no signal, it reminded me of the old tape recorder.

While working on this assessment, I had learned a few more things about the features in GarageBand. For example, I got to experiment with Bitcrusher a bit more since I need to use it for most of my sounds. I found out 4 bit almost works for every loop, it makes the audio harsh enough while still keeping the melody. Another thing that I improved is how I organized all of my loops. A lot of different loops were used in this assessment, to keep track of everything, I gave every sound its own track so when I’m altering the sounds or moving places, it won’t affect the others.

I had faced a few challenges while working, such as, there was always a problem with the audio. Sometimes, even if I close all of the plug-ins, it still plays the altered sounds. This is probably because I was adding too much affects without knowing how to properly use them and somehow broke the distance. to fix this, I opened up another project and redid a lot of the plugins after researching more about the effects and how to use them (including watching tutorials on youtube).