Hey I’m Lara! I’m a 8th grade student who lives in Hong Kong. I’m a Japanese American that moved to Hong Kong 6 years ago. Some of my hobbies are volleyball and eating.

Some of my favourite artists are Cardi B, Vitas, and Pretty Much. I like all kinds of music from litty music to classical music. I also like listening to Kpop. Another thing I like to do is definitely eating. My favourite things to eat are Korean BBQ, sushi. Korean shaved ice (Patbingsu), and parma ham. I also like drinking bubble/boba tea. Besides from food, another thing I love is little kids and animals. They make me very happy, especially when I get closer to them.


End of year Reflection




我学习的两个单元中我最喜欢的单元是网上购物。自从我能够使用我在现实生活中学到的许多技能以来,我最喜欢购物单元。因为我的记忆不太好,有时候我不可以认识很多字。即使我没有达成目标,我相信我能够达到我今年的大部分目标。虽然 。





Arty McArtface Blog


For this project, we will be filming and creating a music video/short film about Hong Kong, with a music cover being used as the backing track for the video/short film.Vicky and Lara will be singing the song “Home” by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Bebe Rexha as the backing track. Lara will be the main actress in the video/short film. The footage being used will be filmed around iconic places in Hong Kong, as well as the hidden gems of the city. The filming and editing will be done by both Sarah and Bella. This way, we have included musical (singing), visual (film/photography) and dramatic (Lara’s acting) arts in our film.

The artistic intention for this piece is to show how all the aspects of Hong Kong come together to become a home for everybody, no matter your background or past life experiences; with Hong Kong being the melting pot of culture that it is with a very diverse group of people that live here. We wanted to use this as our artistic intention because of our own personal ties to the city as our home, no matter our different experiences in the city and how long each of us have been here.

In order to achieve this, we’ll be filming in different parts of Hong Kong that we keep near to our heart as well as the iconic parts of Hong Kong that are well known around the world, and edit and put it all together in class in time with the backing track (sung by Vicky and Lara). Some of the places we will visit to film footage are Causeway Bay, Ap Lei Chau, Repulse Bay, Central, the Peak, Mong Kok, and other parts of Hong Kong with deep culture and tradition, whether it be in new, urban areas or old, traditional areas. By including so many different places, we’ll be able to take advantage of the beautiful culture AND landscape/scenery Hong Kong has to offer.  

Some of the problems we may face include the following; not using our class time but only out of school, as well as some out of class factors, for example; crowds, bad weather, absence of people, etc. There are solutions to these problems. By using our class time and out of school time efficiently by filming out of school and editing in class, we will be able to work together and make the video. The outer factors, though uncontrollable, can be fixed with time. For example, crowds are a part of Hong Kong culture, and we can take advantage of that by taking videos. Weather can be waited out, and this project isn’t one that requires everybody to be there the entire process.

Some of the filming aspects and ideas we would like to include the following: every time the word “home” comes up there is a transition between the different spots that we have filmed/have footage of. As the beat continues another person walks into frame. Every transition, the blurred vision becomes clearer, as a symbol of Lara having a feeling of belonging at home (Hong Kong).    

We will know that we have accomplished this task when we have all the clips that best represent hong kong and its diversity and how it is a home for different people. We also need to have all the appropriate equipment for filming and editing.



Misleading Graphs


This graph is comparing the average house prices between two years. However, this graph is very misleading in many ways. The intervals are very spread out, making the data look way more drastic than it actually is. This graph can make you think that the house pricing increased greatly in one year, when only about 2000 changed. The motivation behind this data may be that the provider of this data is trying to convince readers  to think that they are being taken advantage of by the great house pricings by manipulating the data.

It is important to recognise misleading graphs because using this graph as an example, it is easy to manipulate the data by exaggerating the data. It is the consumer’s responsibility to recognise misleading graphs because we should be able to look out for graphs that are trying to mislead your perception of data.


Project Genesis Final Submission


Victoria and I are creating a live mashup of “Hey Ho”, “Riptide”, “All I Want”, and “Try”. We chose to make an acapella mashup because we are both very passionate about singing, and it will be a fun, yet very engaging project for us to work together. Since the songs we chose each have very different melodies, we thought it will be interesting for us to combine them together. We have sung together many times previously for fun, and we believe our chemistry will be able to show in our performance. Instead of doing an ordinary performance, we chose to do acapella so we won’t have any distracting music for our background, and so that we can portray our real voice. We chose these songs because when we sing these songs, we always sing them separately, so we wondered what it will sound like if we put these songs together. We will be using voice memos to record our voices first, then enhance our voices and edit the dynamics in Garage Band. We will select a small part from each of these songs, and put them together to form a harmonic mixture of the songs. Since our voices are also very unique and different, it will be a very exciting mixture. From this project, I will be able to learn how to collaborate and innovate. I will be able to learn how to collaborate from working together with my partner, and combining our thoughts and ideas. I will be able to innovate from thinking about ways to combine two songs that are already made, to form a new piece that flows well. 

Inspiration and Research Info

My inspiration for making a live mashup was from a Youtuber called Sam Tsui. Sam Tsui makes many live mashups of different songs that always engages the audience. He uses a lot of overlapping and autotune to make his songs better, which I was also very interested in. Another inspiration I had were cover singers on youtube such as Samantha Harvey. Her voice was really captivating and she also uses many of the techniques we used to make our mashup. In this project we were able to research about many things including how to use some of the platforms to edit our songs, and how to sing better overall. We learned that voice memos are actually a pretty good tool to record our singing, and iMovie includes many tuning items that can make our voice sound like it is actually filmed by a professional mic rather than just a phone. We also researched for some singing techniques while singing acapella because we wanted to sound better. We learned about how opening up the diaphragm and projecting our voice clearly to the phone is very important to add more effect on our voice.

 Ed Sheeran- Perfect Cover 

I thought this song was very good to base our singing with because she properly projected her voice in this song. This type of mood was also what I was aiming to make my audience experience when listening to our mashup.

Kelly Clarkson – Medicine (Acoustic Version)

This version of this song really inspired how I structured our song because this video gave me inspiration to overlap songs to our original singing. Listening to this song also made me want to make this song acapella instead of just a live singing video.

Let it Go/Let Her Go – Mashup 

This video inspired me to add similar themes to each other while combining lyrics. This song also made me want to make a mashup.


In this project I created a live acapella mashup of 4 different songs. This mashup also includes background noises of other songs. For example when we were singing ‘Riptide’, there was audio in the background that was ‘Ho Hey’.  This project was very fun but challenging for me in many different ways. When I first started this project I felt like being in partners was a good idea, but it was a big challenge sometimes because there were many disagreements and technical difficulties. One of my biggest challenges I faced while working on this project was that since we were working together on a mashup, one of us were always doing more work than the other. This caused many disagreements on how to make the project work. We also tended to get very distracted while working on this project because we surrounded ourselves with our friends sometimes, which took us off task sometimes. My favourite part about this project was organising the lyrics for the mashup and adding  different layers to the song. That part was my favourite because I really liked trying out new sequences and patterns to my mashup because when the mashup blends in well together, it feels very satisfying. I was very proud with my final product because I feel as if we were able to meet all the expectations and criteria we set for ourselves, and the lyrics and rhythm fit well together. If I get the opportunity to do this project again, I would record it again to make the audio sound smoother and possibly use a real microphone to add a smoother effect to the audio.

Project Genesis Check In

Have you encountered many challenges so far?

Yes I have encountered a few challenges so far. Some of the examples of the challenges I faced is definitely teamwork and critical thinking. I struggled in teamwork because my partner and I have different strengths and weaknesses. We had a few disagreements along the way and it has been hard to settle on a song. Thinking of a way to make a successful project was also hard because we wanted to do a acapella mashup as well as a piano cover.

What has been the most enjoyable thing up to this point?

The most enjoyable thing was definitely singing together with my partner while learning about how people generally create mashups and how to make our mashup flow.

What have you learned that you didn’t expect?

I learned that making a mashup is harder than I expected, and how it is not considered a mashup with just mixing different songs.