Chinese reflection

What I learned in this class:

I learned different words and how to write them, and how to use them in everyday life. I also learned to read better, and write better.

Criteria, A, C, and D. What was hard, what was easy.

A- (video/ listening) criteria A was hard becauseI couldn’t read and understand all the words on the test, so I couldn’t answer the questions properly. Also there wasn’t enough time. What was easy about it, was the listening part. I understood all the words that were said.

C- (content of writing) criteria C was hard because I couldn’t describe the content I wanted to write. I knew what I had to write, I just didn’t know how to write some parts. The easy part, was the parts I knew how to write.

D- (language of writing) criteria D was hard because I am not very familiar with Chinese language.

My goals for Chinese:

My goals are to get better at criteria A since that was the one I got the worse score on. And to get better at reading and writing Chinese.

Class attitude

Overall I think my class is alright, not extremely good, nor is it really bad. I think I could improve if I tried. I need to improve my attention, sometimes I don’t pay attention.

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