Reflection (Innovation Week)

I was in a group with Vanessa and Claudia, and together we were the “3 Dummies.” We discussed different ideas and picked the most innovative one, at first, we thought of making an eco-friendly cup, but after our design got turned down by both Mr. Larson and Dr. Turner. I proposed to create a reusable candle that would have different scents that helped anxiety and stress, as well as calming the mind. My inspiration was the pollution in the world, and how many of the youth do nothing to solve the problem, so creating candles that are reusable contribute to fixing the problem. I know from personal experience, candles are usually only for one time use and after the candle melts, you have to throw it away. In my opinion, as grade seven differs from grade 6 in its difficulty level, students often face stress and anxiety because they aren’t used to the routines and different learning techniques used in grade 7. I did research and found that aromatherapy often, solves the problems of having stress and anxiety, as well as found out some scents that help; jasmine, peppermint, lavender-etc. I proposed the idea to my group and the teachers, and luckily they agreed to the idea.

We made the candles ourselves, using little wax pellets, but it was definitely a challenge for us, as it was VERY hard to melt. After the pellets melted, we added scents and coloring to it, to give the candles a pleasant smell and appearance. Then, my group and I put the melted wax pellets into cans we found in the recycling and used them as molds that formed our candles, and later added wicks. (Waited for the candles to dry) We did this twice, with a different combination of scents and colors, and in total created 2 prototypes. We also created a bottom layer, also made with a can and connected it with the container on top. After the candles dried, we poked little holes on top as well as the bottom of the can, for the melted wax easily drip down to the container underneath. As a final touch, we painted the two containers to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Science part thing: The wax would eventually melt after using it multiple times, and cannot be used anymore, as the wax is the fuel and after every try it becomes gas.

With creating the prototypes, we also created a video explaining the process of making the candles, as well as focus on the challenges faced.


Video: Cannot find, not avaliable



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