#57 Clarinet

Grade yourself with Mr. O’Toole’s rubric and then respond to the statements and post these to your blog. You should automatically get a copy of your responses sent to you!
i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied
ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.
Grade yourself here! *
 Note Accuracy: excellent
Rhythm Accuracy: excellent
Tempo: excellent
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 Performance Skills – Woodwind and Brass
Articulation Precision: Excellent
Tone Quality: Excellent
Intonation: Substantial
Connection: Substantial
The right amount
Now respond to these statements…
 I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over music this year. Explain… *
I’ve definitely improved playing the clarinet over the year. In unit one of music, I decided to play the flute, when practicing to play both at home and in class I couldn’t play it correctly and even make a sound. This greatly affected my willingness to play the instrument and whenever I practiced it, I didn’t feel happy and was really sad, because as I learned over the both the music units, if you sound good you would have the willingness and wanting to play and practice, which of course I didn’t have because, I didn’t play well. For the unit one recording summative, I ended up editing my video on garageband and that lowered my mark. For the second music unit, I decided to change my instrument and play the clarinet, because I thought it made a wonderful sound and many of my friends were playing it, so I had that kind of influence over me. I also decided to switch to clarinet because, I had past experience with playing the recorder, and the two are very similar so, in the end it would be easier to learn and keep up with everyone else. I’ve learned to play all the notes required for #57, like c, d, e, f, g and a. I also learned to tongue and connect all the notes together, as well as understand for how long I have to hold each note, it was a bit hard at the start since everyone already knew how to play from the last unit.  For the #57 recording, I did quite well and stuck to the beat of the tempo, and all in all in my opinion, I did the best I could have done.
I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *
I am very proud of my #57 recording summative that I did over the second unit in  music. I think its as good as I can get it to be because, in the recording I stuck to the tempo of the metronome at 130/125, without messing up any notes and not creating unpleasant sounds, as well as not going to fast or way too slow which is very common when going at a quick pace. I played the notes correctly in each part and held my breath for the needed amount of time, which is also easy to mess up since its quite a long time. I played each note for the correct amount of time according to the book. But one part I didn’t do was tonguing in the “GAAF” part which is one of the big mistakes, and makes my audio sound bad and unpleasant to listen to. The dynamics of when I was playing was loud in my opinion since, I blew hard when playing. The smoothness and connection of each note was good when I was playing and everything flowed together. The intonation was excellent as well as the Articulation Precision.

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