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17 Oct , 2017  

Your iFolio is a school provided web space that you will use throughout your time at CDNIS. You will use your iFolio to define your learning goals, show your learning journey, reflect on your learning and how you have developed your Approaches to Learning skills, share your best work and celebrate your achievements.

Your iFolio, in time will provide a better picture of who you are as a learner and as an individual. You are therefore highly encouraged to personalize your iFolio. You can start off by selecting one of the 60+ themes available.

Before you start using your new iFolio, follow the steps below to change the ‘Home’ link within your navigation menu to point to your site:

1. Go to your Dashboard menu options (link will open in a new tab)

2. Expand the ‘Home’ menu item by clicking on the downward facing arrow

Home Menu

Change Home Menu Attribute

3. Append the URL to read http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/your_student_number, where your student number is in the form of six digits e.g. 012345 (you can find your student number on your library card)

Home URL

Home URL Link

A final note, please bear in mind that your iFolio is a publicly accessible space, and ensure that the content you post and the language you use is appropriate.

Feel free to delete this post from your Dashboard once you have finished reading it!

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Acquisition WOK

26 Nov , 2018  

In the acquisition of knowledge in Dali’s painting, sense perception is used to create a reaction. When first perceived, through sense perception you can evoke interest into the art. This is followed by intuition because this feeling coincides with the subconcious mind and how the painting is perceived in a more in-depth understanding. Reason and emotion are both produced from intuition because the subconscious mind tries to understand the visuals and add meaning. Within this area, the picture is turned into beauty because our mind has merely trouble interpreting the true meaning behind the painting so the unknown becomes miraculous.


The Definition of Art

20 Nov , 2018  

Art is the expression of creativity. Art can be conveyed through a range of various forms to help signify feelings or passions. Several different sources of human activity can help inspire and composite this sense of creativity.


Art is the expression of creativity. Art can be conveyed through a range of various forms to help signify feelings or passions. Several different sources of human activity can help inspire and composite this sense of creativity. Through different perspectives, art can be found in the simplest things and hold several different meanings. Over time, this term has adapted and expanded from merely the creation of something to a more explicit interpretation of creativity and how it is delivered or perceived.


Questions about Natural Sciences

24 Sep , 2018  

How was your definition or scope of Natural Science changed?

My scope of Natural Science was changed because through the presentations, I was able to understand how all natural sciences are connected in the sense that they all require observations and several other factors. This helped me expand my definition of natural sciences and the knowledge I already knew because most terms, such as curiosity or interaction, can be applies to the natural sciences.

What territories does the Natural Sciences try to map?

Natural Sciences tries to map the physical and observable world, apart from theoretical sciences. It explains the areas that are fact-based of the natural world.

What kind of ‘problem’ is this ‘map’ helping us solve?

This ‘map’ is trying to explain the natural world and make it practical to understand in a sense creates an overall understanding of our surroundings.

What kinds of questions does the Natural Science provide answers to?

The Natural Science provides answers to all our surroundings and the physical world we live in.


TOK Thoughts

22 Aug , 2018  

  1. The key aim of TOK is to understand the meaning of knowledge. This class goes into detail about how each individual’s knowledge is interpreted differently and simplified to better understand situations.
  2. The map metaphor symbolises how people expect the world to look like by displaying a simplified image. Similarly to knowledge, a map is simplified and does not hold all the little details such as trees or bushes. This relates to knowledge because for a person to understand the facts they are given, the information is also reduced for comprehension.
  3. Knowledge is a simplification of the world in which complex situations are broken down so human can obtain understandings more easily. This allows people to consider circumstances and further their interpretations. Through a simplification of the world, people can gain stronger knowledge through its complexity and explore different variations of their surroundings.
  4. Simplification of knowledge can be a weakness because a person cannot perceive the full picture from a simplification. When certain information is refrained, knowledge does not reach its full potential.
  5. We will never have a full understanding of the real world because there will always be information that humans cannot interpret. Deciphering new and unknown data without background creates the inevitable. The uncertainty of the grounds from which information is derived restricts humans from ever entirely understanding the real world.


Service as Action

17 May , 2018  


1 How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth? I volunteered at debate tournaments to judge rounds. This helped my own debating grow because evaluating others compete showed me new areas where I could use some improvement. As a debater, I competed in tournaments under Public Forum with a partner. When  judged these rounds on PF, I found ways me and partner could strengthen our own arguments as well.
2 How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills? During my time in the Israeli Scouts, as a trainee for counseling, I had a hard time speaking to people and working together. On one of our volunteering trips to Homestead, I was put into a group to build a sign of fire. From this experience, I made new friends and was able to work with others in future events. During the process of my personal project, I faced challenges in creating and preparing new fusion recipes for my cookbook. After many failed attempts of mixing my family recipes with Hong Kong dishes, I was able to cook delicious recipes with these merged flavors from two completely different cultures.
3 How did you discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities? I was in an Israeli Scouts program where I had to organize activities for younger kids. Throughout, I had to lead them and explain to them the goal of the games. My group was each put into different teams and we had to create a game that would entertain the kids from grades 3-6.

Prior to the program, my team and I gathered three times to discuss the game we would play with the kids. We talked about how we would set up the equipment and laid out the estimated game time for each activity. Each group of kids (group of boys and group of girls from grades 3-6) was given 30 minutes to participate in our activities before rotating. We took into account that no game could be played longer than 10 minutes and if they did not enjoy a specific activity, we had a backup.

4 How did you persevere in action? I volunteered for yearbook after school to help organize school dances and sports events. After weeks of staying late, it began to interfere with my other plans. I had to pull through and my yearbook teacher helped guide me and make a more manageable arrangement. My teacher stayed with me after school one day to plan out time for when I could volunteer and limited me to only one event a week. This cleared up a lot of my after-school time so I could work more on my schoolwork while still being involved with yearbook events.
5 How did you work collaboratively with others? I was in peer counseling and was given jobs to tutor students in subjects where they needed assistance, such as math and science. I connected with many of these students on a deeper level. For a day of community service, my Israeli friends and I volunteered at a park for an organization called “Doing Good.” We worked together to plant new plants and trees to replace the ones that got destroyed by the storms. We worked collaboratively because we had to shovel and plant together and decide the set up.
6 How did you develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding? In the Summer of 2017 I took a trip to Israel with a group of 100+ people from around the world. On this trip, we travelled around Israel and explored the language and culture. I visited Kibbutzim (Jewish farm living camps) where we helped them build tables and cooked them dinner. I was exposed to their lifestyle and got to experience a different way of living for two weeks.
7 How did you consider the ethical implications of your actions? During my time in the Israeli Scouts, I learned about the Holocaust.. I visited the Holocaust memorial and survivors of the Holocaust at a nursing home. When I visited the survivors and heard their stories, I really felt connected to them through my religion. At the end, I passed out chocolates and spoke to them individually to learn more about the horrors they experienced. After hearing these stories, I participated in a ceremony to raise awareness about the events of the Holocaust and how it should never be forgotten. I considered the ethical implications in this case because after visiting these survivors and the memorial, I knew I had to do more and let people know that these events will not be forgotten and can never be repeated.


16 May , 2018  


In this picture, I displayed how I was working with my teammates to build a sign so it later can be lit on fire. I made friends through this process and learned how to work well and cooperate with others.


16 May , 2018  

I am at a debate tournament after competing the skills I had previously learned from my tournament judging with my partner for Public Forum by my side.



In these pictures, I am cooking for my PP project and trying new ingredients from Hong Kong and Israel to create fusion foods. The result was a hotpot shakshuka.


The first picture displays two other members from my team that I worked with to create the games. The second picture shows how we initiated our plan and set up the game for the kids.



The first page is an example of how I volunteered to dress up as the mascot for the cover of our yearbook. The real mascot wasn’t there so I stepped in to get the job done. The second photo shows how I went to each club and sports team to photograph their activities. I was in charge of this entire spread and created the whole layout and photographs.



I am digging a hole for where my group and I will plant the tree. Once the hole is deep enough, the rest of the group and I will work together to pick up the plant and place it in the soil so it will be buried into the ground.


I am working together with the other on the trip to build a sign for the Israeli Kibbutz (standing up pulling the rope). The second picture displays others from the trip and how we slept on hammocks in the woods at night to indulge in the experience.


When I visited the Holocaust survivors at the nursing home, I passed out chocolate and learnt more about their conditions. After this visit, I spoke in a ceremony about what it was like to live during the Holocaust and the conditions the Jews were under.

Healthy Habits

Positive Thinking

12 Apr , 2018  

Sitting in the doctors office since I’ve been sick for the last four days and it’s given me a lot of time to think about life #thoughts via Instagram https://ift.tt/2qsnpxh

Healthy Habits

Positive Thinking

5 Apr , 2018  

vacation in Thailand for relaxation time #thoughts via Instagram https://ift.tt/2Hbuuds

Healthy Habits

Being Active

23 Mar , 2018  

yoga at seasac softball to help clear our kinds #thoughts #fitness #mindfulness #movement via Instagram http://ift.tt/2pA9Xaf

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