Science Chemistry Unit – Big Ideas

One of the big ideas that we have learned is the separation techniques. The separation techniques are important because we can use them for so much as to clean oil spills.  They also take advantage of the substances physical properties such as density or if they are a solid or liquid. Physical properties are important because they are what the techniques are based on. If there were two substances in one container and you wanted to separate it by skimming, it wouldn’t work because the substance is too small to get caught on the holes on the skimmer. The physical properties of a substance includes colour, shape, odour, magnetism, flexibility, etc. They could also be used for other things such as separating something for cooking, or even organising a room. There are so many ways that all of these could be done, and there is always a technique that could work for anything you are trying to separate.  Some of those separation techniques are distillation, filtration, crystallisation, hand seperation, and skimming. All of those serve a purpose in life, whether you are organising or cleaning something.

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