IDU Reflection

Personal Success:

The final creation of the art project was a definite success, as it struck a great amount of my goals as well as other group members. There were a few goals of mine that it did not meet but it wasn’t too important. My piece didn’t follow a main storyline which could have influenced the persons thoughts on it. I find that it relates a lot to my poem because of the diversity and cultures of HK which was what my entire poem was based on.



The group that I saw that did the drama act with the masks was a very realistic representation of HK and the people within, their main point was to express that people walking on the street all have different stories. The masks specifically represented people that you could see, and the act played through their story. They presented this act through the use of music and sounds, body movements, and the masks (Which showed a character, like the businessman, to show how loud and disruptive HK is).



An art piece that showed that it lacked some aspects was “Successful Failure” by Tin Yu and Sebastian. This art piece had a strong meaning behind it but when paying attention to the work that they had created, it was missing something that could have made it a great piece. The word use of “Failure” didn’t really live up to what it was meant to mean because in reality, failure makes successful.



My goals were the same as some of my group members, which made it so that they were team goals. Our first goal was to create a stop-motion animation that could entertain the audience. Our second goal was the goal for entertainment, which we presented through the use of the eating sounds and the bloopers at the end. The third goal was to present our meaning behind the poem, and use all of ours together to give a meaning that was hidden. In the first picture, it related to Lee’s poem which was based on the opposites of HK between the landfill and the city. The next pictures were from Woody’s poem, which talked about the dragons and the red packet. The next pictures were from my poem, which talked about cultures and representations of temples. The last pictures are from Jon’s poem which talked about food and street markets. I am happy of what I did and I respectfully deserve these marks as a maximum grade, I followed my goals, I did well compared to others, and the piece is our final creation of what we had all planned.

Arty McArtface – Proposal

Group Members / Roles:

Animation: Jonathan and Lee

Stop Motion: Spencer and Woody


What is your artistic intention?

Out artistic intention is to combine all four subjects, drama, art, music and literature, into an animation.


What is/are your source(s) of inspiration?

Our sources of inspiration are the poems about HK.


What art discipline(s) do you intend to use? Why?

We intend to use digital devices to create and film our animation and stop motion, devices such as wacom tablets, animation software like pencil2D, cameras and stop motion editing applications. We also will use a sketching style so we don’t have to edit our frames a lot.

Gr8 Innovation Day Reflection

“I used to think a modern learning space was…”

I used to think a modern learning space was just a casual relaxation place, with some bean bags, and comfy chairs and couches. It was generally the same idea but not an “Independent workspace”. I knew there would be specific colours that matched the walls and objects but I wasn’t quite sure.

“And after completing this challenge, I now think a modern learning space is…”

I now think that a modern learning space is a gathering of rooms joined by soundproof doors, that have different purposes. I would imaging that there are generally 3 rooms, a comfortable one, an independent one, and a group one. I feel that these rooms also usually have a bright colour scheme such as green, yellow, red, light orange, white, light grey, etc. I feel that these colours would be applied to the other objects as well. I find that the idea of chargers in the middle of the tables was a very modern idea because it gives the abilities and features needed to do work in a nice, calming environment.

“Thinking about the GR8 Innovation day, my biggest takeaway was…”

My biggest takeaway was how we come together as groups and come up with innovative ideas to expand the school with new creative designs for new rooms. I just find the idea of that really interesting because some of the ideas make it seem more of a modern building, changing the feel of the school. The fact that we are put into groups with different people makes it so that you have a chance to share ideas that you have with other people to help expand an idea that would soon be presented to the other groups.


Misleading Graphs

This misleading graph is an example to show what people change to make it more exaggerated than it is. In this graph, you can see that between Summer and Winter, they are both 17% yet Winter’s bar is larger than Summer’s. This is changed to change peoples thoughts about the topic that is being talked about in this image (I can’t see the topic, it is cut out). This creates an illusion that tricks your mind into thinking that Winter is actually larger than Summer, which in reality they are the same. The image motivates you to learn from your mistakes, or to not change the data based on others perspectives that would then be made. It is either on purpose or it could be an innocent accident that they didn’t notice the incorrect information (But this seems almost impossible to make a mistake). I believe that it is both the presenter’s and the consumer’s responsibility to take responsibility. The presenter is supposed to give correct information because of the job or research, and the consumer’s to correct that incorrect information and tell others to be aware of this information.

Project Genesis Final Submission


I want to create an EDM song with GarageBand. The reason I want to do this is because I have always liked music that would sound somewhat good with games. I haven’t had much experience with GarageBand and I will have to find some information and instructions on how to use this. I will find some techniques that could help me find ways to make the music sound well all together. Even with no knowledge of creating music either, I will definitely learn something from this. I will use some songs as references for my music but will not copy them.


Research + Inspiration


This video helped me understand the basics of setting up a project in GarageBand. I will definitely benefit from this in ways that I could at least start planning what the song would sound like and what I would use.


This video helped me better understand GarageBand so that I could use and understand more features of this application. I will hope to use more features in my music to make it the best I possibly do.



My inspiration for this type of music is my love of games. I have always been a fan of music that calms me down or cheers me up when playing games so I decided to make one myself. I thought about making an EDM because it was the type of music that I have always listened to when playing games, the songs that would get me hype for something cool that could happen. I definitely wanted to make is so that it would appeal to others as well. Even if it doesn’t, I can still be proud of what I will create. I also got a suggestion that I should make an EDM from my friends because they thought that it would be really cool and that I would do a great job.

Must Haves

Have different sounds/instruments

At least 2 minutes and 30 seconds long

Make it sound like they belong with each other

Have a build up in the start


Have a long section that is ‘like’ a beat drop

Make some sections longer than others

Take some songs off youtube and add them to my EDM


Final Reflection

I have finished my product completely and I have to say that I am pleased with it. When I started the EDM, I wasn’t really sure how to use GarageBand and that came a long way with loops. That was my main way of finding sounds that match each other. Loops are small 8-16 beat songs that you can copy+paste into your song. I used those to create my EDM and they helped as far as completing this project. I do feel that if I created a part myself that it would be more unique and shows that I have the ability to create a song like this but i didn’t understand much about GarageBand so I felt like I had to start off simple. Loops are also based on how they sound, so when I entered the loops category I could listen to all of them to see if they match what I am looking for.


The feedback that I had gotten was also big help with the final product because without feedback I wouldn’t have fixed the errors that I had. My friends had listened to my song to find errors or things that they thought should be changed. I took some advice, but also left some because it would have changed my EDM completely. I had many errors in my editing such as tempo and positioning and with the help of friends, I had fixed them.


Must Haves


‘Have different sounds/instruments’

From the final product I have found that there is variety in the sounds that are playing, although my main beat in the song didn’t have variety. I kept a basic beat because I didn’t want the EDM to be all about the beat in the background, I wanted it to have variety in the sounds and instruments. I wanted this to be this way because I felt like there could be much more if it was the sounds that had variety vs. the beats which, in my perspective, could control the whole song. I would have liked to have the beat a little louder as you can’t really hear much of it.


‘At least 2 minutes and 30 seconds long’

In the end it was around 3 minutes which was a reasonable time for an EDM. I wanted this to be a minimum of 2 minutes and 30 seconds because I felt like it could either be too short or too long so I decided to set a point where it met in the middle. I knew that it would be better longer than shorter because others that might listen to it could think that it was too short and that they would have liked to hear more of it while it is longer (If used in gaming) it could last you the whole match of a game. Overall 3 minutes was just the amount of time needed because I got all of the variety and Must Haves in before the end of the song.


‘At least 1 beat drop’

I had included a beat drop that suited me correctly and how I planned it. I thought about different beat drops that I could do such as sudden change, slow change, and stop (Stops the beat and then comes back a few seconds later). What I did wasn’t as much of a beat drop as it was a change in the song but I think that it was a sudden change. I chose this because it was a break in my perspective and that after the break is finished it would be considered the beat drop because it goes from soft to a variety of sounds. Overall it turned out as planned.


‘Make it sound like they belong with each other’

This was the most challenging part of creating this EDM because there are a massive amount of loops to choose from and I had to find the perfect one to fit the one I want to use. I had to find ones that sounded like each other and had similar beats (Which in my case I did). I found that they all had a similar beat to each other because they all had the same key and when put together you will know instantly if you had chosen the right one or not.


‘Have a build up in the start’

I created the begining to build up what the song is like to attract attention to the song before it begins with the variety of beats. I did this because I felt like people would get an idea of what the song is going to be like before they listen to the entire thing, just to know if they like the type or not. My build up starts with a basic sound/instrument and builds but adding another, then the main song starts. I find that I completed this task because I asked some friends and they said that I had done it well.


Desirable Qualities


‘Have a long section that is ‘like’ a beat drop’
I had talked about this task in the must haves and I made it a desirable quality because at that time I didn’t know if I was going to do that or not. Later on I decided that it was an option and it worked out perfectly. I am referring back to the beat drop that went from soft to the variety of beats again.


‘Make some sections longer than others’

I considered this at one point through the process of creation and I chose to add this in. I added this because it would make you think that there isn’t much more after that, then it plays something completely different. This makes the song unique because every other EDM has a variety but it changes often.


‘Take some songs off youtube and add them to my EDM’

This was something that I considered but I didn’t want to add because it wouldn’t be my work. Because I didn’t really know how to use GarageBand at the time, I thought that I could use a small part for a beat drop or other part, then I thought about it and realized that I have to make it unique (When I discovered loops). The only part of a song that I would have taken was a beat drop or an intro but I wanted to make it unique to fit what I like and what I wanted to do. It was only a desireable quality, not a must have.


Overall Thoughts

My overall thoughts about my creation is truly based on the way I made it unique. I chose lots of things to create this with although I could have added something that I myself could have made with GarageBand. I created the EDM with the inspiration of my love of games and with friends that game I got feedback saying that they would consider listening to it. I am happy with what I have done in this music unit and I would consider making something on my own.

Music Unit Share and Check-In

This music unit has been relatively fun, although there were some challenging parts that came along with it. The creation of the music was fairly simple but the editing was a little more difficult. I would let others listen to it and give feedback so I could improve the EDM. Apart from the editing that I had to do, it was also the personal creation. I originally wanted to do something that followed my rules exactly, but in the creation it didn’t really turn out to follow my rules as well as I hoped. The most exciting part about this is probably the feeling when you listen to the song for the first time. By that I mean not the entire song, but only first draft of it. From there you just need to get some feedback from friends and family to make it even more appealing to others as well as yourself. One thing I learned that I didn’t expect was that creating an EDM with GarageBand was easier than it looks. I learned that because I was researching how to use GarageBand and one of the videos said that there are loops of little 16 bar beats or rhythms. I started off by trying some out and in the end it ended up better than expected.

Chinese – Half a Year | Ph1 Reflection

What have I done well in Ph1?

I think that I have definitely done well on the speaking part of Chinese because I have gotten good marks that fall into this category. This is something that I feel that I have been generally good at since I first started Chinese this year, and by the half-year mark, I have done very well.

What do I think I can improve on?

I could improve on the memorisation and written part of the Chinese class. The memorisation will be the one of the two things I will have to improve because I have trouble remembering the writing of the characters because it is a brand new language and I hope that I will progress on that in the next year. Writing is also something that needs work because I have don’t have good handwriting in the first place so it hard for people to actually read what it is saying.

What do I think my attitude in class is like?

I really want to progress in Chinese because it is (To me) an interesting language that I would like to learn to show off to people in Canada. I would like to keep doing Chinese because of that reason and that is one of the courses I am doing in Grade 9. I would want to work the best I can to learn the most that is possible for me.


Science Chemistry Unit – Big Ideas

One of the big ideas that we have learned is the separation techniques. The separation techniques are important because we can use them for so much as to clean oil spills.  They also take advantage of the substances physical properties such as density or if they are a solid or liquid. Physical properties are important because they are what the techniques are based on. If there were two substances in one container and you wanted to separate it by skimming, it wouldn’t work because the substance is too small to get caught on the holes on the skimmer. The physical properties of a substance includes colour, shape, odour, magnetism, flexibility, etc. They could also be used for other things such as separating something for cooking, or even organising a room. There are so many ways that all of these could be done, and there is always a technique that could work for anything you are trying to separate.  Some of those separation techniques are distillation, filtration, crystallisation, hand seperation, and skimming. All of those serve a purpose in life, whether you are organising or cleaning something.

Math – Algebra Unit

This math unit, we were learning algebra. Personally, algebra was my least favourite subject because it was challenging for me. I never really had practise in my other school in Canada where I used to live nor on my own. A new concept that was introduced was the Central Park activity. There was one part in that activity that where you had to create a rule to put into use to solve.  I struggled a little on this because I had to find a rule that worked. I overcame this problem because I kept writing my thinking down hoping that I could find the right rule to solve this equation. It didn’t take long until I found the answer to that and the rule to others as well because I wrote everything down and referred back to those notes.