Chinese – Half a Year | Ph1 Reflection

What have I done well in Ph1?

I think that I have definitely done well on the speaking part of Chinese because I have gotten good marks that fall into this category. This is something that I feel that I have been generally good at since I first started Chinese this year, and by the half-year mark, I have done very well.

What do I think I can improve on?

I could improve on the memorisation and written part of the Chinese class. The memorisation will be the one of the two things I will have to improve because I have trouble remembering the writing of the characters because it is a brand new language and I hope that I will progress on that in the next year. Writing is also something that needs work because I have don’t have good handwriting in the first place so it hard for people to actually read what it is saying.

What do I think my attitude in class is like?

I really want to progress in Chinese because it is (To me) an interesting language that I would like to learn to show off to people in Canada. I would like to keep doing Chinese because of that reason and that is one of the courses I am doing in Grade 9. I would want to work the best I can to learn the most that is possible for me.


Science Chemistry Unit – Big Ideas

One of the big ideas that we have learned is the separation techniques. The separation techniques are important because we can use them for so much as to clean oil spills.  They also take advantage of the substances physical properties such as density or if they are a solid or liquid. Physical properties are important because they are what the techniques are based on. If there were two substances in one container and you wanted to separate it by skimming, it wouldn’t work because the substance is too small to get caught on the holes on the skimmer. The physical properties of a substance includes colour, shape, odour, magnetism, flexibility, etc. They could also be used for other things such as separating something for cooking, or even organising a room. There are so many ways that all of these could be done, and there is always a technique that could work for anything you are trying to separate.  Some of those separation techniques are distillation, filtration, crystallisation, hand seperation, and skimming. All of those serve a purpose in life, whether you are organising or cleaning something.

Math – Algebra Unit

This math unit, we were learning algebra. Personally, algebra was my least favourite subject because it was challenging for me. I never really had practise in my other school in Canada where I used to live nor on my own. A new concept that was introduced was the Central Park activity. There was one part in that activity that where you had to create a rule to put into use to solve.  I struggled a little on this because I had to find a rule that worked. I overcame this problem because I kept writing my thinking down hoping that I could find the right rule to solve this equation. It didn’t take long until I found the answer to that and the rule to others as well because I wrote everything down and referred back to those notes.

The Importance of Perspective

The importance of perspective is that it shows how people are truly feeling in good, bad, tough times. If I was coming from the perspective from a slave, I would say that I had been forced and cramped in a small crowded place in a boat. I couldn’t breath, there was no fresh air. I feel that I was used as a useless person to do work for people who bought me. It was like I was nobody other than a worker that doesn’t get paid, or at least don’t get that much.What I just wrote described how the slaves truly felt deep down inside. The perspective makes you imagine those images that you had just described. If you were to use and write with the perspective of whoever, you would have a completely different idea and opinion of the person or people. The point is, perspective helps in various ways to help you understand more about what your researching.

Cell Unit Reflection

This cell unit was filled with important facts but the biggest concept was that all living organisms are made up of one or more cells. There was also the topic of organelles and their functions and the most important concept of that was that you needed every  organelle to allow the cell to function properly. If you didn’t have those organelles, the cell wouldn’t last long, maybe not at all. That was all the information that had to be reflected on but there was definitely more information.

Design Working Process

For this design unit, I had made a company called HIT. The company is a guitar pick making company for eager guitar players that want to try new picks. I had tried many times to make this the best I could. I went through editing, feedback, and many other processes to create the logo header image which I had successfully done. Long hours have gone into the creation of this and I am proud of what I had done. I had personalized my creation to make it so that it suited my desires that I wanted for this unit and I appreciate the feedback that I had gotten over the course of this unit. It was a challenge in some parts but in the end it turned out to be something that I had hoped for. The process however, was feedback, ideas, journal entries, and many other different tasks that we had put lots of effort into. The most challenging process was the ideas that you had to come up with because it was really difficult to come up with inspiring ideas that you would think of one and think of another and forget the previous one. Overall, it is very good and I hope for the best in future units/tasks.

Reflection on Music Unit

This music unit was really exciting and easy. Since I had experience with guitar (Both acoustic and electric), the ukulele was fairly easy for me to play. In fact, I had played the ukulele at home to practice because my dad has one at home. Apart from that, I also play and practice xylophone at home because that is my instrument for the year. So far I enjoy it, still I am new to it so I need to work hard to achieve more than before. The xylophone is similar to piano as far as the chords go but it is still a great instrument. The other great thing is that you can sit at the back of the room so that no one is behind you, so your not being watched or heard too much. I would have picked clarinet because i had some experience but I chose to try something new, which isn’t a bad thing to do every once in a while. Overall, this unit was very fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit.