strengths and weaknesses of my ifolio


Discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of your IFolio

    • MYP Menu with subject listing and content. I don’t have some subject’s Ifolio because some of them, I was sick when other students were working on that in class or I just forgot, so I have to work on those (Humanities, Math…). I have to work on writing more things at Ifolio.
    • Tag cloud with subject tags. My half of ifolio includes cloud, but other half does not. I have to add clouds to half
    • I have welcome post, but it is only a photo so I have to write something


    • In my ifolio, people can add comments
    • Appropriate media/snapshots that provide evidence of learning with accompanying
    • Design explanations sign elements that adhere to design principles.
    • I have rememberable color at my ifolio, the design is simple so that people can find things that they want to really fastly.
    • I have appropriate ifolio because even though my ifolio is simple, it is also very unique.


Plan of action to help meet the purpose of your iFolio
  • Plan of action to help meet the purpose of your iFolio
  • I want to keep uploading my posts so that I can have a least one post for one subject
  • I need to add tag could to the posts that I did not add tag on, so that my ifolio can be more organized
  • I need to design for left side of site, where I can add things like school event calendar
  • Keep Changing the design of ifolio can be good too, because maybe people get bored with my site.