Design through the lens reflection

Specification (list) How was it met?
The transitions will be very smooth and clear so people can understand the story It met the specification well because based on the survey, it shows that the editing was very good and
The narration will be clear, as well as flowing. It met the specification well because many people on the survey said that the narration was clear. But it can be improved because few people found it hard to understand.
The video’s background music should be low enough so I can hear the voice. But, when I low the background music, the change of volume should be smooth It met the specification well because many people in the survey said that the music fits well.
The resolution should be at least 2k so people can see the video more clearly It didn’t meet the specification well because our video is HD.
I will use many effects like Twixtor so I can show my thought as well as to make the video smooth It didn’t meet the specification enough because we were not allowed to use videos.
I will be going to have footages that explain what kind of diversity there are It met the specification because based on the survey, people said that the photos are very good, but some people said we would have improved by using more relevant photos.
I will make the video in 1st person perspective It didn’t meet the specification because, during the filming, we decided to change the photo to 3rd perspective.
The transitions will be very smooth and clear so people can understand the story It met the specification since many people in the survey said the transitions were good. But, I think the storyline can be more improved.

D-T3 Improvements

The limitations were first, the pictures. Because there were not enough people to take a photo I want to take, so I had to compose the face from Google which didn’t look good. Secondly,  the narration. There was not enough time to make a good script because it took a lot of time to take photos. Lastly, the editing. I wanted to edit more of the video (photos), but because of time, I wasn’t able to.
The aspects of my final product that I felt that I could do better is first, editing. People said that the editing was good, but there was an opinion that the mood of the video should be brighter. I think this is mainly because of the background music, so I can change the background music. Secondly, the narration. Like I said before, because of the time limit, we didn’t have detailed scripts. If I have one more chance, I want to spend more time making script and editing than taking photos.
Overall, I think the biggest limitation was time because we had one less week because I was on holiday and Jacky was sick. I think it would be much better if we worked on the project after school, but we didn’t. Next time, I want to improve on time management and also to work after school if our work is not good enough.
D-T4 Impact

I think my product addressed the design challenge well because we met all of the requirements and most of the people who gave us the feedback saying that the video was well made. The final product communicated about the diversity in CDNIS well to the audience because our video showed a lot of examples and details that prove the diversity in our school. But, I also think that maybe the editing was too showing off because the audience might focus on the editing, not the actual product. This thing happened in our survey. We asked people what is the good things about the video, and all of them said something related to editing. Next time, I want to make the editing more smooth so it still has the quality but allows the audience to focus more on the topic. For me, this project was a chance to see what is so different about international schools than local schools. I found out that diversity has a lot of impact on this. But, I also realized that it is impossible to do this in a local school is because having more diversity requires much more costs.
In overall, this unit was a great chance to learn about diversity in the school.

Humanities Unit 1 Reflection

During this unit about food, we learned how to look an issue or an event in different SEEP perspectives. For example, we worked on finding SEEP impact for several issues and also for the summative, we were supposed to connect the food issues from my diet to two SEEP impacts. I think this unit was important because, in our lives, we face a different kind of situations. In order to make the right choice, we have to look at the problem in different perspective. This unit was a good chance to get to know how to look at different perspectives. What I liked about this unit was that I was able to learn where my food actually comes from and also, I got to know my diet better.

Reflection of humanities unit 4

Reflection of Humanities unit 4: Culture and Family 


During the unit 4, culture and family, we learned about different family cultures and cultures from more wide units like countries. We also learned what is culture and as a summative, we had to make a video that explains why is one of the place is HK significant to HK’s culture.

I think the video making was most hardest and at the same time, also the best exercise in this unit because we did not had to ask internet why this place is important and we could ask someone in real life. This is better because in the internet, there is lot of fake information and sometimes it is hard to believe whether is it true or not and sometimes the source says something different than what I want to know. It was the best also because editing documentary was new to me, so I tried using adobe premiere because I wanted to give some effects that shows that the video is documentary. So I had to research a lot about adobe premiere. Even putting title was hard at first but as I get more used to it, it was more easier to edit.

The most challenging part for me was finding out the culture of HK because I haven’t lived in HK for long time which means that I know less than other students. So I had to research things that people would already know. This took more time than others, so I could not finish the task.

I think this unit was important in humanities because culture is the thing that makes people different and a individual.

Student self reflection – English

In unit 1, our class read a book called “The Giver” and did things that are based on this novel. In this unit, I enjoyed the discussions that we had in class because in “The Giver”, there is a lot of storylines that is debatable and may think differently depends on the person’s experience. In the PEE summative, it was challenging for me because it was hard to explain the feeling that I felt while I was reading the book. In overall, even though the summative was hard, I enjoyed the unit because “The Giver” gave me lots of thoughts. It made me think what is the perfect world? Does utopia exist?. In “The Giver” people do not know. Not knowing makes people happy in “The Giver”. But in another person who knows everything’s perspective, it is hard to understand and it is hard to just stand there doing nothing. Then, is the communism better than democracy and capitalism? if so, should the top level people in community teach the lower level people? and so on. Just like what I did, a dystopian novel makes me think ‘about the basic things.

In unit 2, we learned how to find a setting, plot, conflict, character, the point of view (1st 2nd 3rd). We also learned that in the story, an event that happened to a character that as big affection to the character, it can change the character to another person. For the summative, it was an activity called “Fishbowl discussion” and Short Story. I enjoyed the fishbowl discussion because it was a good time to discuss with students who read the same novel, “Moose and the Sparrow”. We share our own opinion and led the discussion by ourselves. I also enjoyed the creating the short story, but the score was low because I was trying to get high mark because I used a lot of metaphor and simile that is hard to understand. And it didn’t work out well. In overall, I learned that doing metaphor and simile in English should be different than doing metaphor and simile in Asian languages.

In writer’s workshop, we learned and learning a lot of things like types of words (noun, adjective…), prefix and suffix, tenses and we learned sentence structure most recently. The good thing about WW is that I can ask some questions that I couldn’t ask in English because the questions I have is the things that everyone knows. It also helps me to have confidence in English especially in speaking.

Chinese reflection and new goals for new Sememster

For these 4 skills listening, speaking reading, writing

1 What have you achieved?

During Chinese, I achieved many skills on 4 skills :listening, speaking, reading and writing.

For listening, our Chinese teacher spoke mostly Chinese for whole class which was the most challenging part of Chinese. But as I hear Chinese more and more, my listening skill had improved a lot compare to beginning of the year. In class, we did some activities which we have to analyse the story from recording that has similar speed as native speakers.

For speaking, I learned the basic way to communicate with Chinese like sentence structure (Grammar), more formal and not formal way to speak and we also studied some conversation that we can use in real life.

For reading, we studied a lot in class. For example, we had to analyse the story,  answer the questions and we did activities based on this story to perfectly understand the story.

For writing, I think this part is where I achieved the most because in class, we had dictation around once a week which was a challenge but it helped with learning Chinese vocabulary. We also learned measure words to use proper measure word for each word.

2 What do you need to work on?

I think I have to work more on sentence structure because it is the most challenging part while summative to me.

3 What are your strategies?

My strategy is to compare Chinese to Korean because there is many similarity between Chinese and Korean especially in pronunciation.

4 What are the new goals for the new semester

My goal in the new semester is to improve more on writing because I can not write the things that I want in the test and actives. Another goal is to improve on my vocabulary so I can describe my sentence in more detailed way.

What activity in this math unit helped me learn a new math concept?

In this unit, transformation golf helped me learn a new math concept like reflecting, translating and rotating. In the activity, you can command how will the shape move and if you click a button, the shape moves by what I said. It helped me by showing the move of the shape because it made me understand how the shape moves when I rotate, translate and rotate. It was hard to think in my mind how the shape moves and the activity helped me thinking how will the shape move.

Other activity that helped me was Tetris. Tetris is a game that I can practice rotation. While I am playing Tetris, I have to keep think what will the shape looks like when I rotate. Also, there is limited time to think which makes the game harder and think more.