The clock design Crit C

In last few weeks, I made a clock

I learned a lot of skills in illustrator because I had to make most of things. I  mostly learned how to use line tools because around 70% are made of line tool. I also learned how colours effect differently at laser cutter which was really interesting. Before this, I didn’t thought about using icon in me design. But I found that this is more convenient than making one. If I more chance to make a clock with laser cutter, I will going to check before I print because I forgot to check this time and there were some mistakes, and in the clock, I still can see it.

Icons from

What did I learned from laser cutting design (mini project)

What I’ve learned about laser cutting design (≥200 words)   
During the laser cutting design, I learned many skills on the Illustrator that can be used in the crit C project. One of the skills is to use icon images in the Illustrator. I found this interesting because of the fact that using the work that someone I don’t know was new, and the fact that it is much easier this way instead of doing it by my self. Another thing that I learned from this project is the idea of crit C. If there were no laser cutting design project, I would be still confusing of what to do. But, this mini-project gave me the experience what to do and what to not do which will save a lot of time. The disappointing thing about this project is I couldn’t print mine because I was on holiday at the submission date and I forgot to put it in there before going on holiday. If I printed it, I could saw this working or not.