Humanities Unit 1 Reflection

During this unit about food, we learned how to look an issue or an event in different SEEP perspectives. For example, we worked on finding SEEP impact for several issues and also for the summative, we were supposed to connect the food issues from my diet to two SEEP impacts. I think this unit was important because, in our lives, we face a different kind of situations. In order to make the right choice, we have to look at the problem in different perspective. This unit was a good chance to get to know how to look at different perspectives. What I liked about this unit was that I was able to learn where my food actually comes from and also, I got to know my diet better.

Reflection of humanities unit 4

Reflection of Humanities unit 4: Culture and Family 


During the unit 4, culture and family, we learned about different family cultures and cultures from more wide units like countries. We also learned what is culture and as a summative, we had to make a video that explains why is one of the place is HK significant to HK’s culture.

I think the video making was most hardest and at the same time, also the best exercise in this unit because we did not had to ask internet why this place is important and we could ask someone in real life. This is better because in the internet, there is lot of fake information and sometimes it is hard to believe whether is it true or not and sometimes the source says something different than what I want to know. It was the best also because editing documentary was new to me, so I tried using adobe premiere because I wanted to give some effects that shows that the video is documentary. So I had to research a lot about adobe premiere. Even putting title was hard at first but as I get more used to it, it was more easier to edit.

The most challenging part for me was finding out the culture of HK because I haven’t lived in HK for long time which means that I know less than other students. So I had to research things that people would already know. This took more time than others, so I could not finish the task.

I think this unit was important in humanities because culture is the thing that makes people different and a individual.