Student self reflection – English

In unit 1, our class read a book called “The Giver” and did things that are based on this novel. In this unit, I enjoyed the discussions that we had in class because in “The Giver”, there is a lot of storylines that is debatable and may think differently depends on the person’s experience. In the PEE summative, it was challenging for me because it was hard to explain the feeling that I felt while I was reading the book. In overall, even though the summative was hard, I enjoyed the unit because “The Giver” gave me lots of thoughts. It made me think what is the perfect world? Does utopia exist?. In “The Giver” people do not know. Not knowing makes people happy in “The Giver”. But in another person who knows everything’s perspective, it is hard to understand and it is hard to just stand there doing nothing. Then, is the communism better than democracy and capitalism? if so, should the top level people in community teach the lower level people? and so on. Just like what I did, a dystopian novel makes me think ‘about the basic things.

In unit 2, we learned how to find a setting, plot, conflict, character, the point of view (1st 2nd 3rd). We also learned that in the story, an event that happened to a character that as big affection to the character, it can change the character to another person. For the summative, it was an activity called “Fishbowl discussion” and Short Story. I enjoyed the fishbowl discussion because it was a good time to discuss with students who read the same novel, “Moose and the Sparrow”. We share our own opinion and led the discussion by ourselves. I also enjoyed the creating the short story, but the score was low because I was trying to get high mark because I used a lot of metaphor and simile that is hard to understand. And it didn’t work out well. In overall, I learned that doing metaphor and simile in English should be different than doing metaphor and simile in Asian languages.

In writer’s workshop, we learned and learning a lot of things like types of words (noun, adjective…), prefix and suffix, tenses and we learned sentence structure most recently. The good thing about WW is that I can ask some questions that I couldn’t ask in English because the questions I have is the things that everyone knows. It also helps me to have confidence in English especially in speaking.