Chinese reflection and new goals for new Sememster

For these 4 skills listening, speaking reading, writing

1 What have you achieved?

During Chinese, I achieved many skills on 4 skills :listening, speaking, reading and writing.

For listening, our Chinese teacher spoke mostly Chinese for whole class which was the most challenging part of Chinese. But as I hear Chinese more and more, my listening skill had improved a lot compare to beginning of the year. In class, we did some activities which we have to analyse the story from recording that has similar speed as native speakers.

For speaking, I learned the basic way to communicate with Chinese like sentence structure (Grammar), more formal and not formal way to speak and we also studied some conversation that we can use in real life.

For reading, we studied a lot in class. For example, we had to analyse the story,  answer the questions and we did activities based on this story to perfectly understand the story.

For writing, I think this part is where I achieved the most because in class, we had dictation around once a week which was a challenge but it helped with learning Chinese vocabulary. We also learned measure words to use proper measure word for each word.

2 What do you need to work on?

I think I have to work more on sentence structure because it is the most challenging part while summative to me.

3 What are your strategies?

My strategy is to compare Chinese to Korean because there is many similarity between Chinese and Korean especially in pronunciation.

4 What are the new goals for the new semester

My goal in the new semester is to improve more on writing because I can not write the things that I want in the test and actives. Another goal is to improve on my vocabulary so I can describe my sentence in more detailed way.