Science unit 1 “credible science” reflection

In this unit, the goal was to learn about the reason why is good science important and how can scientist and us do a credible work. This unit was important because we learned and reviewed how to write science report in a certain format. Because I forgot about the science report from the last year, it was very useful to practice writing. We also learned that multiple trials will make the data more reliable and credible. This means that when we are looking at someone’s work, we can check whether their result is reliable or not by the number of trials.

Science Project iFolio Post :Relationships

Project iFolio Post


Key Concept: Relationships


  • Read the following text about the Key Concept: Relationships.
  • Consider this concept as you respond to the questions below.


Relationships in science are the connections and associations between properties, forces, objects, and ideas. Any change in relationship brings consequences — some of which may occur on a small scale, while others may be far reaching, affecting large systems like human societies and the planet as a whole.


Relationships in sciences indicate the connections found among variables through observation or experimentation. These relationships also can be tested through experimentation. Scientists often search for the connections between form and function.


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  • Refer to the Key Concept.
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Add photos of your prototype, work in  progress, and final structure.

What was the goal?


My goal was to make a cabin organizer which could make people easier to organise things


In the cabin


By dividing the cabin with cardboard.


So that people can use there cabin more effectively. Because they could use upper part of cabin.


How did you use science?

What did you learn?

I learned a lot of things, but the main thing was scaling things and build the structure. I had to make the plan by relating the plan with the result that I had after some tests that I had for my structure. What I realized on this project was, planning is more important than the structure.


What experiments or tests did you design?

I tested about which size of the triangular bean is the strongest by its length. I tested this in two ways, when I force the weight at a particular place of the bean and when I divided the weight by placing the weight with giving places at each weights.

How did you use the results?

I made the relations between results and my structured by adding my knowledge with the results. For example, I consider the best size of bean based on two results and my personal opinion while I felt at the experience like is it hard to make.



How did you improve as a learner?

I improved as a learner with designing the experiments for the knowledge and result that you want to get, understanding and ways to relate the results to the structure, and plan the structure based on it. Also, making the changes as the making goes to solve problem that I faced while I was making the structure. I identified problems by things that are ;that is different than plan, and things that affects other things that are planned or thing that may decrease the function of my structure. After identified my problem, I solved  by redesigning or change all the others if the problem is so big as I couldn’t take that part out. I had to make some changes at the time plan when the problems happens, but it wasn’t big problem to me because I planned some of the time “problem solving” before start. I conducted my research by trying to make all the variable in the same condition so that the result is right. Managing time was one of the hardest thing to me because I finished my structure by myself, which means I have to do every single thing. I planned my time plan based on how much time I spent when I made the prototype. Also working by myself made me to work more hard and use my time more effectively because I did not need to ask some changes, arguing or playing (talking) with my team.